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Double Your Gift with this Match

12:17 PM 28 Nov 2020 NZDT
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The Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) is very excited to announce that a generous donor and her family wish to act on their love of Standardbreds this #Giving Tuesday by offering a match gift of $12,500.
This year especially, due to the crushing of SRF's fundraising efforts, this match gift is tremendous!" said Judith Bokman, SRF's Executive Director. "We are beyond grateful to them and to each and everyone who will help change the lives of these horses with their gift."
Every day an average of 400 trotters and pacers in need of homes are under the expense and care of the SRF. These horses have earnings of over $14,000,000., but not for them.
On #Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020, a generous family will match every dollar donated up to $12,500. They and SRF graciously ask for tax-deductible gifts to SRF to realize $25,000 for the care of these horses. Every day, with this number of horses, the cost to feed those with SRF in need of a home is more than $3,500.
Gifts may be made here, , by calling SRF at 609-738-3255, by mailing to SRF, PO Box 312, Millstone, NJ 08535, or in person at 42 Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd., Cream Ridge, NJ 08514, or by using the link below DOUBLE YOUR GIFT HERE.
A Few Reasons to Double Your Gift to the Horses on Giving Tuesday:
  • SRF remains the guardian for each horse for life; your dollar doesn’t just help today and leave a horse at risk in the future;
  • Eighty-six cents of every dollar is spent on the care of the horses;
  • In the late 1990s when harness racing was in its prime an average of 20,000 mares were bred. If these trotters and pacers are not already over the rainbow bridge, they have likely been used in rural communities as working stock. They are showing up tagged and weighed for slaughter in horrific condition needing our help and yours; 
  • Even when an injured or sick horse is in great pain, giving them peace through humane euthanasia is very costly, approximately $500, for the veterinarian and the renderer;  
  • Ninety-six percent of SRF's help comes from private donations;
  • The pandemic has caused the cancellation of every one of SRF's fundraising events except one;
  • Every horse may be visited at any time at all of the facilities boarding SRF horses. An appointment is necessary to accompany guests and can be made within an hour.
  • Tomorrow morning and the days that follow, SRF must find a way to fill the grain buckets, and stock the hay racks for each of the 400 trotters and pacers;
How SRF is different from every other organization: 
  •  It never relinquishes ownership so every horse remains safe in the event
an adopter falls on hard times, or has a lifestyle change, a common occurrence; 
  •  No other Standardbred exclusive organization manages and cares for this large number of horses, or remains the guardian for each horse for life; 
  • SRF requires semi-annual veterinary follow-up reports for as long as a horse lives;
  • SRF exclusively helps Standardbreds;
  • SRF has an average of 400 trotters and pacers under its expense and guardianship today, nearly 200 continue to be passed over for adoption due to age and injuries.
  • SRF is the model program, helping Standardbreds for 31 years.
Gifts, and sponsorship of a horse may be made through SRF's website at or directly by contacting Tammy at 609-738-3255.
For questions by email at
Thank you so very much for your support. 
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