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Maharajah (8m Viking Kronos-Chili Khan-Giant Chill), reunited with teamster Orjan Kihlstrom, won todays V75 Gold at Aby over 2140 meters autostart. He earned 150,000SEK for the win, his 29th in 55 appearances, now for career earnings over 19.1 million SEK. Kihlstrom moved the veteran to the front after the first quarter and he led thereafter, beating off a challenge from US import Solvato that faded to fifth in late going. Maharajah won by ¾ length under no apparent urging as he defeated Oasis Bi (5m Toss Out-Upo Front JM-Self Possessed) and Claes Svensson with late charging Politiken (6g ENS Snapshot-Goldie Hawn-Earthquake) third for Morten Friis. The winner was timed in 1.12.8kr over a sloppy racetrack on a rainy, foggy afternoon and keeps Sweden's trotting icon in the hunt for the prestigious Prix d'Amerique in late January. Italian Derby to Re Degli Dei At Napoli, Italy,  Re Degli Dei (3m Conway Hall-Bliz-Sugarcane Hanover) won the Italian Derby (Gr. I, 2100 meters, 22,000 euro purse) first elimination in 1.13.6kr for teamster T. DiLorenzo. He defated Remo Gas (3m Varenne-Isotta Gas-Toss Out) and Roberto Vecchione and Roi de Coeur (3m Love You-Copacabana DK-Record OK) ending third for Enrico Baldi. At Paris-Vincennes the Quinte + Gr. II Prix Oscar Collard (2100 meters autostart, 95,000 euro purse) went to Ultimate du Rib (5g Dahir de Prelong-Kara Pellois) for teamster J. L. Cl. Dersoir, trainer Joel Hallais and Ecurie Rib. He nailed Orione Degli Dei (5g Conway Hall-Elissa Dei) driven by Pierre Vercruysse, on the line in 1.12.9kr. This one is owned by Ecurie Bologna and trained by Mario Baroncini. Another Conway sired offspring, Conway Fortuna (4m Conway Hall-Saratoga Yankee), was third for Hugo Langeweg Jr and owner Gerrits Recycling Group. The Vincennes co-feature was the Gr. III Prix de Pithiviers over 2700 meters for a purse of 76,000 euro. The Dubois clan was one-two as Ecurie Victoria Dreams' Ah Quel Micha (3m Rocklyn-Oceane du Phare) scored easily for Julien Dubois in 1.16.3kr. Philippe Moulin trains the winner. American Eagle (3m Offshore Dream-Paradise's Key) was second for owner, trainer, driver Jean-Etienne Dubois. by Thomas H. Hicks for  

The eliminations for the Italian Trotting Derby have been moved from Rome’s Campannelle thoroughbred venue to Ippodromo di Agnano and highlight a terrific racing card on Saturday. Three Deby eliminations are scheduled, each over 2100 meters for a 22,000 euro purse. The lineups follow:   PREMIO G.P. 86° DERBY ITALIANO DEL TROTTO - BATTERIA A GRAN PREMIO Metri 2100 (GRUPPO I) € 22.000,00 - (7.820,00-3.740,00-2.040,00-1.020,00-680,00 ai proprietari; 920,00-440,00-240,00-120,00-80,00 agli allenatori;460,00-220,00-120,00-60,00-40,00 ai guidatori;4.000,00 agli allevatori)Iscritti 14 Ammontare Iscrizioni/Conferme/Partenti € 2.480,00 Maschi, indigeni, di 3 anni o femmine, indigene, di 3 anni . Nn 1 RAMBO ZS 2100 P.Gubellini Zanetti Walter T.Di Lorenzo 2 RE DEGLI DEI '' M.Baroncini Scud. Rocca Novella A.Farolfi 3 RE ITALIANO UR '' C.E.Hollmann Stecca Alessandro R.Vecchione 4 REMO GAS '' M.Smorgon Scud. Paper Moon A.Greppi 5 RUFOLI LUNG '' L.Fabbi Scud. Blue Moon Snc E.Baldi 6 ROI DE COEUR '' F.Cinotti Scud. Azzurra Nn 7 RADIO WISE '' P.Gubellini Cumana Group Srl R.Andreghetti 8 RAMADAN JET '' Vinc.Tufano Allev. Toniatti Sas A.Guzzinati 9 RADIEUX '' L.Kolgjini (E) (E) Lutfi Kolgjini Ab E.Bellei 10 RAZIONALE '' C.E.Hollmann Scud. Iav Stable E.Bot 11 RUE DU BAC '' E.Bot (E) Dream With Me Europe Ab - J.P. Dubois Gp.Minnucci 12 RONALDO SM '' D.Zanca Mondial Sports Srl IL CAVALLO N. 3 CORRE SENZA FERRI ANTERIORI PREMIO G.P. 86° DERBY ITALIANO DEL TROTTO - BATTERIA B GRAN PREMIO Metri 2100 (GRUPPO I) € 22.000,00 - (7.820,00-3.740,00-2.040,00-1.020,00-680,00 ai proprietari;920,00-440,00-240,00-120,00-80,00 agli allenatori;460,00-220,00-120,00-60,00-40,00 ai guidatori;4.000,00 agli allevatori)Iscritti 12 Ammontare Iscrizioni/Conferme/Partenti € 2.400,00 Maschi, indigeni, di 3 anni o femmine, indigene, di 3 anni . M.Smorgon 1 ROTARY OK 2100 M.Smorgon Varenne Futurity Srl Vp.Dell`Annunziata 2 ROMBO DI CANNONE '' Gior.D`Alessand. Sr Scud. Days Of Victory R.Andreghetti 3 RODIN INN RONCO '' H.Ehlert Malu` Sas R.Vecchione 4 RINGOSTARR TREB '' H.Ehlert Scarton Stable R.Bakker 5 ROBERT BI '' P.Hagoort Entrainement Hagoort Paul A.Greppi 6 ROGER PRAV '' C.Belladonna Lainate Nord Snc G.Lombardo Jr 7 RODEO DEI VENTI '' H.Ehlert Scud. Barbalbero Lor.Baldi 8 ROYAL BLESSED '' Lor.Baldi Vit Vit Snc P.Gubellini 9 REBY DI CELO '' P.Gubellini Scud. Fa.Li.An A.J.Mollema 10 ROCK ABOUT '' A.J.Mollema (E) Scud. Acqua Di Pietro A.Di Nardo 11 RUE VARENNE DANY '' Vinc.Tufano Scud. Esposito Srl E.Bellei 12 RAISE WISE AS '' J.Riordan Guida Italia Srl IL CAVALLO N. 10 CORRE SENZA FERRI IL CAVALLO N. 3 CORRE SENZA FERRI ANTERIORI IL CAVALLO N. 5 CORRE SENZA FERRI POSTERIORI PREMIO G.P. 86° DERBY ITALIANO DEL TROTTO - BATTERIA C GRAN PREMIO Metri 2100 (GRUPPO I) € 22.000,00 - (7.820,00-3.740,00-2.040,00-1.020,00-680,00 ai proprietari;920,00-440,00-240,00-120,00-80,00 agli allenatori;460,00-220,00-120,00-60,00-40,00 ai guidatori;4.000,00 agli allevatori)Iscritti 13 Ammontare Iscrizioni/Conferme/Partenti € 2.440,00 Maschi, indigeni, di 3 anni o femmine, indigene, di 3 anni . Gp.Maisto 1 RUTY GRIF 2100 M.Smorgon Bivans Srl R.Vecchione 2 ROCKFELLER FONT '' H.Ehlert Scud. Orange Warriors Fed.Esposito 3 RED BARON '' E.Hansen Bondo Incolinx E.Bellei 4 ROD STEWART '' J.Riordan Scud. Virginia Trotto R.Andreghetti 5 ROSSELLA ROSS '' J.Riordan Scud. Francesco Rosselli Srl M.Smorgon 6 ROMANESQUE '' M.Smorgon Scud. Trotto Italia Sas R.Bakker 7 RIKI D`ASOLO '' A.J.Mollema (E) (E) Stable Why Not P.Gubellini 8 RODOLFO PARK '' U.Todisco No.Ma.Farm Srl R.Gallucci 9 RIBOT GAL '' M.Finetti Finetti Massimo Gp.Minnucci 10 ROCKY HALL SM '' D.Zanca Mondial Sports Srl Vp.Dell`Annunziata 11 RIO DI MAZVALL '' H.Ehlert Il Ranch Srl M.Minopoli Jr 12 RENOIR DANY '' M.Smorgon Varenne Futurity Srl IL CAVALLO N. 4 CORRE SENZA FERRI  IL CAVALLO N. 5 CORRE SENZA FERRI ANTERIORI  I CAVALLI N. 2-3-7 CORRONO SENZA FERRI POSTERIORI    The Derby eliminations include several that caught my interest. In Batteria A are Re Italiano UR (3m Ganymede-Dark Lane SM-Park Avenue Joe), Rambo ZS (3m Guccione Jet-Deledda RL-Park Svenue Joe) and the Dubois owner Rue du Bac (3m Infinitif-ICI-Diamond Way). Batteria C includes the strong performing Robert Bi (3m Toss Out-Up Front JM-SDelf Possessed), the Guida owned Raise Wise As (3m Donato Hanover-Garden Variety-Tagliabue) and Rotary OK (3m Andover Hall-Miss Possessed-Self Possessed). Elimination C hopefuls include Ruty Grif (3m Varenne-Correr By Pass-Donerail) along with two Jerry Riordan conditioned contenders, Rod Stewart  (3m Love You-Valley Lane-Lindy Lane) and the filly Rosella Ross (3f Self Possessed-Northenr Jewel-Garland Lobell). Also on the card are the Tinio Triossi over 2100 meters for a 209,000 euro purse, the Carena Filly (1600 meters, 55,000 euro purse) and the Royal Mares (1600 meters, 45,100 euro purse). The fields for those races are shown below: Gran Premio Tino Triossi -euro  209.000,00- Gr.  1 – females Europeean  4 anni. Meters 2.100 Pablo Di Jesolo  (G. Ruocco) Pacific Model (G. Trinchillo) Pioneer Gar (R. Vecchione) Dream Magic Be (Rud. Haller) Pick Kronos (Fed. Esposito) Princess Grif (R. Andreghetti) Prussia (P. Gubellini) Probo Op (E. Moni) Papandreu (E. Bellei) Perfect Step Lf (M. Minopoli jr) Paolo Om (G. Minnucci) Gran Premio Antonio Carena- € 55.000,00 – females European  4 anni. Metri 1.600 (Gr. II) Priscilla Zak (A. Di Nardo) Petra Axe (E. Bellei) Petra Inn Ronco (A. Gocciadoro) Paula Del Ronco (M.Minopoli jr) Peace Of Mind (A. Guzzinati) Pancottina Bar (A. Farolfi) Pearl Axe  (x) Panthea Club  (P. Gubellini) Pepevita (M. Smorgon) Per Amore Gual (R. Vecchione) Proud Wood  (A.J. Mollema) PREMIO G.P. ROYAL MARES - ALLEVAMENTO GARIGLIANO meters 1600 (Gr. II) € 45.100,00 - (16.031,00-7.667,00-4.182,00-2.091,00-1.394,00 ai proprietari; 1.886,00-902,00-492,00-246,00-164,00 agli allenatori;943,00-451,00-246,00-123,00-82,00 ai guidatori;8.200,00 agli allevatori). Femmine, indigene, di 4 anni ed oltre o femmine, estere, di 4 anni ed oltre. A.Guzzinati 1 OIBAMBAM EFFE 1600 S.Carro Scud. Leonardo Srl R.Vecchione 2 ORSIA '' D.Di Stefano Agnello Monja Paola Maria E.Bellei 3 PARINAZ '' H.Ehlert Malu` Sas G.Lo Verde 4 NOVARICA '' D.Di Stefano Scud. Zabacor E.Baldi 5 OLIVIASS '' F.Cinotti Baldi Group Srl G.Lombardo Jr 6 ORLEANS OM '' L.Colletti Scud. Bellosguardo A.Di Nardo 7 OCCHIATA JET '' Vinc.Tufano Pine Chip Srl A.Gocciadoro 8 LINDA DI CASEI '' A.Gocciadoro Morzenti Ubaldo Gp.Maisto 9 MURUROA AS '' Gp.Maisto Bivans Srl R.Palomba 10 LA VIDA LOCA '' D.Di Stefano Cascio Leonardo Gp.Minnucci 11 OLONA OK '' D.Zanca Mondial Sports Srl G.Riccio 12 OLD GIRL PAR '' G.Riccio Russo Maria Vp.Dell`Annunziata 13 ORCHIDEA REAL '' A.Chiaro Scud. Cassino Sport M.Minopoli Jr 14 PARIS DANY '' Team Minopoli Srl Scud. Team Minopoli Srl I CAVALLI N. 5-6-9 CORRONO SENZA FERRI IL CAVALLO N. 3 CORRE SENZA FERRI ANTERIORI The prospects for victory include a number of well-bred contestants. In the Tino Triossi watch for Prussia (4f Ken Warkentin-Elvezia-Pine Chip) and Probo OP (4m From Above-Elimara-Lemon Dra). Veteran Linda di Casei (8f Uronometro-Comtesse Ferm-Diamond Way) is one worth watching in the well matched Royal Mares. This Alessandro Giccoadoro trained and reined mare has been one of Europe’s best over an extended period. by Thomas H. Hicks for           

