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Andre Poutama leading the way in AYDC

10:43 AM 26 Feb 2014 NZDT
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Andre Potuma.png Andre Poutama in NZ Colours.jpg
Andre Potuma - is currently leading the AYDC
Andre Poutama in NZ Colours

The first heats of the Australasian Young Drivers Championship were held at Tabcorp Park Menangle last night. In the first heat Sam Ottley made the most of her inside draw and went to the lead and set the pace throughout, her horse tired but managed to hold on for 5th. Simon McMullan had a good trip in the one-one and ran home for a nice second. Andre Poutama settled at the back and couldn’t make up much ground in a fast-run race.

The second and last heat of the night saw the tables turn and Andre led all the way on the favourite to win in a mile rate of 1.52.8! Sam’s horse galloped behind the mobile and Simon’s broke on the home turn, they both finished near the back.

Andre is now leading the Championships with 19 points on the board. Simon is sitting 5th= and Sam in 7th.

Heats are continued tonight at Bathurst, with Heat 3 run at 8.37pm, Heat 4 at 9.40pm and Heat 5 at 10.11pm.

Australasian Young Drivers Championships - Heat 3, Heat 4 and Heat 5 fields

2014 AYDC - Bathurst - Wednesday 26 February - Heat 3 - 8.37pm (NZT)

 Form Horse Driver

1 51s24 WARNER Narissa McMullen (C)

2 45s19 AURORA SCOTT Dylan Ford (C)

3 77268 IM NO LADY Aiden De Campo (C)

4 97124 PRINCE RAYMAC Simon McMullan (C)

5     s2811     CORZAN    EFFECT    NZ    (Em    1)         Samantha    Ottley    (C)


7 34232 ONAJOYRIDE Aaron Bain (C)

 ---------- Second Row ----------

8 1211s ABERCROMBIE ALICE Dylan Egerton-Green (C)

9 s1821 MARQUEZ Andre Poutama (C)

10 6291s AUSSWIN Joshua Duggan (C)

11 31635 TULHURST JAILBREAK Amanda Turnbull

2014 AYDC - Bathurst - Wednesday 26 February - Heat 4 - 9.40pm (NZT)

 Form Horse Driver

1 35344 MYSTERIOUS BLISS Amanda Turnbull

2 s4399 SUNSHINE FILLY (Em 1)

3 76586 TRULY MISS TERIOUS NZ Joshua Duggan (C)

4 26s11 OH SO SWEET Andre Poutama (C)

5 35241 RAGING RHUBEN NZ Dylan Egerton-Green (C)

6 25333 CRACKERJACK JO Aaron Bain (C)

7     5s303     DANCELITTLEBABY         Samantha    Ottley    (C)

 ---------- Second Row ----------

8 13763 GRIN FOR MISS Simon McMullan (C)

9 2s322 SO KOOL HARRY Aiden De Campo (C)

10 s6313 WILLIAM PETER Dylan Ford (C)

11 72688 BEEJAY EMDEE Narissa McMullen (C)

2014 AYDC - Bathurst - Wednesday 26 February - Heat 5 - 10.11pm (NZT)

 Form Horse Driver

1 11191 SMOKIN BOPPER NZ Dylan Ford (C)

2 56543 SIGNORY SHANNON Simon McMullan (C)

3     44727     JOANNIE    PONY         Samantha    Ottley    (C)

4 62345 GETALOADAHER Narissa McMullen (C)

5 0460s MINERS LANE Aiden De Campo (C)

6 11222 PRECIOUS M NZ Andre Poutama (C)

7 11238 TANGLES NZ Amanda Turnbull

 ---------- Second Row ----------

8 11117 HIGHVIEW CONALL NZ Aaron Bain (C)

9 24439 RED VEE HANOVER Dylan Egerton-Green (C)

10 607s2 TRUCKER Joshua Duggan (C)

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