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Gabe Prewitt is our featured guest on this week's Harness Racing Alumni Show.   He is the newly appointed Director of Racing for Eldorado Gaming and has got a lot to say about the current betting (Both on track & simulcasting) on our races including the handle, percentage breakdowns and how the funds are divided.   Gabe also shares his insight on the drag time between races and expresses that bettors and fans would prefer zero minutes to post time (meaning zero minutes to post time) ---- Not 10 drawn out minutes....!!!   He's a fine speaker and it's a very captivating program.   You'll enjoy it....!!!   This weeks broadcast brought to you by Century 21's Joe Ricco and Bill Haughton Equine Insurance   Listen to "Harness Racing Alumni Show GABE PREWITT 8 27 20" on Spreaker.   Fred Hudson

Judy Bokman of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) and Marty Irby of Animal Wellness Action (AWA) explains to Freddie the devastating situation in the overcrowded kill pens. Horses in desperate need of medical attention are trampling over each other - the SRF has never seen anything like this. Marty adds his insight and tells our listeners if the new Trump PACT Act (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) could possibly be used to bring criminal charges against these kill pen operators...!!! All this and more on today's powerful Harness Racing Alumni Show.   The Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) is a non-profit, tax exempt organization providing humane care and services for horses in need of lifetime homes, and in crisis, through rehabilitation, training, adoption, lifelong follow-up, or lifetime sanctuary; and offers therapeutic equine opportunities for children, ...   Animal Wellness Action has a mission of helping animals by promoting legal standards forbidding cruelty. We champion causes that alleviate the suffering of companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife.   To listen to the show click on this link.   From the Harness Racing Alumni Show        

Change of PACE, well actually..., TROT - as this week's guest, John Berry, Harness Racing Hall of Fame journalist and historian, discusses with Freddie and the guys the up-coming Hambletonian on August 8th. Berry touts his choice and adds an interesting insight on the amazing improvement of standardbreds over the past 4 or 5 decades. It's an outstanding Harness Racing Alumni broadcast - don't miss it....!!!        

Darin Zoccali, the former Director of racing at the Meadowlands and the current manager of VIP operations for Sportsbook Casinos, is our special guest on this week's Harness Racing Alumni Show.   Darin tells Freddie, Trade and Bob the inside reason that harness racing does not have its own TVG channel and some thoughts on how we can remedy this situation. There's no doubt that an exclusive channel for our sport would substantially boost the awareness of our Standardbred racing industry and increase its income. Don't miss this captivating discussion....!!!   Click on this link to hear the show:        

Alan J. Leavitt, the famous Standardbred Breeder and Owner, is this week's special guest on the Harness Racing Alumni Show.   Alan reveals to Freddie and the guys the unusual situation in Kentucky about the formation of a new Kentucky Harness Association (KHA), which is a three-member organization that is backed by Churchill Downs. This new group is trying to displace the current Kentucky Harness Horseman's Association (KHHA) who has been representing the Horseman in that state for over 40 years. - Something is amiss and alarming. Don't miss Alan J. Levitt's captivating dialog on this subject.      

Our special guest on the Harness Racing Alumni show this week is Joe Morris, Vice President of Racing at El Dorado Resorts. Both Pompano Park and Scioto Downs are the property of El Dorado Resorts. Morris discusses with Freddie how he became the VP of racing at El Dorado Resorts, their future plans for both tracks and how the casino company treats and views both thoroughbred and standardbred racing. He also tells us about El Dorado's most recent 17.3 billion merger with Caesars Entertainment. There's lots of interesting info on this program...., don't miss it....!!!      

Standardbred breeder, owner and equine author, Victoria Howard, is this week's guest on the Harness Racing Alumni Show. Vicki discusses with Freddie, Trade and Bob her new book titled, "GUNNER." The unique and heartwarming true story is about a Standardbred, that through the help of a few "Angels" ....., is saved from being in a slaughter kill pen to being transformed into a wonderful, decorated police horse. GUNNER now leads the charge as the voice for all horses to end horse slaughter - it's a touching story and a "must listen to" show.......!!!      

Our guest on this week's Harness Racing Alumni Show is the Down-under and North America standardbred breeder & owner, Gordon Banks. Gordon publicly pledges his full support to the Horseracing Integrity Act and comments on the recent drug trainer indictments. Freddie & Banks also discuss a number of important changes that our struggling sport must face in order to survive.        