Maharajah continues his undeclared path to the Prix d'Amerique with a 2140m V75 gold division race in Aby on Saturday night. 'The Emperor' disappointed his legion of fans, and thousands of owners, last time out when he was Maharajaha well beaten favourite in the Gavle Stora Pris, but he was driven two deep for most of the 3100m journey, and actually went three-wide around Haraldinho to improve his position about halfway through the journey. That extra exertion proved a little too tough in this stage in Stefan Hultman's stable star's preparation, with the 3100m telling on his legs but his handlers will know that this is the sort of run he will need to post to have any chance of winning at Vincennes, where the French horses can go three wide, challenge to improve position and then kick in the straight. Vets gave him the all clear following the run, and the Travkompaniet owners will still be taking it one race at a time as they target the race they covet, the Prix d'Amerique, and this time over this trip he will once again be the punters' choice. His vanquisher in the Gavle Stora Pris was Stig H Johansson's Perfectly Enough, who starts again here. The former Swedish Breeders Crown 3YO winner went a terrific race, driven with cover all the way and then peeled wide from the 300m to unleash a final burst which proved irresistible to the pacesetter Winning Love. Perfectly Enough has a draw which looks like giving him a similar trip again, but the shorter distance may make it tougher to overhaul the horse which gets the lead. US import Solvato has been prominent in early markets and is certainly well-bred being by Donato Hanover from the fine racemare Solveig the winner of $622,714,a Champlain Stakes winner and runner-up in the 2YO Breeders Crown who took a record of 1.56. Like many top racemares though, she has not had the same success so far at stud. He has only won six times in 27 lifetime starts but has impressed his new trainer Veijo Heiskanen since he arrived and won a 4YO race at Kalmar two starts back. But it is a big ask for a 4YO to step up to the Swedish Elite level, even with his breeding. Flemming Jensen's Danish-bred stallion Obi Wan and Lutfi Kolgjini's Juggle Face who will have Johnny Takter on board, are the others with support in the market. Obi Wan, is a son of Ganymede who is one of those French sires who actually does better crossed with American mares than he seems to in his native France, having proven especially successful in Italy and Denmark - another such French sire is Juliano Star, the sire of Commander Crowe and rising stars like Juliano Rags but of seemingly of little consequence in his own country. Obi Wan, who started off his racing in Denmark in Ken Ecce's stable was no age-group star and has taken his time to go through the grades but has improved with age and won six of his 12 races this season. He has been rising through the grades, with a win in the Silverdivision final at Aby in May and now has a respecatable record of 16 wins and 11 placings from 46 starts. Kolgjini's Juggle Face is the same age but has raced thirty more times and could not be more different. His dam is an Armbro Goal half sister to Triton Sund, a winner of more than $2.3 million and a record of 1.52.2 and now at stud after a stellar career. A Swedish Travderby and Breeders Crown winner Triton Sund went on to win several group ones such as Sweden's second biggest race, Olympiatravet and Denmark's biggest race, the Copenhagen Cup and even had a second placing in the Prix de Belgique and raced in the Prix d'Amerique. Juggle Face, who like Triton Sund is by Viking Kronos, won his first four starts as a 2YO, was second in the Breeders Crown at three and won the Solvalla Grand Prix at four. But he has not quite reached the heights of his illustrious relative, who was also trained for a time by Kolgjini although he has won 5.6 million SEK ($860K) and had group wins like the group two Orebro International and Eskilstuna FyraÃ¥ringstest. Gulddivisionen Aby 2013-12-14 289,000SEK 2140m 1 Obi-Wan (h Ganymede - Hejsa Reerstrup) Dr: Flemming Jensen Tr: Flemming Jensen 2 Solvato (h Donato Hanover - Solveig) Dr: Veijo Heiskanen Tr: Veijo Heiskanen 3 Yanantin Boko (g Viking Kronos - Ormonne Boko) Dr: Olle Alsén Tr: Olle Alsén 4 Rakas (h Victory Party - Tricky Woo Per Lennartsson) Dr: Tr: Per Lennartsson 5 Capello Bob (g Trade Balance - Yroflickan) Dr: Stefan Persson Tr: Stefan Persson 6 Juggle Face (h Viking Kronos - Rakel Sund) Dr: Johnny Takter Tr: Lutfi Kolgjini 7 David Sisu (h Lindy Lane - Keystone Delicious) Dr: Ulf Ohlsson Tr: Petri Salmela 8 Maharajah (h Viking Kronos - Chili Khan) Dr: Örjan Kihlström Tr: Stefan Hultman 9 Oasis Bi (h Toss Out - Up Front Jm) Dr: Claes Svensson Tr: Stefan P Pettersson 10 J.T.'s Crown (h Buckaroo K. - Nadja Waltter ) Dr: Peter Ingves Tr: Glenn H Persson 11 Perfectly Enough (h Express It - Just About Enough) Dr: Erik Adielsson Tr: Stig H Johansson 12 Politiken (g Ens Snapshot - Goldie Hawn) Dr: Morten Friis Tr: John Friis by David Sanders for 

