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Paul Fontaine, the former Chairman of the Board of the USTA, openly discusses his recent letter to the United States Trotting Association regarding the investigation and outing of harness racing cheaters in our sport.   Fontaine also discusses his reasons behind his request for an immediate recall of the newly appointed USTA Chairman of the Board.   Hear about this Earthshaking news on this weeks exciting alumni show.   Paul Fontaine on Alumni Show - YouTube_     world class handicapper and standardbred owner, SCOTT ALBERG joins Freddie and the guys on the Harness Racing Alumni Show.   They talk about the current industry's status, his insight on the drug trainers and how he was victorious and has cashed in over $100,000 while competing in many of the largest Meadowlands handicapping tournaments...!!!   Very interesting...,   don't miss it...!!!   Harness Racing Alumni Show   Fred Hudson  

The Harness Racing Alumni Show - Early Edition   Anthony MacDonald talks stake payments and horses   "The Stable. CA" & trainer-driver Anthony MacDonald has many Standardbred owners and over a hundred race horses in training. In this captivating interview, Anthony explains how he handles the countless stake payments from different owners and the tremendous business pressures that he faces with his innovative stable of Harness race horses.   Anthony MacDonald this weeks Alumni Show Guest  

URGENT- Message from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation - an emergency situation exists for our retired horses and immediate help is needed.   Anything you can spare (even as small as a dollar) from thousands of different horse lovers & supporters will help feed and care for these magnificent animals....!!!   PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TODAY....!!!   Urgent Message From The Standardbred Retirement Foundation   Harness Racing Alumni Show

Owner & inventor of the aluminum modified bike, Vincent Tantillo (Tel-Star Sulky) joins Freddie, Bob & Trade on the Harness Racing Alumni Show to discuss his innovative sulky business that changed our sport over 40 years ago.    Many other interesting harness racing topics are covered in this interview.    Don’t miss it…!!!   Harness Racing Alumni Show       Harness Racing Alumni Show Vince Tantillo 3 26 20 Source: Owner & inventor of the a...  

HALL OF FAME JOURNALIST, John Berry...., "Tells it all" to Freddie Hudson and the guys on this week's Harness Racing Alumni Show. They discuss the racing at Pompano and their 'ultra successful' Master's of the Mile champion driver's challenge along with the hopeful longevity of the track & our sport's destiny....!!!      

Ohio horseman Ken Holliday has been victorious in the Cane Pace with over 5000 wins as a trainer - driver...!!! Ken visits our Harness Racing Alumni Show this week to formally announce his comeback after almost a 48 month hiatus from the racetrack because of severe racing injuries. Freddie gets Ken's candid thoughts on his preferred driving tactics, future business outlook, along with the use of Lasix and EPO problems. It's an interesting 10 minutes so you don't want to miss it..... To hear the show, click here. From Fred Hudson, for the Harness Racing Alumni Show  

CHRISTIAN AUTHOR and fine OHIO HORSEMAN, TIM FINLEY, joins our Harness Racing Alumni Show to discuss the tremendous pleasure of owning shares in expensive racehorses, along with the future of Harness Racing and his personal innovative views on making the races more exciting in order to attract new fans and bettors to LIVE RACING at the tracks! To hear the show, click here.  by Fred Hudson, for the Harness Racing Alumni Show .

HORSE SLAUGHTER (The Safe Act)...., and DRUG USE (The Integrity Act) - Freddie Hudson gives Bob & Trade of the Harness Racing Alumni Show the 'LOWDOWN' on his trip to WASHINGTON DC to meet with the LAW MAKERS in CONGRESS....!!! Don't miss this interesting broadcast.

Larry Rolla the harness racing Legend joins Freddie, Bob & Trade on this weeks Harness Racing Alumni Show. Rolla updates us on the progress of the Hollywood produced movie about him, he shares stories of his life and gives us his thoughts on the use of Lasix...!!!   Don't miss this fantastic Alumni broadcast.....!!!     Harness Racing Alumni Show Larry Rolla 1 29 20     Harness Racing Alumni Show Larry Rolla 1 29 20 Source: GOD, LASIX, A BOOK, A HOLL...    

Legendary Hall of Fame Harness racing announer, Roger Huston (THE VOICE), is our special guest on the Harness Racing Alumni Show this week.   Roger is the official Ambassador for the Ohio Harness Horsemen's Association, and he speaks with true warmth and class about his 61 year association with our great racing sport...!!! He shares his innovative thoughts and concepts on improving race track attendance and building more of a fan base through the family oriented county fair racing in Ohio and throughout America. In the words of Ed Sullivan "This is really really a big Show"   by Fred Hudson for the Alumni Show  

Presiding Judge and former driver/trainer Dan Kazmaier candidly reveals the complete lowdown on the harness racing drivers, owners, trainers, drugging, betting, polygraph testing, barn area closings, inconsistent driving and lots more to Freddie, Bob and Trade on this week's Harness Racing Alumni broadcast. This show will enlighten many harness racing horse owners, track CEO'S, drivers, trainers & fans. From Fred Hudson, for the HRAS    

Bob Mark's book "A Way of Life" and his love for the sport of Harness Racing are a major topic of our New Year Harness Racing Alumni Show along with thanking all our wonderful guests and sponsors of our broadcast during 2019. You'll enjoy this lively & candid conversation between Freddie, Bob and Trade. From the Harness Racing Alumni Show  

On this weeks Christmas Harness Racing Alumni Show Special..., Freddie Hudson interviews the "GREATEST DRIVER ON THE PLANET...!!!" The BEST of the BEST could NEVER compete with this REINSMAN...!!! The SENSATIONAL SANTA CLAUS on the Alumni Show....!!!   Merry Christmas from Freddie Hudson, Trade Martin and Bob Marks    

This weeks guests on the Harness Racing Alumni Show include Michelle Crawford of Crawford Farms and Valerie Pringle the Equine Campaign Manager for the Humane Society of the United States. Both guests discuss and share their thoughts on horse slaughter and the drugging of harness racing horses.   Both of these practices must be closely monitored, controlled and ended in order to protect our horses and save our sport.   On this weeks show Michelle announces the formation of her new organization to end the practice of shipping our horses to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered.   This weeks Show brought to you by Century 21's, Joe Ricco   by Fred Hudson

A miracle new 'ionic feed enhancement' for all race horse athletes is detailed by our guest, JARED COOPER, along with his dedicated involvement with the USTA youth program and his optimistic outlook on the racing industry's future. It's all candidly discussed with Freddie Hudson on this week's Harness Racing Alumni Broadcast.   by Fred Hudson, for the Harness Racing Alumni Show

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