Hal Handel, one of horseracing's leading racetrack CEOs, regulators and former New Jersey Deputy Attorney General, is this week's guest on our Harness Racing Alumni Show.   Hal discusses with Freddie and the guys, the horse drugging indictments from a prosecutor's perspective and says that the FBI has an air tight case while predicting substantial jail time for the accused.   He believes that even more trainer indictments are coming soon and explains why the current medication system doesn't work along with suggestions of what needs to be done to fix it.   On this broadcast, Hal also stresses to our audience and the racing world how important it is to support the Horseracing Integrity Act....!!!   It's a captivating dialogue................ don't miss this informative and exciting broadcast.....!!!   Click oh this link        

The Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity founder and top DC Lobbyist Shawn Smeallie is this weeks special guest on the Harness Racing Alumni Show. One of the Alumni's best shows ever.... Shawn Smeallie gives the "inside scoop" on the continuing FBI investigation. He says that soon there will be more racing industry drug arrests and indictments.... Discussed in detail is the HorseRacing Integrity Act and what we must do to save Harness Racing.... Also discussed is how USADA's Travis Tygart "nailed" Lance Armstrong. It's a captivating broadcast .... don't miss it....!!! Listen to "Harness Racing Alumni Show Shawn Smeallie 6 17 20" on Spreaker.   Harness Racing Alumni Show Shawn Smeallie 6 17 20 Well, it looks like more racing industry drug arrests and further indictments may be coming...!!! This week's spec...        

Harness racing multi-billionaire owner/breeder Dana Parham discusses his Integrity Pledge.   Dana explains his reasoning for introducing his pledge and having all of his trainers sign and fully agree to it.   He recommends that other owners follow suit and publicly offers to finance Ashley Tetrick in the marketing & promotion of our harness racing sport...!!   Do not miss this informative & quick moving broadcast.   Parham on Alumni Show   Dana Parham   Harness Racing Alumni Show Dana Parham 6 11 20    

The renowned Dancer family is one of the most famous in the Harness Racing World and the Harness Racing Alumni Show is proud to have driver trainer Donald Dancer as our special guest this week.   You will hear him discuss the drug and racing cheaters who selfishly abuse our equine athletes just to win racetrack purse money.   Donald also points out what got us here and what we must do to save Harness Racing.   Donny Dancer on Alumni Show   Donald Dancer  

Allen Gutterman, an award winning executive publicist on Harness & Thoroughbred horse racing and a board member of the Horseracing Council, joins the Harness Racing Alumni crew for a captivating discussion on various current equine topics....!!!   This show is an "ODDS ON" winner...!!! LISTEN NOW....!!! Harness Racing Alumni Show Allen Gutterman 5 26 20 Allen Gutterman, award winning publicist on Harness & Thoroughbred horse racing, joins the Harness Racing Alumn...     Allen at Del Mar with Mike & Jessica Marie Knapp-Ziegler and Mel Brooks

On this weeks Harness Racing Alumni Show.   Marty Irby 2019 Washington D.C. Top Lobbyist and Executive Director of the Animal Wellness Action, discusses the recent horse-racing indictments, his lobbying efforts in support of the Horse Racing Integrity Act and how the new animal cruelty bill signed by President Trump, could lead to more charges against the indicted.   Don't miss this informative show.......   Top DC Lobbyist on Alumni Show   Harness Racing Alumni Show Marty Irby 5 21 20   Marty with Pricilla Presley

Eric Cherry, co-founder of, long time breeder & harness horse owner discusses the integrity of harness racing, his thoughts on a racing commissioner for our sport and his prediction on how the coronavirus will affect the upcoming yearling sales.   It's another important & informative Harness Racing Alumni Show. LISTEN NOW.....!!!   Eric Cherry on Alumni Show   Harness Racing Alumni Show ERIC CHERRY 5 14 20 Eric Cherry, co-founder of, long time breeder & harness horse owner discusses the integrity of harnes...    

Due to technical issues with our April 23rd broadcast that featured Jim Gagliano the President and CEO of the Jockey Club, we are rebroadcasting the harness racing show in which Jim discusses the recent horse drugging indictments and the intricate investigations that led to them.   While signaling that there's lots more to come, he also talks about his overwhelming support of Jeff Gural, USADA and the Horse racing Integrity Act.   - It's a 'must be listened to' broadcast...!!!   Harness Racing Alumni Show Jim Gagliano rebroadcast 5 5 20   Due to technical issues with our April 23rd broadcast that featured Jim Gagliano the President and CEO of the Jo...    

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