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MILTON, ON - October 13, 2020 - Woodbine Entertainment will be hosting a remote, virtual Stronger Together session on Thursday, October 15 starting at 2:00 p.m. ET on The Stronger Together online panel will be hosted by Jason Portuondo and feature Ann Straatman (Reproduction Manager at Seelster Farms, Sale Manager of London Select Yearling Sale & Chair, Standardbred Canada), owner Brad Grant and Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson. The panel will discuss how the industry managed the COVID-19 pandemic, how its positioned for the future coming out of the pandemic, and innovation in the sport and industry. Please join us virtually at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 15 on for the next edition of Woodbine's Stronger Together. No RSVP or media credentials are required for the online events but media with questions are invited to please contact Mark McKelvie, Manager of Communications, for more information or to request race day credentials. by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment  

Toronto, On - October 9, 2020 - TSN and Woodbine Entertainment announced today that the exciting live horse racing series RACING NIGHT LIVE returns to Canada's Sports Leader this fall. Moving to the network's marquee Friday night timeslot, RACING NIGHT LIVE kicks off Friday, October 16 at 7 p.m. ET on TSN, featuring even more live races each week. A complete schedule of TSN's RACING NIGHT LIVE coverage is available at (schedule subject to change). The two-hour weekly show will now feature at least three Thoroughbred races (depending on the number of races on the card) from Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, and four Standardbred races (up from three) from Woodbine Mohawk Park in Milton, Ontario. Viewers across Canada have been joining in on RACING NIGHT LIVE action and wagering on live races through Woodbine's new easy-to-use horse racing app Dark Horse. Broadcasts have also featured a slate of performances from top Canadian musical artists. "Racing Night Live has been such a tremendous opportunity for horse racing to connect with a new audience in a dynamic way," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. "We are thrilled to partner with TSN to bring Racing Night Live back in an even bigger way." Weekly editions of RACING NIGHT LIVE are produced through a partnership between Woodbine Entertainment, TSN, and Dome Productions. The show is hosted by TSN's Laura Diakun and Woodbine Entertainment's Jason Portuondo, with Brodie Lawson and Chad Rozema contributing reports from track level. RACING NIGHT LIVE complements TSN's live broadcast coverage of the OLG Canadian Triple Crown. The Queen's Plate champion Mighty Heart won the Prince of Wales Stakes last week and now holds the first two jewels of the OLG Canadian Triple Crown. Should Mighty Heart win the Breeders' Stakes, airing on Saturday, October 24 live on TSN, he would become the first OLG Canadian Triple Crown winner since Wando won it in 2003. Jamie Dykstra Woodbine Entertainment