Robert Bi (3m Toss Out-Upfront JM-Self Possessed) secured the featured Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli (2100 meters, 220,000 euro purse) in 1.13.3kr for driver Robin Bakker, trainer Paul Hagoort and breeder Allevento Biasuzzi. The winner is owned by K.K. Bijkerk. Bakker and Hagoort later won the filly division with Danae F. Boko. Rossella Ross (3f Self Possessed-Northern Jewel-Garland Lobell) was second for Roberto Andreghetti and trainer Jerry Riordan with Remo Gas (3m Varenne-Isotta Gas-Toss Out) and Rod Stewart (3m Love You-Valley Lane-Lindy Lane), also for trainer Riordan, next across the line. 5 TRIS 4323 PR.P.E ORS.MANGELLI II TRIS E 220.000 mt 2100   1° 9 ROBERT BI R.Bakker 13.3           2° 4 ROSSELLA ROSS R.Andreghetti 13.5           3° 1 REMO GAS R.Vecchione 13.6           4° 3 ROD STEWART A.Farolfi 13.6           5° 13 RODIN INN RONCO A.Gocciadoro 13.7           6° 8 ROMBO DI CANNONE V.P.Dell'Annunziata 13.9           7° 6 RE ITALIANO UR E.Bellei 14.5           8° 10 RUTY GRIF G.P.Maisto 14.5           9° 14 ROMBO JET Santo Mollo 14.9           10° 5 ROTARY OK M.Smorgon 16.2           11° 7 RAMBO ZS P.Gubellini 16.5           12° 12 RED BARON Fed.Esposito 16.5             11 ROCKFELLER FONT Ant.Velotti R.P.             2 RORI AXE A.Guzzinati R.P.         Danae F. Boko (3f Ken Warkentin-Shae Boko-Pine Chip), registered in the Netherlands, trained by Paul Hagoort and driven by Robin Bakker, took today’s Filly Division of the Orsi Mangelli, completing the 1600 meter distance in 1.13.4kr and earning the winners share of the 66,000 euro purse. She easily defeated Rodeo Drive OK (3f Conway Hall-Georgia Pines-Pine Chip) handled by Pietro Gubellini with Royal Roc (3f Filipp Roc-Gressy Roc-Crowning Classic) third. The win by the highly regarded Danae F. Boko completed an impressive double for Bakker and Hagoort. 17.40 - PR. P. ORS.MANGELLI TRIS STR. E 66.000 mt 1600   1° 6 DANAE F BOKO -NL- R.Bakker 13.4 2° 12 RODEO DRIVE OK P.Gubellini 13.9 3° 4 ROYAL ROC M.Racca 14.1 4° 7 ROUGE BI  A A.Greppi 14.1 5° 2 RANJA DEI FIORI Santo Mollo 14.2 6° 5 RAFFLE LB L.Besana 14.3 7° 8 ROBINIA Mass.Castaldo 14.4 8° 14 RUGIADA DEL RIO A.Guzzinati 14.4 9° 9 REGINA BYBO M.Sibilla 14.6 10° 1 RUBINA BLAK  A E.Bellei 17.3   10 ROSITA BI  A M.Biasuzzi R.P.   11 RANGONA JET R.Andreghetti R.P.   3 ROXANNE BAR  A A.Farolfi R.P.   13 REJNA INN RONCO R.Vecchione Rit. Thomas H. Hicks

Once a year the V75 celebrates its anniversary with an elite race for the up and coming stars (4 and 5YOs), the V75 International worth €110,000  (and a leg of the UET Masters Series) and this year is  even more special being the 20th anniversary of the game which is credited with changing the face of Swedish trotting. Rarely has a bold marketing strategy reaped such rewards, and the Swedish trotting industry has benefitted enormously since it replaced the ailing predecessor the V65. ATG’s main betting pool which had been the engine for the racing industry had been stagnant for seven years with annual turnover of around 1.5 billion SEK, and more disturbingly was in decline The ATG Board of Directors  made the bold move to launch V75, in a complete revamp The V75 consisted of seven races instead of six, 50 cents in row price, three profit pools instead of two,  and the introduction of the computer lucky dip called Harry Boy. But the real marketing coup was the slick new  TV show:  Vinnare (Winner) which became a huge success. The impact was immediate with turnover jumping from   25 million SEK to  over 39 million SEK for the first week of the V75. On track, more than 8,000 fans were   at Jägersro to see Copiadwin the inaugural Gold Division race while more than 390 000 viewers tuned in on TV to watch Vinnare with Swedish comedian Lasse Brandeby as host. Twenty years on and the V75 is still the driving force behind the Swedish trotting brand, which along with France, is the most successful in Europe –and the V75 is played all over the world. This is where the best horses and drivers race for the highest prizemoney in Europe outside France, the so-called Premier League of trotting, and well-placed to play a leading role in the industry for another 20 years and more. Saturday’s field is headed by Olympiatravet star Panne de Moteur, fresh from his clearing of a positive doping investigation arising from the Elitloppet.   The son of Credit Winner, who is trained by Stefan Hultman, tested positive after a Elitloppet swab  on Solvalla on May 26, this year.  The sample analysis showed the presence of the antibacterial agent trimethoprim. The Swedish Authorities  did not not allege that Stefan Hultman willfully or negligently caused the horse to receive the product off but he was as the horse trainer responsible for the incident. But  the investigation concluded that actual amount of trimethoprim (1 nanogram per ml of plasma) could not affect the performance or temperament, that the current reporting levels are very likely to change , which means that the measured result would not be classed as a positive doping test and   the disciplinary board believed that it was unfair to impose a penalty. Panne de Motteur, the winner of the Group I Jubileumspokalen and the Frances Bulwark, is the odds on favourite for the event, with the only other horse showing single figure ods being Stig Johansson’s five-year-old stallion Perfectly Enough, a winner of the 3YO Swedish Breeders Crown in 2011. US stallions dominate the eight-horse field with four US-domiciled sires Credit Winner (2), Broadway Hall and Andover Hall represented as well as exported US sires Toss Out  and Express It – both sons of Supergill, who was also exported. Interestingly Italy is the birthplace of the other two sires, Viking Kronos and Infinitif.   V75 INTERNATIONAL Jägersro  2013-10-26  Group II  Int (UET Masters Series) 2140m  4&5YOs  €110,000 1         Perfectly Enough (5h  Express It - Just About Enough) Dr:  Erik Adielsson Tr:   Stig H Johansson              2         Mermaid Ås (5m  Broadway Hall - Superlou Ås) Dr:  Peter Untersteiner  Tr:  Peter Untersteiner             3         Quite a Fall (4h  Infinitif - Victoria Falls) Dr:  Ulf Ohlsson Tr:   Catarina Lundström              4         Pershing Bi (4h  Toss Out - Fidji Bi) Dr:  Christoffer Eriksson Tr:   Jerry Riordan             5         Panne de Moteur (5h  Credit Winner – Jalopy) Dr:  Örjan Kihlström Tr:   Stefan Hultman              6         Rocky Winner (5h  Credit Winner - Level Fortytwo) Dr:  Peter Ingves Tr:   Jörgen Westholm               7         Orione Spin (5g  Viking Kronos - Karisma Zet) Dr:  Lutfi Kolgjini  Tr:  Lutfi Kolgjini              8         Magic Tonight (4h  Andover Hall - Miss Possessed) Dr:  Johan Untersteiner  Tr:  Roger Walmann            by David Sanders for  

