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With reference to Equine Guelph's report of a case of Equine Herpes Virus 1 in a horse in Ontario, the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) has determined that this case does not involve a racehorse.

Equine Guelph's interactive youth education attraction wrapped up 2012 at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair this past November with a record number of volunteers.

Rotate or rest? That is a very good question when it comes to the use of deworming products. After speaking with parasitic disease expert and Ontario Veterinary College researcher Dr. Andrew Peregrine, I am not only eager to pick up more poop but I am keen to have it analyzed.

April 6th, 2013 Equine Guelph presented an exciting full day of seminars at the University of Guelph, featuring Ontario Veterinary College researchers who have starred in the popular 'Report on Research' video series.

Due to an overwhelming positive response, Equine Guelph has opened registration for a second offering of their eWorkshop on colic prevention. Over 80 students from local and international background gained valuable knowledge over the course of 2 weeks in March to combat the number one killer of horses (other than old age!) with Equine Guelph's new eWorkshop on colic prevention.

Equine Guelph is pleased to announce that Intercity Insurance has become an 'Education Patron' of Equine Guelph. Mike King of Intercity Insurance has been a loyal supporter of Equine Guelph and its educational programs for many years as an instructor and sponsor of the Hoofprints tribute program. Now King has made the commitment to support Equine Guelph's education program at the next level.

Horse-people are remarkable problem solvers; when a horse colics, we are quick to call the vet and begin the appropriate treatment.

Equine Guelph's Lameness Lab online tool, sponsored by Pfizer Equine Division, will help you learn about lameness through a variety of interactive activities. Learn what has intrigued over 5,000 Lameness Lab visitors since its initial launch just over a year ago.

Equine Guelph is pleased to announce a second offering of its Horse Behaviour and Safety eWorkshop, April 1 - 14, 2013. This two week online course is designed for horse people who would like to learn more about the best practices for handling horses safely. Education is pivotal for prevention.

Equine Guelph is combating the number one killer of horses (other than old age!) with a new eWorkshop on colic prevention, March 11 to 24.

Equine Guelph is pleased to announce the introduction of Health Flash - a program of four seasonal health reminders to help the busy horse owner keep on top of the changes that affect their sector during the year.

The key to a horse's health lies beneath its appearance. A growing number of horse owners rely on the misconception that if their horse appears healthy and fit, then chances are it is. What if we had the tools to help us look beyond a horse's appearance so that good decisions could be made for its optimal health and management?

When harness racing trainer Linda Toscano was a kid, she fell in love with horses. Her mother, she jokes, might have been hoping for a different outcome. "Mom suggested horseback riding lessons," Toscano said Tuesday night as she received the Rutgers Equine Science Center's Spirit of the Horse Award, adding with a laugh, "I really think her ulterior motive was to find me a rich boyfriend, but I fell in love with the horse.

'Equine Stress and Transportation' is the over-arching theme of the upcoming Horse Management Seminar hosted by the Rutgers Equine Science Center and Rutgers Cooperative Extension. The seminar, scheduled from 8:00 am - 3:30 pm on Sunday, February 10, 2013, will feature presentations by several equine industry experts.

As long as humans and horses have worked together, people have realized the need to refine and adapt their animal husbandry techniques. But preparing for the future often means reviewing and appreciating the past.Equine Guelph, University of Guelph, encourages students to examine the evolutional history of horses, their domestication, and the impact on the human-horse relationship of today with its online course, The Equine Industry.

Recognizing the importance of proper nutrition plays a key role in equine health and welfare, and is an essential tool when it comes to maintenance, reproduction and performance of the horse.

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