TORONTO, October 2, 2020 - Although harness racing owner and breeder John Fielding remains modest in speaking of his time on the board at Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG), the contributions he made are quite the opposite. One of horse racing's most passionate supporters, Fielding, who owned his first Standardbred at the age of 16, recently announced he was stepping down from the board he served on for 16 years. "I think any good board needs fresh ideas, fresh faces and younger ideas," said Fielding, who retired as Director and Chair of the Standardbred Racing Committee. "I thought it was a good time to give someone else a kick at the can." Throughout his time on the WEG board, Fielding, one of the highest profile and successful names in harness racing, a two-time owner of the year, whose star Standardbred pupils include Father Patrick and 2018 Hambletonian Oaks winner, $2.2 million earner, Manchego, worked in concert with other board members to navigate the industry through difficult periods. Most notable of all, Fielding recalled the 2012 cancellation of SARP, the Slots At Racetrack Program, that plunged horse racing in Ontario into peril. While plenty of questions surrounded the future of the sport, Fielding felt confident the sport wouldn't simply survive, but would one day thrive. Coming up with the right answers was hardly an easy task, but the board, Fielding included, worked diligently to find them. "After the SARP cancellation, making our way through that was a real challenge," noted Fielding. "It was a challenging time for the horsepeople and everyone connected to the industry because we were all caught so off-guard. The rebuilding to healthiness I think has been a great feat for everyone on the board and for Woodbine, and its management team as a whole. It's been a long road, but I think we're really on the right path now. I thought we'd get to where we are today. There was enough clout in the industry and I thought the industry was strong enough to come together and do the right thing to get to the place where we're at now." Jim Lawson, CEO of WEG, (who shared a story about how his family and the Fieldings share a connection dating back to WWI, see below) has high praise for Fielding's many contributions on the WEG board, and to racing itself. "From my perspective, at the end of the day, what Woodbine is all about is horse racing," said Lawson, chair of the Thoroughbred Racing Committee on the WEG Board, and a member of the Standardbred Racing Committee. "When you have strong, passionate horsepeople on the board, it really helps with the mandate because it brings back into focus that horse racing is what we are. That can manifest itself in a couple of ways. All of the opportunities and different things we look at - we have to be mindful that it's horse racing owners, breeders, and wagering customers that we need to serve. We have this wonderful set of real estate assets and other things we can be pursuing, but at the end of the day, when you have a strong horseperson on your board - as a CEO, I certainly didn't need the reminder - it sure helps when you have people like John who are focused on racing." Lawson also noted Fielding's ability to approach issues in racing with a fair and open mind, someone capable of seeing varying perspectives through a unique lens. "John wore both hats, being a Standardbred owner and being on the board," started Lawson. "He could be objective about things. He could give an objective answer wearing both hats. I truly appreciate that. I've come out of a Thoroughbred background - everyone knows that - and I always remind myself to wear both hats. John naturally wears both hats, which is a great foundation for me looking at things. One critical move was moving the Standardbreds out to Mohawk permanently. Everyone looked at me a little cross-eyed when I first mentioned it. Immediately the question came up, 'So, Jim, you're doing all of this real estate development at Woodbine and you're ultimately going to generate proceeds. Hopefully, as CEO, you're not going to produce all these proceeds for Thoroughbreds, are you?' I don't think that way. Anything we make on real estate is to the benefit of our business, which means both breeds. Having John there as a person who could easily and naturally wear two hats was important for me, someone that I could consult with. Occasionally, as you might expect, conflicts come up between different races, different nights, events, expenditures... it was good to have John as a sounding board. He was kind of my go-to guy when I needed consultation. He knew horse racing. He wore those two hats well. That was important." For Fielding, it was important to play his part in seeing horse racing thrive in Ontario. It was a hallmark of his time on the board, and it remains one to this day. His personal horse racing road to success was forged well before his time on the WEG board. Growing up in Toronto, he rode the streetcar with his brother to Greenwood Raceway where their passion for the sport first began. Introduced to harness racing by his father, Fielding rose up the ranks to become one of its most celebrated owners. He has over 20 Breeders' Crown titles to his name, and has also enjoyed success with Thoroughbreds. In the late '90s, Fielding met Standardbred and Thoroughbred breeder Fred Hertrich at a Standardbred sale at Woodbine. They recorded their first win as breeders in the 2017 Thoroughbred World Championships when 'TDN Rising Star' Rushing Fall won the GI Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf. Just the type of person - and horseperson - tailor-made to sit on the WEG board. "John led the Standardbred Committee for years and he did that in a very balanced way," said Lawson. "Even as chair of the committee, he knew he had a larger fiduciary duty. I think that stands out for me, the manner in which he led that Standardbred Committee. He never forgot that he had a larger responsibility to the corporation, and I admired him for that. "Secondly, much like [accomplished Thoroughbred trainer] Mark Casse - I'll throw that out there - they're great ambassadors for the Woodbine brand, internationally, and in particular, North America. John is very much in the mix, given the level of his investment in both breeds. Thirdly, I'm reminded of the recent Mohawk Million. He stepped up and bought a slot himself, but he was, in no small way, in that ambassador role, letting people know about the race. He encouraged people to buy slots. We need to thank him for his involvement in the Mohawk Million, too." Fielding, founder of Array Marketing, a leading global provider of retail merchandising solutions, is thankful himself, appreciative of his time on the board and for the friendships he made because of that role. "I've met some wonderful, wonderful people and made some fantastic friendships that will last the rest of my life. I'm proud of what we've accomplished thus far. I'm proud to have been associated with it, and I'm proud of both breeds. We still have a ways to go, but we're on real level footing now. It's been a pleasure working with the different chairs I have, including Jim Lawson, and the different management teams. I think the management team we have now is the strongest I've ever seen it. It's a great team and I think we're in good hands." While he'll be dedicating more time to his business interests and family, one thing that won't change is Fielding's enduring bond with horse racing. "I'm so busy with my business interests that you have to try juggle your life around this business. I'm involved in horse racing quite extensively, in both breeds, but that, in addition to all of the other business interests I have, you kind of run short of time when you want family time, and other things. You have to simplify things the older you get. "But this sport, it gets into your blood and it got into my blood at a very young age. I always dreamt of being involved in the industry, both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. I was a huge fan of E.P. Taylor, and I think the board and everyone involved in horse racing could always look at him as the key figure, the one who bought all the land where we are at Woodbine today. He had the vision. The job of the board is to be the custodian of that property and those wishes. And I think we've done a very good of that. Horse racing is alive and well." Another big reason why Fielding believes the board, and industry, is in good hands. "As we move into the next phase of trying to make horse racing fully self-sustainable, I think we're doing all the right moves. I think the future is going to be very bright for horse racing in Ontario." Thanks, in no small part, to the efforts of John Fielding. From Jim Lawson: "My great uncle, who my dad [Mel] was named after, went to war in World War I, and died on the battlefield right near the end of the war. Ultimately, what was recovered was his diary, and then after that, some letters, when my dad did some family tree searching. It turned out that my great uncle had been corresponding and had intended to marry a woman named Grace Fielding. That wasn't her maiden name, but that was John's grandmother. When my dad found out that his great uncle who he was named after - my dad and I visited his gravesite in France and followed his battle route form his diary - he tracked down Grace Fielding who was in a nursing home in Hagersville [ON]. Starting around 1985, my dad started visiting Grace and talking with her. She had saved those letters from my great uncle from Word War I in the battlefields. Early on, the Fielding family became aware of this man - who was in the horse racing business - that was visiting their mother and grandmother. Around that time, John was becoming a big investor in horse racing. When my dad had some good horses like Eternal Search and Let's Go Blue, John's grandmother was cutting out clippings from the newspaper and sending them to John. We have this family connection going back to then. Going back 35-40 years, I found out that John was a huge fan of racing through this unusual connection between the Lawsons and the Fieldings, a story that dates back to World War I. I knew about John and John knew my dad. He approached my dad back in the 1980s. I was asked to join the board of Woodbine and John was already on the board. I had heard about him, and when I walked into the first board meeting, he gave me a hug. He said, 'I know you! We should have been relatives.' Then we both recounted the stories of my great uncle and his grandmother." By Chris Lomon