On Track Piraten (5g Kool du Caux-Monrovia-Rite On Line) was the upset winner of today’s V75 feature at Aby. Johnny Takter used the open stretch to rally for the win in 1.12.2kr over 2640 meters. The winner earned 600,000SEK for the score and increased his career earnings to over 4 million SEK. This was his 10th win in 45 starts for the victorious On Track Piraten and owner Stall Morkermasse. Yarrah Boko (8m Cocktail Jet-Big Blue Kitten-Pine Chip), a winner of almost 10 million SEK, was second for Ulf Ohlsson. Veteran Harry Haythrow (7g Rite On Line-Speedy Tilda-Spotlite Lobell) rallied to be third for driver Peter Untersteiner. The undercard included fast class action as well with important winners shown below: Seabiscuit (6g Credit Winner-Candy Tilly-Sugarcane Hanover) took the Silver Division worth 125,000SEK to the winner. He covered 2140 meters autostart in 1.12.6kr for Jorma Konto to defeat Stormysky (5g Andover Hall-Not A Spacecase-Barbeque) and teamster Ulf Ohlsson. Baretta Boko (5g SJs Caviar-Vintage Boko-Garland Lobell) won the Swedish Masters for Geldings in 1.13.4kr. Driven by Mattias Djuse, the winner earned 150,000SEK for the victory over 2140 meters autostart. Embassy Photo (5g SJs Photo-Persos Bellami-Embassy Lobell) was second for Oscar Nilsson. Dileva Kall (5f Muscles Yankee-Leva Kall-Spotlite Lobell) won the Gr. II Swedish Masters for Mares to pick up 600,000SEK. She scored in 1.12.3kr over 2140 meters autostart for driver/trainer Daniel Reden and owner Stall Zet. Dileva Kall’s lifetime earnings reached over 5.9 million SEK with the win. Playing Tua (5f Gigfant Neo-Sandy Nalan-Lindy’s Crown) was second for Thomas Ehrberg. The fastest event on the day was won by Zjanti River (7g Toss Out-Green Grove-Pine Chip) in 1.11.6kr for Ake Svanstedt. He scored over 1640 meters autostart in the Bronze Division worth 110,000SEK to the winning connections. KLM Buymethemoon (5m Pine Chip-KLM See Bye Fly-Nordin Hanover) was second for Erik Adielsson with Onice Axe (5f Love You-Blazing Janice-Pine Chip) third with Adrian Kolgjini up. Yesterday at Kalmar the Energusparloppet over 1640 meters (distance handicap) went to the Guida Italia Srl bred Laurel America (8f Varenne-Armbro Voice-Garland Lobell). She scored in 1.12.3kr overcoming a 20 meter handicap. Jorgen Sjunnesson drover the winner who recorded her 26th lifetime win in 119 starts for earnings over 2.4 million SEK. On October 9 at Solvalla several solid wins were posted by US-sired offspring. Enya Boko (2f Broadway Hall-Victors Finesse-Valley Victor) scored in 1.14.7kr to earn 175,000 SEK in a Breeders Crown test over 1640 meters autostart. This young filly is undefeated in four starts for Per Lennartsson who also trains. Eunice Boko (2f Cantab Hall-Ens Tag Session-Tagliabue) was second for Jorma Kontio. Delicious (4f Cantab Hall-Ipsara LB-Lemon Dra) recorded a 1.09.9kr win over 1640 meters autostart for Daniel Reden in a Klass II event worth 50,000SEK. Rolex Bigi (3m Donato Hanover-Miss Eleonora-Enjoy Lavec) won for the fifth time in six starts lifetime for Ake Svanstedt. The KB Capulus Horses owned colt scored in 1.13.5kr over 2140 meters autostart to earn 75,000SEK. Magic Tonight (4m Andover Hall-Miss Possessed-Self Possessed) won in 1.11.6kr over 2140 meters autostart to secure a 150,000SEK paycheck in the Solvallaserien VIII. Orjan Kihlstrom drove for trainer Roger Walmann. The Donato Hanover son Pojke Kronos was second with Gisela As (4f Infinitif) third. by Thomas H. Hicks for    

Even as the triumphant announcement last week of the fields for the re-scheduled Gran Premio della Lotteria gave Italian trotting a shot in the arm, the timing of the announcement, on the weekend left empty by the postponement of the  Italian Derby only served to highlight the parlous state of the sport on the boot-shaped peninsula. For in the middle of busy European Derby season, the Italian Derby was the Jewel in the crown, and not just because it was the richest age-group race of any kind in Europe being €700,000 until cut to €550,000 last year as part of the drastic cuts to purses imposed by the Italian government in response to its political and economic crisis. Even so, this still trumps  any of the French Classiques (the richest is €240,000) and dwarfing all the other European kriterium/derbies such as the Finnish (€165K) and Danish (€100K) equivalents which were also raced last weekend.  Even the next richest the  Swedish Trav-Derby (for 4YOs) is still less (€470K). It was also because the Italian graduates, drawn from the world’s best bloodlines  from both US and French lines that such riches attact, still reign supreme on the continent despite almost blanket access to all the top US sires. Varenne, the 1998 Italian Derby winner has been Italy’s Leading sire for the past three seasons while  Viking Kronos (who was fifth in the same race) was the leading sire in the other non-Franco powerhouse, Sweden in 2010 and 2011. Varenne has sired four of the last five Italian Derby winners, and Derby or Kriterium winners in three other countries while Viking Kronos has sired 2 Swedish Trav-Derby winners, but has also sired 3 or 4YO classic winners in Denmark, Germany and Norway, plus European champions in all 3 age groups. Other former Italian Derby winning sires include Uronometro, Daguet Rapide and Infinitv who more than hold their own on their better known US contemporaries. The Derby Italiano has been postponed because its home, Rome’s  historic Tor di Valle, was the latest in a series of tracks to be closed,  in this instance to make way for the building of a soccer stadium. It is supposed to be re-scheduled to take place next month but one trainer dismissed the chances of the event going ahead. “It is supposed to be raced at a new track to be built at the Rome thoroughbred track,” the trainer emailed on condition of anonymity. “One of the turf tracks will be converted to a trotting track. “The racing direction will be clockwise, the same as the thoroughbreds. “It is a joke. And the racetrack -  people claim the price tag is 3 million euros – only work has yet to begin and the elims are scheduled for 23 Nov.” “Only in Italy.” Another racetrack to close was Naples’ Agnano track earlier in the year -  which led  to the postponement of the Gran Premio della Lotteria to this weekend -  as criminal investigations were conducted. A new administration is now in place, and the track reopened to much fanfare two weekends ago, as was the rescheduling of the Lotteria, for which a field of 24 will line up for in three “batteries” of eight which will decide the eight finalists, the same day on October 13. They have scored something of a coup in attracting Swedish superstar Commander Crowe and his Italian-bred stablemates Marielles and Napoleon Bar (who was third last year) but their mentor Fabrice Solouy is the only international trainer with enough faith in their ability to get paid to have made the trip, despite it being a quiet spot in the international schedule. There is a boycott of Italian thoroughbred racing by European trainers because of unpaid stakes. But the Lotteria which will run on the weekend is  far from the event that once lived up to its billing as one of the four Grand Slams of European trotting and attracted the best trotters in the world in the 1980s and 90s.  This event looks like a  dual between Italian heavyweight  Mack Grace Sm (CC’s Chucky T) and his Swedish behemoth Commander Crowe, who although getting well into veteran class at 10 years old, is still footing it with the younger brigade. Fabrice Souloy’s champ has the class to win this although he faces a local legend who is going for his second win in a row, and has a record unrivalled in Italy. Lucio Colletti’s Mack Grace Sm is almost unbeatable in Italy, with seven wins in a row and 10 out of 12 this year but has never fired away from the peninsula and has had the luxury of racing against fields devoid of any international quality this year. The major competition should come from Owen’s Club (Duke of York), Look Mp (Sugarcane Hanover) and Napoleon Bar(Varenne) in battery one, Looney Tunes (Ganymede) and Marielles (Kick Tail) in battery two and Linda de Casei  (Uronometro) and Newyork Newyork (Supergill)  in battery three. GRAN PREMIO DELLA LOTTERIA (3 BATTERY+ FINALE+CONSOLATION) Agnano  2013-10-13   Group I Int 4-10 €406 000  1600m   BATTERY 1 €20 900 1         Lawyer As (8h S J's Photo - Ima Quick   Luca Fierro   Luca Fierro             2         Owen's Club (5h Duke Of York - Duse Tab   Pietro Gubellini   Pietro Gubellini             3         Marlon Om (7g S J's Photo - Zelata Om   Roberto Vecchione  Pietro Gubellini            4         Look Mp (8h Sugarcane Hanover - Atlantis Gar   kusk ej klar   Giorgio d'Alessandro S:r             5         Iper Roc (9h Lemon Dra - Banner Roc   Michela Racca   Giorgio Carini 6         Oibambam Effe (5m Classic Photo - Etna Sec   Salvatore Carro   Salvatore Carro             7         Lotar Bi (8h Toss Out - Laforet Park   Alessandro Raspante   Sabina Breccia             8         Napoleon Bar (6h Varenne - Dalmazia   Enrico Bellei   Fabrice Souloy      BATTERY 2 €20 900 1         Mururoa As (7m Lemon Dra - Jade's Tiara)  Dr: Giuseppe Pietro Maisto   Tr: Giuseppe Pietro Maisto             2         Moses Rob (7h Ganymede - Etoile Rob)   Dr: Giuseppe Luongo   Tr: Salvatore Carro             3         Looney Tunes (8h Ganymede - Defi' de la Roche)  Dr:  Alessandro Gocciadoro   Tr: Alessandro Gocciadoro             4         Mack Grace Sm (7h CC's Chuckie T - Ambro Grace Sm)   Dr: Roberto Andreghetti  Tr:  Lucio Colletti             5         Marielles (7m Kick Tail - Egida Play)  Dr:  Franck Nivard  Tr:  Fabrice Souloy             6         Negresco Milar (6h CC's Chuckie T - Birmaniaz)  Dr:  Marco Guzzinati  Tr:  Marco Guzzinati             7         Orsia (5m Angus Hall - Tigre Om)  Dr:  TBA Tr: Holger Ehlert             8         Osasco di Ruggi (5h Varenne - Papaia Ral) Dr:   TBA Tr: Holger Ehlert      BATTERY 3  €20 900 1         Novarica (6m Allison Hollow - Bagutta Ok)  Dr:  Davide di Stefano   Tr: Biagio Lo Verde             2         Linda di Casei (8m Uronometro - Comtesse Ferm)  Dr/tr:  Alessandro Gocciadoro             3         Maestrale Spin (7h Lindy Lane - Princess Godiva)  Dr:  Mario Minopoli J:r   Tr: Team Minopoli 4         Orleans Om (5m Sj's Caviar - Deux de Mai)   Dr: Giuseppe Lombardo J:r  Tr:  Lucio Colletti             5         Commander Crowe (10g Juliano Star - Somack)   Dr: Franck Nivard  Tr:  Fabrice Souloy 6         Langdon Grif (8h Varenne - Meadowbranch Nan)   Dr: Gaetano di Nardo  Tr:  Guiseppe Citarella             7         Newyork Newyork (6h Supergill - Viola d'Amore)   Dr: TBA  Tr:  Holger Ehlert             8         Owen Cr (5h Cantab Hall - Boemia Cr)  Dr:  Pietro Gubellini  Tr:  Pietro Gubellini         by Dave Sanders for

