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Seven are safe, two others waiting for help

12:30 PM 31 Mar 2015 NZDT
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Standardbred Retirement Foundation
Standardbred Retirement Foundation

When Tara Hynes read about the seven Standardbreds in the pens of the "kill buyer" lot, she quickly set up a fund on Go Fund Me to help them. While this was in the works, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) was also receiving help, fortunately, because there are two more horses in need.

Quantum's Gliderman is one, a Standardbred trotter so tall that a special trailer may be needed to transport him. His hair is rubbed off on his back from what is expected, a working harness, and his spirit is broken, but he is young and with rest should be a healthy horse. The other appears to be another older Standardbred in need of some compassion and care. One wonders if the mechanical trouble the "kill buyer" is having is playing in their fate.

Whatever donations were sent directly to SRF for the seven will be applied to these two after contacting the donors for their consent, but more help is needed. The two overlooked by mistake are $750. and $650. They need two weeks of quarantine time at $12 a day, a blacksmith, and then a ride to another facility for evaluation to see if they can hold up to the saddle. "Truck loads of horses are shipped in from areas like Indiana, it is very sad, said Kelly Smith, who helps all breeds at the auctions. The sound, healthy ones go to the Canadian slaughterhouses just as quickly as the ones who would be lucky if humanely euthanized rather than go on the horrific ride to slaughter. "

SRF asks for help for these two who are located where the original were. "Yesterday, I visited the seven Tara took in and I never saw happier horses. We watched as one played with a plastic bottle of coke, another rolled over while napping in the mud, and the old gelding just remained relaxing on the ground while Tara found his spot curling his lip like a smile, then she snuggled all over him like a blanket. It lifted me up," said Judy Bokman, SRF's Executive Director. "When he flopped over for a nap and snored, and we caught it on video." SRF believes they have a home for this gelding, a deserving one, as it is clear that he has worked hard. He still has heavy work shoes on and is obviously sore and tired, as he hasn't stood up much since arriving. " If people could see what their donations do, they would be so happy," said 14 year old, Megan Van Etten who just heard about the other two that need help and sent $15 for them.

SRF will take on Quantum's Gliderman, and the other aged Standardbred but asks for help to assist the two whose luck might be the "kill buyer's "misfortune. In addition to their price, an additional $400-500 each is needed to ship, rest, rehab and determine what their future might be. Donations are needed as SRF is dealing with a heavy number of horses in their care, 204, the reason they are grateful for Tara Hynes' kindness for the seven. To help these two please access SRF's website, or contact Tammy at 732 446 4422.

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