MILTON, ON - October 1, 2020 - Woodbine Entertainment is excited to announce today that through a new partnership with Infotrac - The Hazmat Solution Company and the Worldwide Leader In Emergency Response Services - the expansion of the popular MIC'D UP segment from Woodbine Mohawk Park. MIC'D UP offered horseplayers and fans an opportunity to get closer to the action by attaching a microphone to a driver at Woodbine Mohawk Park and having the driver explain their thoughts and moves in live play-by-play form during a race. Debuting earlier this season during the Woodbine Racing Live simulcast, MIC'D UP and was an immediate hit, drawing positive reactions from horseplayers and racing participants, while also catching the eye of those outside horse racing. MIC'D UP segments drew large views and share numbers on social media along with interest from around the sporting world. The segment was also featured during TSN's Racing Night Live. In one of the segments, driver Doug McNair wore a mic and it can be viewed here. "No matter the sport, fans are always looking to get behind the scenes and closer to the action," said Daniel Caufield, Head of Partnerships for Woodbine Entertainment. "The MIC'D UP segment at Woodbine Mohawk Park is content that pulls you in and provides fans and horseplayers with an unprecedented perspective. We are thrilled to partner with Infotrac, an innovative company, to continue offering this content on a regular basis and even expanding it to bring fans perspectives from trainers and other racing participants." Relaunching October 1, MIC'D UP PRESENTED BY INFOTRAC will continue to give fans and horseplayers an entertaining and expanded behind the scenes look into harness racing, while exploring new opportunities to provide viewers unprecedented access. "As big fans and Owners in harness racing, we absolutely love this content and commend Woodbine Entertainment for being one of the most innovative organizations in sports," said Randy B. Lee, Director of Global Marketing and Branding for Infotrac. "Whether you are a horse racing fan or just a sports fan, the MIC'D UP segment is compelling, must see content. We are proud to partner with Woodbine Entertainment and look forward to see how they expand this content even further." During the coming months, MIC'D UP PRESENTED BY INFOTRAC will not only include access to drivers, but also expand to include trainers and other participants. The expanded plans also include potential live segments, broadcast on Woodbine's social media channels, to give horseplayers and viewers new and immediate information. Robert Reid Jr, the author of the Horseplayer's Journal for Woodbine Mohawk Park has been around harness racing his entire life and dubbed the MIC'D UP segment as "the greatest segment in all of #HarnessRacing." A new edition of MIC'D UP PRESENTED BY INFOTRAC will debut every Thursday starting October 1 during the Woodbine Racing Live simulcast. The segments will also be uploaded every Thursday evening to Woodbine's YouTube channel and various social media platforms (@WoodbineSB). ABOUT INFOTRAC INFOTRAC is the largest Chemical Emergency Response Center in The World Today. INFOTRAC represents over 9,000 companies in 103 countries with offices in Florida and Germany. INFOTRAC operates a state-of-the-art emergency response command center to fulfill DOT, WHMIS, OSHA and EU requirements when shipping hazardous materials. The command center is operational 24/7/365. by Mark McKelvie, for Woodbine Entertainment

Toronto, On - September 18, 2020 - Woodbine Entertainment announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Christine Magee as Chair effective immediately. As Chair of the Board of Directors, Magee will provide leadership, guidance and governance as Woodbine Entertainment fulfills its mandate to sustain and grow horse racing in Ontario. This includes advancing its master plan to develop the surrounding lands at Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park to be world-class entertainment destinations while creating new revenue streams that will support the horse racing industry and the tens of thousands of jobs it directly and indirectly supports throughout the province. "We are thrilled to have someone with Christine's business acumen, experience and leadership be the Chair of our Board of Directors while we continue to grow the sport of horse racing, support and sustain the entire industry in this province, and fulfill our vision of being the top horse racing destination in North America," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. "As we continue to advance our plans to diversify our business model to sustain the horse racing industry for decades to come, Christine's knowledge, experience and leadership will be invaluable to our efforts." Magee, who has been on Woodbine Entertainment's Board of Directors since 2015, is the Chair of Sleep Country, the company she co-founded in 1994 and served as its President until 2014. The resident of Oakville, Ontario is also the Chair of the Talent Fund Advisory Council and serves on the Board of Directors of TELUS, Metro Inc., Trillium Health Partners and Plan International Canada, and is a Member of the Morrissette Entrepreneurship Advisory Board of University Western Ontario. On July 1, 2015, Magee was appointed as a member of the Order of Canada in recognition of her significant contributions to the Canadian business community. "It's an absolute honour and privilege to step into this role for an organization that has such a rich history and bright future," said Magee. "It's also humbling as I have come to appreciate how important Woodbine Entertainment is to an entire industry that is the way of life for so many Ontarians and a passion for horse racing fans throughout the world." Magee replaces Clay Horner who is retiring from the organization following a successful tenure as Chair of Woodbine Entertainment since 2015 and a Director since 2002. As a member of the Board, Horner helped lead Woodbine Entertainment to become one of the top destinations in North America for both Standardbred and Thoroughbred racing. "Over the years, Clay's contributions to Woodbine Entertainment are significant and widely appreciated by the entire horse racing industry in Ontario," commented Lawson. "His passion for the sport of horse racing and his experience in business and law has served the organization well. On behalf of our Board of Directors, and our entire horse racing community, I would like to thank Clay for everything he did." "My service on the Board has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life," said Horner. "I have been fortunate to work with so many excellent board members and employees, and three terrific CEOs in David Willmot, Nick Eaves and Jim Lawson who are also cherished friends. Woodbine is an industry leader in all aspects and is wonderfully positioned for further growth and success in horse racing and development initiatives. I am proud of the commitments and involvement of Woodbine and our employees to our broader communities. As I retire from the Board, I look forward to watching Woodbine deliver in spades on its mandate to further the best interests of racing in Ontario." Long-time board member John Fielding also announced he is retiring from the organization as Director and Chair of the Standardbred Racing Committee. Current Woodbine Entertainment Director and former President of Western Fair District Hugh Mitchell has been appointed to Chair of the Standardbred Racing Committee. From Woodbine Entertainment  