Panne de Moteur (5m Credit Winner-Jalopy-Donerail) won Saturday's Gr. II International UET Masters Series Frances Bulwark at Solvalla for Orjan Kihlstrom and trainer Stefan Hultman. The winner scored in 1.12.8kr over 2140 meters autostart to earn 300,000SEK first money. He’s owned by public company Travkompaniets Stall AB (owner of international trotting star Maharajah) and improved his 2013 slate to 10 6-2-1 for seasonal earnings of 3,015,500SEK. Monster Drive was second and Perfectly Enough third in a good field that saw Kadett CD end fourth ahead of Harry Haythrow. The Solvalla V75 undercard featured great racing, with winners of interest being: Fortune Again (4m Andover Hall-Fortune Again-American Winner), 1.14.5kr in Kat 2 event over 2140 meters autostart for 30,000SEK first prize. Johan Untersteiner drove for trainer Roger Walmann. He’s owned by ACL Stuteri and is now 11 5-3-0 for 207,200SEK this year Pirro Bi (4g Varenne-Erika Bi-Toss Out) 1.13.5kr winner in Kat 2 for 40,000SEK to the winner. Kihlstrom drove this one for owner Az Agr Biasuzzi of Italy Stormysky (5g Andover Hall-Not A Spacecase-Barbeque) a 112.7kr winner with Kihlstrom aboard in a Silver Final, 2140 meters autostart for 250,000SEK first money. Credit Fayline (7m Credit Winner-Fay Topline-My Nevele) landed second Queen’s Delight (4m Varenne-Dimbula-Victory Dream) captured a Klass I Final over 2140 meters for 200,000SEK to the winner. Bjorn Goop trains and drives the winner, timed in 1.12.6kr to improve the 2013 slate to 7 5-0-1 for 542,800SEK Beatasine (9f PJ Punjab-Hilarysine-Choctaw Brave) took the Giant Diablo fast class mares race over 1640 meters autostart. She scored for Peter Ingves in 1.10.6kr to increase her impressive 2013 year to 17 11-3-0 for 1,459,172SEK earned. US import Miss Sue V (second) and Italian mare Orsia (third) were close on the line, each timed same as the victor Junior Troy (4m Thai Tanic-Wired Sunrise-Wired Pine) took the Klass II final in 1.12.9kr for trainer/driver Bjorn Goop. He earned 200,000SEK first money for the score over 2140 meters autostart. He won the fifth time this year in 10 appearances Sunday features a special V75 at Solvalla with another high-class card featuring the Kriterium, Oaks, their consolations and the Grand Prix de l’UET (Gr I International). Stay tuned! by Thomas H. Hicks  

Today’s Asta Select Yearling Sale averaged 21,690 euro per sold yearling with gross proceeds at 1.88 million euro. Three yearlings brought 90,000 euro or above. Total Cataloged  135   Total Sold  87  % Sold  64.44%  Total Gross 1,887,000 euro  Average  21,690 euro Sale Leaders: Hip 40, Toronto AS (colt 5/17/12 by Donato Hanover-Victoria Sib-Armbro Goal) to Antonio Somma for 175,000 euro. Consignor Allevamento della Serenissima SS. Hip 35, True Wise As (colt 4/7/12 by Yankee Glide-Pushover Hanover-Andover Hall) to Ecurie Time Jema for 100,000 euro. Consignor Allevamento della Serenissima SS. Hip 90, Task Force OK (filly 3/24/12 by Love You-Issima OK-Pine Chip) to Bivans SRL for 90,000 euro. Consignor Azienda Agricola Dan SRL.   Cat   Yearling Sire Dam   Buyer Price in Euros 1   Tea for Two Effe Varenne Dalona Brisco -     2   Tuscania Pal Nad al sheeba Fata dei Bessi - BERGAMINI CARLO 18.000,00 3   Torres Bi Love You Las Brisas Bi   REJO LILJENDAHAL 50.000,00 4   Tizio D'Asolo Love You Mc Call Magic - FRANLESE ANTONIO 10.000,00 5   Tai Chi Play Conway Hall Jujitsu Hanover -     6   Thailandia Baba Love You Firiel   4AB DI BRUORE ROBERTO 14.000,00 7   Tangeri Bi Varenne Erika Bi - Scuderia MollemaAlbertus W 26.000,00 8   Titanio Daguet Rapide Leopardia - Arnold Mollema 10.000,00 9   Touchee Bi Love You Forever Bi -     10   Tabatah Rob As Pine Chip Birmaniaz   Indal Srl 8.000,00 11   Titulo Mb Conway Hall Brezza Mb - De Vivo Marco 11.000,00 12   Twain Bi Toss Out Lovely Bi - STABLE WHY NOT 28.000,00 13   Tough America Love You Armbro Voice - panamera racing 14.000,00 14   Terbio Varenne Love on the Rocks - Zaccareha di walter Ferrero 23.000,00 15   Transamerica As Cantab Hall Littlebi Effe   A.V. Bellen Beheer BV 12.000,00 16   Tiger di Poggio Andover Hall Idole di Poggio - ECURIETIME JEMA 40.000,00 17   Tatangelo Ok Love You Erreuno Ok   STALL CATCH GLORY 30.000,00 18   Tell me Gar Donato Hanover Elizabeth Gar - Visconti Antonino 32.000,00 19   Tahiti Bi Equinox Bi No Nonsense Woman -     20   Temaki Wise As Muscle Hill Southwind Pamona       21   Taittinger Bar Varenne Dalmazia - Varenne Futurity srl 40.000,00 22   Truman Bi Varenne Luna degli Dei - ECURIETIME JEMA 31.000,00 23   Tuono degli Dei Conway Hall Elissa Dei - ECURIETIME JEMA 38.000,00 24   Trust Kronos Muscle Hill Brava Power       25   Time Wise As Goetmals Wood In Wise As   ECURIETIME JEMA 21.000,00 26   Tiffany Gar Donato Hanover Lorin - Minopoli 28.000,00 27   Testimonial Ok Varenne Miss Possessed       28   Tempel Lb Conway Hall Electa Lb - Gerrits Recycling 38.000,00 29   Tommaso America Muscle Hill Onda degli Dei - LASSES HASTSPORT AB 38.000,00 30   Trinidad As Cantab Hall Ima Quick   Yeager&Beck Trading AB - Robert Lindstrom 55.000,00 31   Target Bi Toss Out Guidara As -     32   Tsunami Gifont Love You Fedora Caf - No.Ma. Farm Srl C/O Coop.Prato Cesarino 20.000,00 33   Trendy Ok Varenne Annette Hanover   Scuderia Verner Srl 24.000,00 34   Talent Bi Cantab Hall Dakota Bi -     35   True Wise As Yankee Glide Pushover Hanover   ECURIE TIME JEMA 100.000,00 36   Titty Laksmy Raja Mirchi Picture of Muscles       37   Top Gun America Donato Hanover Zagabria Dei - Indal Srl 30.000,00 38   Tesio Love You Light My Candle -     39   Thunder Gar Conway Hall First Lady Gar - De simone Giovanni 13.000,00 40   Toronto As Donato Hanover Victoria Sib   BIVANS sas di Antonio Somma 175.000,00 41   Tessa Slm Cantab Hall CL Brightness       42   Tresor Effe Donato Hanover Dotty Effe - Az.Agr. Della Cimarosa Sas 44.000,00 43   Texallia Cantab Hall Moxy Lb - Entrainement Hagoort Paul 22.000,00 44   Tesia Lb Andover Hall Gramola Grande - SCUDERIA LEONARDO S.R.L 18.000,00 45   Toll Free Bi Equinox Bi Fidji Bi -     46   Topazia Grif Varenne Correr By Pass - societa di allenamento Team Minopoli srl 20.000,00 47   The Money Laksmy Love You Speaks Volume       48   Twitter Laser Conway Hall India di Jesolo - SOLLEVELD 21.000,00 49   Tronda Wise Daguet Rapide Gironda As   TROTTO DIVIGNANO SRL 17.000,00 50   Token Bi Equinox Bi Ida Grandi -     51   Terroir As Varenne Armbro Cocoa   Colasanti Luigi 19.000,00 52   Tesoro degli Dei Igor Font Isabella Dei - SCUDERIA MARY FOR EVER SAS DI MAGLIONE MARIA 10.000,00 53   Troisi Dany Grif Andover Hall Ninotchka Dany -     54   Time Kronos Varenne Lollypop Wise - Tre emme gruppi 31.000,00 55   Top Model Ok Conway Hall Nasty Ok   CUMANA GROUP S.R.L. 15.000,00 56   Take Wise As SJ'S Photo Show Me Leg       57   Tiger Gar Adrian Chip Love Me Gar - Frackstad Lantbruks AB 8.000,00 58   Tiberio Laksmy Muscles Yankee Fill Josselyn   Gerrits Recycling 32.000,00 59   Troja D'Asolo Varenne Avigliana - Indal Srl 15.000,00 60   Thiago Effe Going Kronos Twice Crowned - CUMANA GROUP S.R.L. 15.000,00 61   Tosca Rob As Ganymede Etoile Rob   STALL CATCH GLORY 10.000,00 62   Tayson Bi Equinox Bi Las Vegas Bi -     63   Tailor Made Love You Medea Dei   AUER SUSANNE 14.000,00 64   Tindaro Degli Dei Igor Font Bliz - Scud.Patty di Cofanelli Gabriele 16.000,00 65   Tennessee Ble Conway Hall La Gioconda Bi - P. rooderys 13.000,00 66   Triomphe Ferm Goetmals Wood Lindyliana Font - ILLEGIBILE. 15.000,00 67   Timida Ok Daguet Rapide Lolly Kronos   Stal Schermer 8.000,00 68   Tweety Rapid Naglo Eggental       69   Trinity Daguet Rapide Nella Mp -     70   Tuxedo Bi Love You Iberia Bi - VALDE J. 16.000,00 71   Trafalgar Wise Gi Lucky Chucky Dare to Soar   Az.Agr. Della Cimarosa Sas 52.000,00 72   Taha Baba Love You Croda Black Jet       73   Turbine d'Amore Love You Do It Wise - STALL CATCH GLORY 13.000,00 74   Titanus Caf Exploit Caf Crismar       75   Tuono di Venere Andover Hall Vyngforthecrown - Visconti Antonino 20.000,00 76   Tobago As Broadway Hall Jade's Tiara       77   Telegenico Ok Ganymede Gamine Grif   STALL CATCH GLORY 17.000,00 78   Talabarteria Love You Claire Barb -     79   Tommy Grif Love You Maura Grif -     80   Times Square Ok Ganymede Georgia Pines   societa di allenamento Team Minopoli srl 7.000,00 81   Titan As SJ'S Photo Marea As   Yeager&Beck Trading AB - Robert Lindstrom 14.000,00 82   Tornado Gar Adrian Chip Geneve Gar - Frackstad Lantbruks AB 7.000,00 83   Trinity Lux Love You Eternidad -     84   Tempo d'Amore Love You Falconia Dei - LASSES HASTSPORT AB 8.000,00 85   Turandot Font Conway Hall Fobia Font         by Thomas H. Hicks for

With Robin Bakker aboard, the Biazussi SRL bred and owned Robert Bi (3m Toss Out-Up Front JM-Self Possessed) rallied in the stretch to win the 2013 edition of the Hacker Pschorr Bayern Pokal Monday at Munich. The winner scored in 1.12.1kr over the 1609 meters autostart course to win the 25,000 euro purse event. Paul Hagoort trains the winner. Fredericus (by Allison Hollow) was a good second for Thursten Tietz with Shoemaker (by Oscar Schindler SL) third for veteran teamster Heinz Wewering. by Thomas H. Hicks for

Pietro Gubellini engineered a championship day as his pupil Pitagora Bi (4m Self Possessed-Guidara As-Lemon Dra) took the 209,000 euro, 2060 meters autostart Grand Prix Continental (International Open) at Bologne, Italy. The winner, owned by Scuderia Verner SRL, scored in 1.13.1kr over Probo OP (4m From Above-Elimara-Lemon Dra) and trainer/driver Ed Moni. Princess Kronos (4f Donato Hanover-Malibu Princess-Malabar Man) landed third for Lorenzo Baldi with Plutonio (4m Self Possessed-Indra Bi-Toss Out) fourth and Per Amore Gual (4f Varenne-Palmatica Gual-Uronometro) fifth. The companion event, Grand Prix Continental Filly (55,000 euro purse, 1660 meters autostart), went to Prussia (4f Ken Warkentin-Elvezia-Pine Chip) for trainer/driver Gubellini in a stake record 1.11.9kr. She rallied from off the pace to draw away convincingly over runner-up Parinaz (4f Ganymede-CarmagnoleMB-Lemon Dra) handled by Enrico Bellei. Peace of Mind (4f Uronometro-Erica d’Alfa-Sugarcane Hanover) took third for Roberto Andreghetti with Petra Inn Ronco (4f Cantab Hall-Cynthia del Ronco) finishing fourth. The Bologne undercard featured the Prix Wayne Eden with two eliminations and a final. Elims went to Geox (10g Sugarcane Hanover-Gitana d’Asolo-Udet Hanover) in 1.13.3kr over 1660 meters autostart for a 9,900 euro purse. Gubellini drove the winner as he defeated Oncle Photo VL (5g SJs Photo-Balalaica SLM-Lemon Dra). The second elimination went to the Roberto Vecchione driven Occhiata Jet (5f Pine Chip-First Lady Jet-Supergill) in 1.12.5kr over Ortensia Gual with Enrico Bellei up. The 1660 meter autostart final, with a purse of 16,500 euro, produced a 1.12.9kr score for Occhiata Jet with Oncle Photo VL and Geox next across the line. The l’Europeo Gentlemen drivers contest was held this weekend in Moscow. Leading breeder/driver Maurizio Biasuzzi took the prize over 13 other contestants. Italy...MAURIZIO BIASUZZI 36 points Belgium...PIET VAN POLLAERT 36 Russia...VLADIMIR VARYGIN 34 Finland...JANNE MARKUS RAISANEN 33 Denmark...BJARNE HAAJENSEN 33 Germany...IMMO MULLER 32 Switzerland...JOEY VIGNONI 32 Netherlands...FRED HANDELAAR 30 Hungay...TAMAS KELEMEN 30 Spain...MIQUEL VICH CAPO 29 Ukraine...VOLODIMIR KUSHTAL 28 Sweeden...HÅKAN B JOHANSSON 26 Norway...TRULS PEDERSEN 25 Austria...THOMAS ROYER 18 by Thomas H. Hicks for  