MILTON, July 27, 2020 - Woodbine Entertainment has released the protocols and procedures for owners to start attending Live Harness Racing at Woodbine Mohawk Park. Starting Tuesday (July 28), an owner (plus one guest) will be allowed to attend the races at Woodbine Mohawk Park during a card in which they have a horse competing. The owner and their guest must be 16 years of age or older. All owners will be required to pre-register prior to attending, as only 100 spots are available due to current COVID-19 capacity limits. Every owner and guest attending live racing will undergo screening and a temperature check prior to gaining access to the facility. In addition to pre-registering, all owners and their guest are asked to fill out Woodbine's online daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to attending live racing. Completion of the questionnaire will avoid lineups at the entrance. Owners and their guest will only have access to the apron for viewing the races and will not be permitted in the paddock, race office or Level 2 of the grandstand. Self-serve wagering terminals will be available for use on the apron. There will be no food and beverage service at this time. All owners are asked to review and comply with the following protocols for attending live racing at Woodbine Mohawk Park. Owners are to access the property through the second laneway off Guelph Line and park on the west side of the parking lot. Owners are to enter the Grandstand through the employee entrance, which is located at the West end (Paddock side) of the building. All owners and their guest must be pre-registered in order to gain access to the facility. Owners must accompany their guest into the facility.Each person entering will undergo screening and a temperature check. Owners are to go directly to the apron upon completion of screening process. A mask must be worn at all times while on the property, including on the apron. Owners may access the Winner's Circle, but physical distancing must be maintained from the racing participants. Owners may arrive starting at 6 p.m. and are required to leave following completion of the last race. Owners are to exit the facility through the doors at the Main Entrance. To register for Tuesday, click here. A link to the screening questionnaire can be found on the registration page. Completing the screening questionnaire does not register an owner for a spot and should only be done once they have completed registration through the Sign-Up Genius platform. Registration for Thursday's card will open Tuesday at 4 p.m., while registration for Friday and Saturday's cards will open Wednesday at 4 p.m. A link to each day's registration form can be found at Owners are reminded to regularly check and @WoodbineSB social media platforms for the latest updates. Mark McKelvie

TORONTO (June 3, 2020) - TSN and Woodbine Entertainment announced today they are expanding their successful broadcast partnership to bring Canadians live horse racing every Thursday night throughout the summer with RACING NIGHT LIVE. The action begins Thursday, June 11 at 6 p.m. ET on TSN and features a mix of live Thoroughbred races from Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto and Standardbred races from Mohawk Park in Milton, Ont. "We're thrilled to partner with Woodbine Entertainment to bring Canadians exclusive access to live, weekly horse racing action," said Shawn Redmond, Vice-President, TSN and Discovery. "Horse racing fans can enjoy live races throughout the summer in the lead-up to the great sports tradition that is the Canadian Triple Crown, airing live on TSN this fall." "It's exciting to be one of the first live sports events to return to Canadian soil after a long and difficult shutdown for all of us," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. "Working with TSN on RACING NIGHT LIVE will help to open up horse racing to a new generation of Canadian sport fans." Woodbine Entertainment will partner with Dome Productions to produce the weekly editions of RACING NIGHT LIVE, hosted by TSN's Laura Diakun and Woodbine Entertainment's Jason Portuondo, with Brodie Lawson and Chad Rozema contributing reports from track level. For the premiere broadcast, TSN's Brian Williams sits down with Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the horse racing industry and how Woodbine Entertainment will operate live racing to ensure the safety of all participants. The weekly broadcasts lead up to TSN's broadcast of all three legs of the Canadian Triple Crown, including the 161st running of the Queen's Plate, which has been rescheduled for September 12. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Click here for a list of all TSN Twitter accounts @TSN_Sports @TSN_PR About Woodbine Entertainment Woodbine Entertainment is the largest horse racing operator in Canada offering world-class horse racing at both Woodbine (Toronto) and Woodbine Mohawk Park (Milton) racetracks. Woodbine Entertainment also operates off-track wagering through its Champions teletheatre network, which includes WEGZ Stadium Bar in Vaughan and Greenwood in the Beach area of Toronto. Remote wagering is also available to customers through HPIbet (formerly HorsePlayer Interactive), the company's telephone, internet and mobile account wagering service. About TSN TSN is Canada's Sports Leader and provides world-class content across its industry-leading platforms including five national television feeds, TSN Direct,, and TSN Radio stations across the country. With a broad portfolio of multimedia sports assets, TSN delivers more championship events than any broadcaster in the country. The network's deep and diverse roster of live sports programming includes the Grey Cup, IIHF World Junior Championship, Spengler Cup, Hockey Canada events, CFL, NFL, NBA, MLS, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, Winnipeg Jets, Season of Champions Curling, FIFA World Cupâ„¢, UEFA EURO, CONCACAF Champions League, MLB, Golf's Majors, NASCAR, F1, Grand Slam Tennis, UFC, NCAA March Madness, and Skate Canada events. TSN comes from Bell Media, Canada's premier multimedia company with leading assets in television, radio, digital, and Out-of-Home. More information about TSN is available at For TSN: Rob Duffy, (w) 416.384.5717, (c) 416.802.3319, Natalie Cole, (w) 416.384.2140, (c) 416.580.7741, Hannah Carver, (w) 416.384.3922, (c) 905.351.2023, Jamie Dykstra, Woodbine Entertainment, (c) 647.400.6235, Jamie Dykstra Woodbine Entertainment

MILTON and TORONTO, ON - June 1, 2020 -- Woodbine Entertainment is excited to officially announce that live harness racing is back on track at Woodbine Mohawk Park and Woodbine Racetrack starting this weekend, as horse racing continues to be the first major sport to return to live competition in Canada*. To provide fans with an added way to engage with the sport while it operates without spectators, Woodbine Entertainment also announced it has launched a new innovative app called Dark Horse. "The horse racing industry supports tens of thousands of jobs throughout our province, making the return of live racing this weekend very meaningful for a lot of people," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. "We have spent a significant amount of time and resources developing and implementing physical distancing protocols to protect against the spread of COVID-19. While we take great pride in being the first pro sport back competing in Canada, we also recognize that comes with a big responsibility. We are absolutely committed to operating our live racing with safety as the highest priority." Standardbred racing at Mohawk Park in Milton, Ontario resumes on Friday, June 5 at 7 p.m. and will run its normal summer schedule with live racing on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Mohawk Park's harness racing season was suspended on March 19 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 Thoroughbred meet will open at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, June 6 at 1 p.m. The Thoroughbred schedule will run regularly four days a week, shifting to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday**. All post times will be 1 p.m. except for Thursdays where post time will be 3:45 p.m. The 2020 Thoroughbred meet was originally scheduled to open on April 18 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both venues will continue to be closed to spectators and media due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government regulations. Woodbine Entertainment has implemented strict physical distancing protocols at both racetracks to reduce the risk associated with the spread of COVID-19. Access to both racetracks is limited to essential personnel only. Woodbine Entertainment has been safely operating its backstretch at Woodbine Racetrack as an essential service for the care and stabling of upwards of 1,400 racehorses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also safely ran two nights of Standardbred racing at Mohawk Park with physical distancing protocols in place and without spectators before the Ontario Government closed non-essential businesses. DARK HORSE - AN INNOVATIVE APP FOR HORSE RACING To complement the return of racing without spectators, Woodbine Entertainment also announced the launch of Dark Horse, an innovative App for horse racing that was built with the sports bettor in mind and is suitable for the first-time bettor or the experienced horse player. Using Artificial Intelligence, Dark Horse provides users with insights and strategies to help make smarter bets straight out of the gate. Dark Horse, the first legal sports betting app in Canada, also allows users to stream the races right in the App for immediate action. Users can play for free or bet with real money. "Dark Horse is the perfect horse racing betting app for any sports bettor who is looking for some action," Chris Lush, Senior Vice President, IT, Wagering and Distribution, Woodbine Entertainment. "The app was created with the sports bettor in mind and uses a simplified user experience and artificial intelligence to make it easy for new players to engage with the sport of horse racing." Dark Horse is now available in the Apple App Store and can be downloaded on other devices by visiting Dark Horse is being launched across Canada and is currently available in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Availability in other provinces and territories to follow. * Assiniboia Downs returned to live racing last week. **The Thoroughbred racing in the second week will run Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with the opening of the stakes calendar on the weekend. Jamie Dykstra Woodbine Entertainment