Top flight undercard races from Paris-Vincennes on Saturday are summarized below, along with fast-class events at Bollnas: Prix Berck-Sur-Mer, 40,000 euro purse, 2100 meters, 1.15.1kr 1. Union des Pres (5f Indy de Vive-Kerrie du Prieur), M. Bezier up (odds 27/1) 2. Une Dame (5f Jeanbat du Vivier-Girl Begonia), Jacques Bruneau driving  3. Ultima de Carsi (5f Hulk des Champs-Heenike de Carsi), Anthony Barrier aboard Prix Emile Wendling, 85,000 euro purse, 2700 meters, 1.14.4kr 1. Rori Axe (3f Ready Cash-Gamine Grif), Joseph Verbeeck, trainer Phillipe Allaire, owner Scuderia Colibri 2. Jonesy (3m Muscles Yankee- Ripley), Tomas Korvenoja, owner Ecurie OY Trot AB 3. Tast of Bourbon (3f Donato Hanover-Qualita Bourbon), Jean-Pierre Dubois driver and owner, Jean Baudron trainer  4. Robert Bi (3m Toss Out-Upfront JM), Dominick Locqueneux, R. Hagoort trainer, owner K.K. Bijerk (Holland) Prix Joseph Aveline, 80,000 euro purse, 2850 meters, 1.17.2kr 1. Vassila D'Orgeres (4f Love You-Falamine), Louis Baudron driver/trainer 2. Violetta Mauzin (4f Love You-Ouely de la Merite), Franck Nivard for trainer Thierry Duvaldestin 3. Viva Island (4f Goetmals Wood-Island Dream), Jean-Pierre Dubois (plus 25 meter handicap) 4. Very Nice Girl (4f Jasmin de Filore-Pocanontas de Line), B. Groult driver Prix de Basly, Gr. II monte, 120,000 euro purse, 2175 meters, 1.14kr winning time 1. Alexiandu Cherisay (3f The Big Boss-Precious Thing), Pierre-Yves Verva the winning jockey at 21/1 odds 2. Antara Buissonay (3f La Retour-Jadelle Buissonay), P-Edouard Maryaboard 3. Asana Trembladaise (3f Kuadro Wild-Passion d'Alban), Anthony Barrier up was third Prix Montier en Der. European, purse 75,000 euro, 2700 meters, 1.13.5kr winning time 1. Upman (5g Keplar-Niyafi), B. Mascle up in a driving finish 2. Orione Degli Dei (5g Conway Hall-Elissa Dei), Pierre Vercruysse up was second, trainer Mario Baroncini, owner Ecurie Balogna 3. Lobell Countess (5f Abano As-Countess Diamond), Hugo Langeweg Jr. up was third 4. Oibambam Effe(5f Classic Photo-Etna Sec), Pierre Levesque driving ended fourth 5. Torrcelli (6m First de Retz-Olympic Star), Joseph Verbeeck up was fifth 6. Beckman (6g Turbo Sund-Nins Palema), J-M Bazire was sixth Prix du Mont Saint Michel, 62,000 euro purse, 2700 meters, Quinte+ race of the day 1. Renardo Bello (8m Kiwi-Enfilade-Tarass Boulba), Damien Bonne aboard at 10/1 odds - this is a 12 time career winner of 329.000 euro and half-brother to Offshore Dream 2. Pedro Vici (10g Hulk des Champs-Eau du Loir), W. Bigeon up was second 3. Tintin d'Ecouves (6m Lucky d'Hilly-Oasis de la Basie), J-M Bazire up ended third As noted, excellent racing also took place this day at Bollnas with exceptional winners being: True Advantage (6f Conway Hall-Paragon Princess-Mr. Lavec) for Ulf Ohlsson in 1.10.7kr in the Bollnas Kommun for mares; winners share of purse was 125,000SEK over 1640 meters autostart, her 18th lifetime win good for over 2.75 million SEK. Gisela As (4f Infinitif-Golden Door Lindy-Cambest) was second for Ake Svanstedt; Credit Fayline (7m Credit Winner-Fay Topline-Mr Nevele), a 1.10.9kr winner for Magnus Jakobsson in a Silver Division contest over 1640 meters for 125,000SEK first prize; New Line (8g King Conch-Pa'en Igen Frokjar-Pay Dirt) a 1.11.6kr winner over 2140 meters autostart in a Gold Division affair worth 150,000SEK to the winner. Ake Svanstedt piloted New Line that now has 16 wins and 2,392,000SEK earned; Royal Apanage (5m Offshore Dream-Queen Apanage-Alf Palema), a 1.12.2kr winner in a Class II event for 100,000SEK first money over the 1640 meter autostart course. Ulf Ohlsson was the pilot. Thomas H. Hicks  

There was great quality trotting action over the past weekend in addition to the Derby's in Germany and Hungary. Sunday at Amal the featured "The Right Way" for 100,000SEK first prize was taken by Lindus Key (9m Indus-Key To Me-Speedy Tomali) in 1.12.9kr over 1680 meters autostart. Magnus Jakobsson did the teaming. Saturday action was focused on Rattvik where the featured Sommartravels Finale was contested over 2140 meters for 400,000SEK first money. This Gr. II UET Masters Series event went to the Johan Untersteiner handled Zinedine Bob (7g Dahir de Prelong-Frost Energy Bob-Meadow Road) in 1.13.6kr. Other high-priced races at Rattvik included the following: Ego Boys Minne for 150,000SEK first money over 1640 meters autostart went to the classy Friction (6m Scarlet Knight-Hermit Lady-Express Ride) for Orjan Kihlstom and trainer Stefan Melander. The winner of 17 races in 60 starts for earning of nearly 4.2 million SEK covered the course in a quick 1.10.7kr; Democrat (6gf Pearsall Hanover-Sugar Dream-Sugarcane Hanover) won over 1640 meters autostart in 1.11.3kr to earn 125,000SEK. Ulf Ohlsson drove the winner for trainer Conrad Lugauer; The Bronze Div. for 110,000SEK first money went to Overtaker By Sib (5g Civil Action-Nilema Frost-Balanced Image) in 1.13kr over 2140 meters. The 11 time winner in 34 starts was piloted by Johan Untersteiner for trainer Roger Walman; The Witasp/Fricks Kat II for 100,000SEK to the winner over 1640 meters went to Headhunter (5g Gentle Star-Famous Christine-Ororek). He was handled by Magnus Jakobsson to the 1.12.4kr win, his fourth from eight starts in 2013. The August 3rd feature at Halmstad, for 25,000SEK to the winner, was captured by high-class veteran Strong Boy DE (10g Echo-Deary Liesbois-Liam Almahurst) and Joakim Lovgren. The classy international campaigner scored in 1.12.4kr over 1640 meters, his 36th win in 108 trips to the post. In France the featured action was at various venues. On August 5th at Meslay de Maine, a 35,000 euro contest over 2875 meters resulted in a victory by Renardo Bello (8m Kiwi-Enfilade) driven by Damien Bonne. The winner, a half-brother to double Prix d'Amerique winner Offshore Dream, is owned and trained by Christian Bigeon. He scored for the 10th time in 45 outings in 1.14.9kr. At Cagnes-sur-mer on August 5th the Prix de Croisette, a Gr III event for 37,000 euro over 2925 meters, went to Armensito (3m Love You-Carmensito) with veteran Jean-Pierre Dubois driving. He owns the winner and Jean Baudron does the training. On the same card, the featured Prix Ville de Cannes (European, 60,000 euro, 2925 meters) resulted in a win for Quentin Rose (9g Carpe Diem-Gigi Rose) with Rik Dupuydt up. He scored in 1.13.4kr to record his 20th career win in 96 starts for earnings in excess of 495,000 euro. Enghien hosted fine racing on August 3rd. The European Prix Porte Pouchet went to highly respected Italian invader Robert Bi (3m Toss Out-Upfront JM-Self Possessed) in 1.15.2kr for Dominik Locqueneux and trainer P.J. Hagoort. He earned the winners share of the 65,000 euro purse in this 2875 meter contest in an easy score. Another Italian performer, Rombo di Connone (3m Varenne-Cannoniere-Diamond Way) was second for Vincenzo P. Dell'Annunziata Jr. and Africaine (3f Oiseau de Feux-Italienne-Coktail Jet) ended third for J-Etienne Dubois in this three year-old event. The monte feature, the Prix Forges les Eaux for 75,000 euro over 2875 meters, went to Valdice de Mars (4f Lynx de Bellouet-Tiphanie) in 1.15.3kr for Yohan Lebourgeois. She rallied in the long Enghien stretch for an easy win. Univers de Pan (5m Kenya de Pont-Gypsilore) earned a victory in the Prix de la Haye, an International contest over 2875 meters for a purse of 120,000 euro. Philippe Daugeard was aboard the 1.15.5kr winner who scored for the 14th time in 40 outings for life earnings of over 640,000 euro. Roxana de Barbray was second for Dominik Locqueneux with the Franck Ouvrie driven Unabella Perrine landing the third spot. On August 2nd at Cabourg the Swedish invader Ouch (6g Viking Kronos-Hot Enough) took the 38,000 euro purse, 2050 meter Prix Conseil General in 1.12.5kr. Christophe Martens did the steering. Tomorrow is the eighth leg of the prestigious Grand National du Trot at Saint Malo. Thierry Duvaldestin's Swedishman is the series point leader to date. by Thomas H. Hicks  