MILTON, May 26, 2020 - Woodbine Entertainment today released its Phase One protocols applicable for all harness racing operations at Woodbine Mohawk Park, including race nights, qualifiers and training. All racing participants and staff are required to familiarize with and practice the protocols. Woodbine Mohawk Park opens for training on Wednesday, May 27. The first qualifying day is Thursday, May 28. Live racing resumes on Friday, June 5. All live racing, qualifiers and training will be held without spectators. Woodbine Mohawk Park - Protocols Applicable to all operations including Race Nights, Qualifiers and Training Mornings - Phase 1 Effective May 27, 2020 We are working hard to keep our racing participants safe and healthy. Please help us all keep racing operations going safely by following the protocols set out in this document. Every essential staff person and racing participant must follow the safest practices on-site and off-site: please try to limit exposure outside of the racetrack, stay 6 feet/2m away from others, recommended to wear a mask outside the home if possible, do not touch your face, and wash hands/sanitize frequently. The health of our horse people is of paramount importance, but the group that post the greatest risk to continue racing, are the drivers and the Start Car driver and Starter. Please handle these groups with great care and respect and encourage others to do so too. Always wear your mask, keep your hands sanitized, and wear gloves when coming into contact with frequently touched areas such as water taps, crossties and stall door latches. As per Government guidelines the Woodbine Mohawk Park site will be closed to all spectators. Owners and Media are not permitted at this time. Only Essential Personnel will be granted access. General Rules of Paddock Operation: The Paddock shall be disinfected after each racing, qualifying & training day. Sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the Paddock. Entry into the Paddock shall be limited to Essential Personnel only. Non-essential personnel will not be granted access to the site. Every person entering the Paddock shall undergo screening and temperature checks at the Security Check Point. This will be the ONLY point of entry for all Woodbine Staff, Regulatory Officials and Racing Participants. All Communications should be carried out electronically where possible to limit in person contact. There shall be no loitering in or around the entrance to the paddock, as all COVID-19 protocols on physical distancing shall be adhered to. The Paddock Kitchen shall remain closed. All essential personnel must bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages until further notice. There will be no microwave in the Paddock. Racing participants are encouraged to bring their own supply of drinking water during the extreme warm temperatures. Masks (or face covering nose and mouth) are mandatory at all times for Racing Participants. It is strongly recommended Racing Participants also wear gloves when coming into contact with frequently touched areas such as water taps, cross ties and door latches. Essential Paddock Personnel Includes: Paddock Judge, Horse Identifier, Saddle Pad Attendant, Parking Lot Attendant, Outrider, two Starting Car Persons, Security, Blacksmith, Veterinarians, TC02 Tech, Test barn Techs, Property Services Labourer, Trainers, Grooms, Drivers, Judges, Official Racetrack Photographer.Owners are not permitted at this time as per Provincial guidelines for sports without spectators. Only Trainers with an entry will be permitted, unless entering a claim that night.No one under the age of 16 shall be permitted onsite until further notice.Only the Paddock Judge & Equipment Inspector will have access to the Paddock Office.The Grandstand will remain closed, other than the Race Office and Bookkeeper. There are NO food or beverage operations in the Grandstand until further notice.Grandstand washrooms are closed. Paddock facilities will be cleaned as per protocols. Hand cleaning and sanitization stations have been added to all key areas. Race Night Operations: Post times to be communicated from Race Office. Races will be spaced at 25 minute intervals. All horses must report to the Paddock as per their 1 hour retention time. Physical Distancing: Racing participants are instructed to get in and get out quickly and efficiently. Horses in the old portion of the Paddock shall be placed in every other stall to ensure physical distancing is being practiced. Horses racing out of the new paddock expansion shall be placed in stalls side by side, as these stalls are much wider, and the wall between stalls raises over 8ft high. Handlers of all horses must ensure they are keeping the appropriate distance from the handler of the horse beside them and wear a face mask and gloves at all times. Horses shall only be allowed to go 1 warm up trip. Trainers wishing to go 2 warm trips must go 1st warm-up at home/training center. There shall be no extra warm up people in the paddock. Trainers must warm up their own horses. Each horse racing shall have a maximum of 1 handler. Trainers racing multiple horses must have grooms taking care of multiple horses. All horses and their handlers must leave the paddock half an hour following their race, unless the handler is tending to horses in a later race. Horses who have been post race tested may leave the Paddock 45 minutes following their race. The Drivers locker room, lounge and showers shall remain closed at this time. Drivers are to wear face masks and gloves at all times, except when driving during the race. While waiting between races, drivers should maintain physical distancing protocols. Upon the driver's last race of the day, he/she should leave the paddock immediately after notifying the Paddock Judge. Lasix and CPMA Test Barn Procedures: Lasix shall be administered in the 2 stalls at the southwest corner of the old Paddock. These stalls will be fenced off, so that non-lasix horses do not have access to these stalls. Trainers shall unload their horses at the southwest door, and their horse will be administered its Lasix. Once it receives its Lasix the horse shall be taken back to Barn 8. There shall be no loitering in or at the entrance of Barn 8. All Handlers must either be outside in an open area practicing physical distancing or waiting in their vehicle until it is time for their horse to report to the Paddock. Post Race testing: Following each race, 2 horses shall be tested. Blood shall be drawn on all test horses after 30 minutes if the horse is unable to provide a urine sample. A Woodbine Security guard shall be stationed outside of the test area to ensure all horses and their handlers are entering and exiting the test area in an appropriate fashion. The Security guard will also supply anyone entering the test barn a new mask and gloves. Physical distancing to be practiced at all times. when entering the test barn with a horse. Attend the opposite side of the horse, from the technician. Remain vigilant and respectful of the Racing Forensic Technicians at all times.Hands sanitized on the way in and way out.Masks and gloves mandatory Start Car: All Start Car Driver, and Starter will wear medical masks at all times.The Start Car shall be sanitized and cleaned daily.   Racing Offices and Bookkeeper Racing Finance: Race Office Staff must ensure physical distancing is practiced. An extreme push shall be made to have trainers make their entries online. No more than 1 person shall be at the counter at 1 time. All others must wait outside of office doors with appropriate distance between each person. There shall be Plexi glass or plastic sheet between employees and horsepeople at counter. Bookkeepers Office shall only have 1 person in addition to the Bookkeeper at any time. All Others must wait outside office doors with appropriate distance between each person. There shall be a Plexi-glass window around desk. Bookkeeper will only be open for business during LIVE racing hours only. The protocols above apply to all Qualifying Races. Training Mornings - Wednesday and Saturdays 7:00 am - 1:00 pm Training slots will be limited to 50 horses per 2 hour block. Trainers must sign-up in advance online using the online sign-up tool on a first come first serve basis. Contact Dylan Allain, Assistant Race Secretary with any questions All protocols listed in the document are in effect for Morning Training hours.   Mark McKelvie Woodbine Entertainment

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) announced that the results of two days of additional testing indicate that containment and mitigation measures are working to contain the neuropathogeniclogical form of EHV-1 to a single barn at Woodbine Racetrack. On May 19, testing conducted on horses stabled a new round of testing on May 20 in all Woodbine barns revealed no positive cases. Testing conducted on May 19 in Barn 12 returned 5 new positive cases, bringing the total to 25 of the 59 horses residing there. The affected horses are in isolation or have been sent to the Ontario Veterinary College for treatment. On May 20, testing was conducted on horses residing in adjacent barns and a small number of horses from other barns showing potential symptoms of EHV-1, such as fever. This additional round of testing revealed no positives of the neuropathogenic form of EHV-1. In order to minimize the spread of this outbreak, the AGCO has reached out to all trainers at Woodbine and provided advice on the importance of quick reporting of horses with any fever, respiratory and neurological disease. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a balance between containing the disease and keeping horses in training for their wellbeing, non-isolated horses will be permitted to train. They must be segregated from other horses. Testing and Mitigation The testing of other horses on May 20 in Barns 9, 10, 11, 33 and 35 has identified the following results, and led to the introduction of mitigation strategies for these Barns, in addition to those already in place for Barn 12: Barn 9 - Four horses tested due to symptoms. Each horse tested negative for the neuropathogenic form of EHV-1. Barn 9 horses will be permitted to train, segregated from other horses. Barn 10 - All horses tested due to proximity to Barn 12. Each horse tested negative for the neuropathogenic form of EHV-1. Barn 10 horses will be permitted to train, segregated from other horses. Barns 11 - All horses tested due to proximity to Barn 12. Each horse tested negative for the neuropathogenic form of EHV-1. Barn 11 horses will be permitted to train, segregated from other horses. Barn 12 - Each horse that tested positive has been removed. The remaining horses are isolated in the barn and are not permitted to train at this time. Barn 33 - Two horses tested due to symptoms. Each horse tested negative for the neuropathogenic form of EHV-1. Barn 33 horses will be permitted to train, segregated from other horses. Barn 35 - One horse tested due to symptoms. The horse tested negative for the neuropathogenic form of EHV-1. Barn 35 horses will be permitted to train, segregated from other horses.   All other infectious disease protocols ordered by the AGCO on May 17 remain in place. The AGCO has also been in touch with Fort Erie Race Track. They are putting precautionary measures in place to ensure horses already on the ground, those coming in and those leaving are checked for any symptoms of fever, nasal discharge, etc. The track already has a barn ready for isolation should it be needed. The AGCO shares the collective concern for the well-being of all equine athletes and would like to recognize the continued efforts of staff at Woodbine, the Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario, the University of Guelph and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs for their collaboration and diligence in addressing this situation. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and further developments will be reported. EHV-1 cannot be spread to humans and is unrelated to the current COVID-19 pandemic. For more information Horse People: Dr. Adam Chambers Senior Manager of Veterinary Services (289) 237-3922 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES HBPA Memo to Members: Practices to limit the spread of EHV-1    