Radium Boy (3m Wall Street Banker-Golden Lady) captured today's 99th edition of the Magyar Ugeto Derby at Kincsem Park (Budapest) for trainer/driver Veljko Mazsity and owner Hilco I. He covered the 1900 meter course in 1.17.2kr to secure the winners share of the 9 million HUf (forints) purse. The owner/trainer/driver team also won last years' Derby. First dam of the winner is Golden Lady (Endless sands-Lady Flame-City). Endless Sands is a son of Speedy Somolli from Desert's delight by Speedster. Offspring of the venerable, world-traveling stallion Wall Street Banker took the next three placings as well. Royal Flesh (3m Wall Street Banker-Tameways Sweet L) was second for L. Marton; Rozsakert (3f Wall Street anker-Viragos) took third with Reine Fille (3f  all Street Banker-Jungfrau) fourth. The Derby can be viewed by the following link: The well attended Kincsem Park program also showcased a fine undercard. The 1800 meter, 1.8 million HUf purse Pannonia DIJ was won by a former Derby winner Orlando Bloom (5m Zador-Donna Summer) in 1.15.7kr for Andrea Nagyvary, trainer Imre Fazekas and owner Pimri I. Orangyal (5f Wall Street Banker-Derengo) was second. The video link is: The 1 million HUf Jozsef Sinka Memorial was taken by the Czech Republic invader Kaizer Jamacan (6m Rotation-Champagne Royal) in 1.15.7kr over 1800 meters for trainer/driver Jiri Svoboda. Night Lady (6f Tony Oaks-Vas Lady) was second for Tibor Hajnal and Germany's Miro Bi (7g Toss Out-Zinda Laksmy) landed third for trainer Gerhard Mayr. Mayr also earned the fourth spot as trainer with Improve Kronos (9g Kramer Boy-Frances Lavec). The weekly Kincsem Park open event, today the Andal DIJ for 500,000 HUf over 1900 meters autostart, went to the pacesetting Rose's La Nena (6f Pearsall Hanovetr-O'Hill's Rose) for Imre Dome. She scored in 1.15.7kr over a fast closing Landlord (8m Baltic Bet-Golden Lady) and third finishing Zavita Meerswal (7f Good As Gold-Davidia Storm). by Thomas H. Hicks  

Commander Crowe (10g Juliano Star-Somack-Mack Lobell) was the decisive 4/1 winner of the Gr. I International UET Masters Series Hugo Abergs Memorial tonight at Malmo. Driven by Orjan Kihlstrom for trainer Fabrice Souloy, the veteran international star won for the third time in eight 2013 starts for seasonal earnings of 1,794,000SEK. The Commander now has life earnings of 29,521,000SEK and 55 wins in 87 starts. He covered the 1609 meter autostart course in 1.10.7kr over a rain soaked racetrack to earn first prize of 1 million SEK. Purse was 199,500 euro. The Best Madrik (6m Coktail Jet-Lady Madrik-Biesolo) was second for Jean-Etienne Dubois at 10/1 with 26/1 Bagley (8g Bartoli Ok-Novel Boshoeve-Cheetah) third for Conrad Lugauer. Brad de Veluwe was fourth and Owen Club ended fifth. Favored Sebastian K ended 7th with Raja Mirchi and Elitloppet winner Nahar disqualified after breaks. The Jagersro card included many other top class events with highlights below: Edward Ale (5g Here Comes Herbie-Mustang Donna-Pine Chip) captured the Avena Service Pris in 1.10.5kr for Peter Ingves. The 1609 meter autostart test produced 150,000SEK for the winner who is now a 14 time victor in 34 starts; Picture F.H. (6f SJs Photo-Princess Tigerlilly-Speedy Crown) won 70,000SEK for her 1.10.8kr score in the 1609 meter autostart Miljofab event for driver Axel Jacobsen; Linda di Casei (8f Uronometro-Comtesse Ferm-Diamond Way) scored in 1.10.4kr over 1609 meters autostart to earn 150,000SEK in the Vittsjoborgs Stolopp for mares. Alessandro Gocciadoro drove the Italian winner to defeat Miss Sue V (Daniel Reden up) Pantholops (Orjan Kihlstrom) and Mermaid As (Peter Untersteiner). The winner now has 26 wins in 101 lifetime starts for over 5.3 million SEK; Sem Jafet (5g SJs Photo-Persila-Pershing) captured the marathon 3140 meter Malmo Pris for Peter Unterste ner in 1.14.2kr. He earned 350,000SEK first money by defeating Juggle Face (Lutfi Kolgjini) and Save The Quick (Orjan Kihlstrom up for trainer Franck Leblanc); Please Perfect (6m Ens Snapshot-Perfect Cowboyland-Always A Way) captured the Casino Cosmopol Pris to earn 70,000SEK first money. Steen Juul drove the winner in 1.10.9kr over 1609 meters autostart. Next across the line were Berlusconi (Bjorn Goop), Nothing But Class (Ake Svanstedt) and Onirique (Jean-Etienne Dubois). The winner now has five 2013 wins in eight starts; Traveling Man (8m Supergill-Kimberly Lobell-Speedy Somolli) won 150,000SEK for his victory in the Telia Pris over 1609 meters autostart. Johan Untersteiner drove for Stall Zet and trainer Daniel Reden, covering the course in 1.10.5kr; The Premio Going Kronos for 300,000SEK first money went to Boys Going In (3m Going Kronos-Namura-Buvetier d'Aunou) for Fredrik Persson in 1.12.2kr over Ivar Sanna (Jorma Kontio) and highly regarded Rossella Ross (3f Self Possessed-Northern Jewel-Garland Lobell) handled by Orjan Kihlstrom for trainer Jerry Riordan; The Pris Cagnes-sur-mer for 300,000 first money went to Magic Tonight (4m Andiver Hall-Miss Possessed-Self Possessed) for the Kihlstrom/Roger Walman combination. He scored in 1.10.8kr over Beer Summit (4m Cantab Hall-Prime Mistress-Super Bowl) and Ulf Ohlsson with third taken by Powell Bi (4m Toss Out-Gulfstream-Pine Chip) for Jorma Kontio and trainer Fabrice Souloy. Last weekend (July 27-28) preparations took place at Berlin-Mariendorf for the upcoming German Trotting Derby. The featured International Matadoren-Rennen for 100,000 euro purse over 2500 meters went to Amour d'Occagnes and driver Christophe Martens. The Diamant Gede stallion scored in 1.14.52kr to defeat Deuxieme Picsous (Johan Untersteiner), Main Wise As (Pierre Levesque) and Monster Drive (Ulf Ohlsson). The Monte Derby went to veteran class-master Prince de Montfort in 1.13kr over 1900 meters for jockey Quentin Seguin. Henk A.J. Griff now trains the monte champion for Stal de Groninger. Hannieball (Silvia Paspes) was second ahead of Reve de Servette (Michelle Kokkes). Five divisions of males went postward, for 20,000 euro purses, for spots in the famous Eduard Winter Deutsches TraberDerby for 120,000 euro on August 3rd with the best three year-olds participating. Winners over the 1900 meter autostart course were: More Caviar (Mr. Pine Chip-More Impulse), 1.16.6kr for Arnold Mollema Nu I Nu (Love You-Noblesse Oblige), 1.14.84kr winner for Hugo Langeweg Jr. Duke Of Greenwood (Otello Pierji-Niki Groenhof), 1.16kr for Peter J. Strooper Stanislawski (Meaulnes du Corta-Welcome to Circus), 1.16.68kr for Robin Bakker Tiger Woods As (Quick Wood-Tiegs Blue Chip, 1.14.37 for Bakker The fillies contested four divisions for 10,000 euro purses over 1900 meters autostart with winners being: Abasi (Love You-Abani W), 1.16.26 with Gerhard Mayr driving Fraulein Wunder (Love You-Fidelitas)m 1.16.11kr with Roland Hulskath up Red Riding Hood (Quite Easy-Heather Bi), 1.16.85kr for Conrad Lugauer Mustangs Sally (Quick Wood-Star Groenhof), 1.16.47kr for Robin Bakker The fillies will also battle on August 3rd for nearly 103,000 euro in the German Tote Deutsches Stuten-Derby. Considered Germany's most famous and modern harness racing sports venue, Mariendorf was launched in 1913 and first hosted the German Traber Derby in 1915. The current fan facility was built in 1972 and total attendance of the Derby is usually about 50,000 as the race is a top-class event for the equine athletes and as a social event. The coming weekend is clearly Derby weekend for trotters in Germany, Hungary and the USA's Hambletonian and companion Oaks for fillies. by Thomas H. Hicks  

The fashionably bred Tast Of Bourbon (3f Donato Hanover-Qualita Bourbon-Love You) won today’s Hippodrome d’Enghien featured Prix Henri Cravoisier (Gr. III European, 1609 meters autostart) carrying a purse of 85,000 euro. The winner, registered in Denmark and first foal of a great racemare, scored in 1.11.6kr (1 :55.27) for breeder/owner/driver Jean-Pierre Dubois. She is trained by Jean Baudron and won her second straight graded event at Enghien, the first over 2875 meters. In 2013 Tast Of Bourbon has two wins and a second in five starts in this her first racing year. Remo Gas (3m Varenne-Isotta Gas-Toss Out) was second for Pierre Vercruysse and trainer Marco Smorgon with Artiste de Jour(3m Chef du Chatelet- Ondione du Fournet-Beautiful Somolli) landing third for Franck Ouvrie. For Dubois, who began driving again in France on May 1st, it was his 23rd win in 60 drives for a winning percentage 38.33%. Dubois earned his third graded win and has been 1-2-3 in 37 of  those 60 appearances, his horses earning over 418,000 euro. The 73 year-old breeder, trainer and reinsman is well respected as one of the great equine developers in the trotting sport. by Thomas H. Hicks  

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