MILTON, ON - May 19, 2020 - Woodbine Entertainment is excited to announce that the $1 million Pepsi North America Cup for harness racing three-year-old pacers is scheduled for Saturday, August 29 at Woodbine Mohawk Park in Milton, Ontario. The eliminations will be held the week prior on Saturday, August 22. Originally scheduled for June 20, the 37th Pepsi North America Cup was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 Woodbine Mohawk Park season was suspended on March 19 and is now set to resume without spectators on Friday, June 5. "Mohawk Park in the fall is always packed full of action and now we are adding our signature event, the Pepsi North America Cup, to the end of the summer schedule which will only add even more excitement heading into the fall stakes season," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. Woodbine Entertainment will continue to follow the most updated direction from Government and public health officials as it relates to spectators attending events. For the latest regarding fan participation with the 37th Pepsi North America Cup, stay tuned to for updates. Jamie Dykstra Woodbine Entertainment

TORONTO, ON - May 14, 2020 - The return of live horse racing in the Province of Ontario just got one step closer. Earlier today, the Ontario government announced a framework to gradually reopen the Province in stages. Stage 1, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 19, allows for horse racing without spectators and physical distancing measures in place. "This is great news for the sport of horse racing and the tens of thousands of people it employs throughout the Province," said Jim Lawson, CEO, Woodbine Entertainment. "With this news, our plans to resume Standardbred racing at Mohawk Park on June 5 and Thoroughbred racing on June 6 at Woodbine remain on track. We appreciate the government's recognition that we can operate spectator-free horse racing safely by following strict physical distancing protocols. "I would also like to thank the entire horse racing community for their patience, understanding and commitment in following health guidelines during this time. In doing so, it has put the entire industry in the position to resume live horse racing in the coming weeks." Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, harness racing at Mohawk Park was suspended on March 19, while the opening of Woodbine's Thoroughbred season, originally scheduled for April 18, was postponed. Jamie Dykstra Woodbine Entertainment

Woodbine Entertainment is ready to give its fans the premium live harness racing they have been looking forward to for months now. Chief Executive Officer Jim Lawson recently announced that Woodbine Mohawk Park could commence live racing on June 5 without spectators. Woodbine Racetrack is expected to commence live racing on the following day if everything goes according to plan. Both Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing are expected to commence at the beginning of next month, according to a recent statement coming from Woodbine Entertainment. Ontario’s horse racing leader is ready to revive the racing industry and support local horse people that have been through a couple of months of no racing. The recently announced plan would strive to set the tone for the 2020 live racing season. Woodbine Mohawk Park is expected to be the first racetrack in the region to greenlight live racing without spectators and pave the way for a successful live racing season. The live races are expected to continue without live spectators until at least September, depending on the recommendations of the provincial health officer. Regardless of that, horse racing enthusiasts would still have the chance to watch the races online. Woodbine Ent. Postpones Pepsi North America Cup In the comfort of their home, they would enjoy the thrill of live racing of both Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses and this is an opportunity many individuals have been looking forward to. Woodbine Entertainment is serious in its efforts to get back on its feet and support the local horse people relying on the racing purses and more. Being responsible is crucial during these trying times. Woodbine Ent. Projects Horse Racing sans Spectators Mr. Lawson also pointed out that those dates are not set in stone for the time being, and the alternative ones are June 12 for harness racing and June 13 for Thoroughbred live racing. Players should be ready for riveting upcoming weeks ether way, as Woodbine Entertainment confirmed. Right now, the horse racing leader is making the plan for the first weeks of live racing. June 5 and 6 Chief Executive Officer Lawson made it clear that the provincial government and the health authorities have to give their nod to the plan for action and the return of live horse racing without spectators. Mr. Lawson also made it clear that the past few weeks have been hard for the horse racing industry and the horse people relying on the income it provides. Woodbine Queen’s Plate Postponed, Backstretch Continues Work He also made it clear during the online question and answers session that the declaration of emergency extended by the government would be respected at all costs, as the health of horse people is of utmost importance. This includes jockeys, groomers, and trainers of the racehorses. Preparation for the launch of live horse racing on both racetracks includes a frank conversation with the government making it clear that social distancing would continue. Woodbine Entertainment Bids Farewell to April 18 Live Racing May 13 brings more clarity regarding the allowed actions on the backstretch. Horse breezing is once again allowed on the premises of Woodbine Racetrack, as this would keep horses in good shape and prepare them for the live races. Jockeys are advised to avoid contact with the trainers and grooms, as to protect all parties. Horse owners are also not allowed to see their horses yet. Author: Daniel Thompson  Daniel had previously worked as a correpsondent and editor for several local Canadian news websites. He developed true interest in the ways of the gambling industry after several accidental visits to casinos with friends. Reprinted with permission of Casino Reports

Milton, ON — While we navigate through these unprecedented times, you’re invited to take part in an interactive, live, online Stronger Together video session with Woodbine CEO Jim Lawson. The session will take place on Tuesday (May 12) at 2 p.m. (EDT) and is available to be viewed at Hosted by on-air personality Jason Portuondo, Lawson will provide various updates, including the latest on efforts to resume live racing in June, while also answering your questions live. The audience is encouraged to ask questions by submitting them through the chat window next to the video. A recorded version of the session will be available after the broadcast. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to racing at Woodbine and we hope you can join us Tuesday. from Woodbine Communications

MILTON, ON - May 6, 2020 - Woodbine Entertainment would like to inform all harness racing owners and trainers that stakes payments for May will proceed as a precautionary measure should live racing resume in June. The Stakes payments are due on Friday, May 15. April 15th's stake payments have been waived completely and the list of horses remaining eligible to our stakes after the March 15 payment can be found here. Payment for the May 15 Stakes Payment can be made here. A revised Standardbred Stakes schedule will be announced shortly. This will include the new date for the Pepsi North America Cup and the undercard Stakes, along with the qualifying schedule and first conditions sheets. The following stakes have payments due: Summer Series Nominations: MILLARD FARMS PURE IVORY DREAM MAKER WHENUWISHUPONASTAR Yearling Nominations: 2021 CHAMPLAIN OPEN 2021 CHAMPLAIN FILLY 2022 SIMCOE OPEN 2022 SIMCOE FILLY 2022 SBOA FILLY Sustaining Payments: PEPSI NORTH AMERICA CUP ARMBRO FLIGHT BATTLE OF THE BELLES BATTLE OF WATERLOO CANADIAN PACING DERBY CANADIAN TROTTING CLASSIC CASUAL BREEZE CHAMPLAIN FILLY CHAMPLAIN OPEN ELEGANTIMAGE ETERNAL CAMNATION FAN HANOVER GOODTIMES MAPLE LEAF TROT METRO PACE MILTON NASSAGAWEYA PEACEFUL WAY ROSES ARE RED SHES A GREAT LADY WILLIAM WELLWOOD MEMORIAL Jamie Dykstra Woodbine Entertainment Director, Communications & Content O: 416-675-3993 x 3531 C: 647-400-6235            

The impact of COVID-19 on the world of sports has shown no limit to what it can affect. Horse racing is faced with many of the same issues as major sporting leagues, but industry leaders say the business is also in a unique position to bounce back quicker than other sports. “We have a big advantage in the sports and entertainment properties because we do not need spectators,” says Woodbine Entertainment Group CEO Jim Lawson. “Since we’re largely driven by our simulcast and our broadcasting features, we have those opportunities available to us, we can operate our sport.” Since horse racing is not facing questions surrounding gate revenue upon resumption of racing, the business does not have to address the same questions the NHL, NBA and MLB will face upon the resumption of their sports. Horse racing is, instead, looking ahead to a quick launch once governments loosen physical distancing measures. There were four tracks racing in Ontario, all without spectators, before operations were halted in March. Since then, the racing community has been preparing and anticipating a return in the summer, buoyed by the fact that no one in the Ontario racing community has tested positive for the virus. “There is not one case of COVID in Ontario,” says John Hayes, Ontario Racing Chair. “The precautions that the industry is taking seem to be working. As we get into May, and if the good news both in the province and in the industry continues, we should be able to get back racing hopefully sometime in June.” Horse racing will also not require a pre-season or warm-up period as many horses continue to train in isolation. Racehorses could theoretically line up at the post before the first sound of the starting trumpet is even played. “None of the trainers stopped, they’re training their horses every day,” says Howard Pearce, owner and operator of LandMark Racing Stables. “If they announced harness racing was starting next week, these horses are ready. That’s a big difference from any of the other sports.” In fact, the readiness of horse racing could prove to be a financially prosperous opportunity. Fonner Park in Grand Island, Neb., is one of approximately six racetracks currently operating in America. Despite the absence of spectators, the racetrack has been taking in record amounts of gambling money. Fonner Park CEO Chris Kotulak told Sportsnet that “what we wager on a normal Saturday is in the neighbourhood of $300,000. Now we’re handing either side of $3 million, sometimes greater than $3 million.” Over a near three-week period in April, Gulfstream Park, Oaklawn Park, Tampa Bay Downs, Fonner Park and Will Rogers Downs have seen a US$150 million-plus (129 per cent) increase in handles from a year ago, according to The Canadian horse racing industry had already seen an uptick in betting handles prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, and are ready to get back to work when appropriate. “We’d already been racing without spectators and it was going over fairly good,” says horse trainer Mark Steacy, owner and operator of Mark Steacy Stables. “It was the only gambling in town, so the bet was really good, too, and it was working quite well.” “We can go on without a public. We’re not like hockey or baseball, we don’t need people in the stands.” Photo: Woodbine Entertainment Group When racing does resume in Ontario, and across Canada, Woodbine Entertainment also hopes to be ready with a new app, Dark Horse, which will more easily assist horse racing fans in placing wagers within Canada. A soft launch is planned for May, provided racing resumes by then, with a wider launch targeted for later this year. Whenever restrictions are lifted, the horse racing industry appears to have a plan to resume its operations. “Our goal is to resume live racing,” notes Lawson. “I hesitate to say a date, but if we can put a lot of this behind us, maybe we can look forward to racing in June or July.” The Queen’s Plate and North American Cup, the largest horse racing events in Canada, have been postponed for the near future. However, Lawson has said he expects both to eventually run later in the year. By Kevin Michie Reprinted with permission of Sportsnet

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