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For the second time since January, a truck from Dorian Ayache's Three Angels Farms was involved in a major accident on an interstate highway.

On May 31, 2012, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) released its report "CFIA and the Art of Evasion" in response to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's deflection tactics to questions concerning the welfare of horses in Canada's horse slaughter plants, as well as the safety of horsemeat for human consumption.

Today the CHDC releases 'CFIA and the Art of Evasion' in response to the CFIA's deflection tactics to questions concerning the welfare of horses in Canada's horse slaughter plants and the safety of horsemeat for human consumption.

Who eats horse meat in New Jersey? Maybe nobody does, but soon it could be illegal just in case somebody gets a craving for a pony burger or a Clydesdale sandwich. The General Assembly has approved bipartisan legislation that would ban the slaughter or sale of horses for human consumption.

A former harness racing owner of Silky Shark, included in the CHDC's "Slaughterhouse Six" report, responds and gives reaction to the news of 'Silky's' demise.

Anouk Busch, a 36 year-old harness racing trainer originally from the Netherlands, founded Horse Rescue United (HRU), a New Jersey-based rescue specializing in Standardbreds, but open to all breeds.

There are many things that a prospective horse owner examines prior to buying their next race champion or even their next pet. Things like cost to purchase the horse, breeding, usefulness, where to board, who to train, and the monthly costs to feed and care for the horse, and how much money will the horse make for his/her prospective harness racing owner are among the top of the list.

In mid summer of 2011, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) received footage and pictures taken at Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation (LPN) slaughterhouse in St-Andre-Avellin, Quebec. The subsequent report was compiled by the CHDC in a video/slideshow/report entitled Pasture to Plate: The True Cost of Canada's Horsemeat Industry.

Celebrities, School Children, Citizen Advocates Gather at Capitol to Lobby for Permanent Ban on Horse Slaughter. 'Horses on the Hill' event urges Congress to pass American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

In response to David Mattia's recent article published at, Monticello Raceway has zero tolerance for the predatory practices described in his article. We are fully investigating the allegations and are attempting to obtain the identity of any individuals who have information or who are alleged to engage in these practices.

Wonderfully warm-hearted carriage horse people and compassionate riding horse trainers - true crusaders of kindness and caring - are swarming down like gentle locusts on harness racing's Monticello Harness Racing track in Monticello, New York. They are offering hefty sums -- some as absurdly high as $200.00 US -- for those unfortunate horses who are performing too poorly to participate in actual races.

Horse experts from across the country will converge on Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, New York for the 2012 American Equine Summit on Saturday, March 31st and Sunday, April 1st with one objective - to reverse the damage done by Congress in Nov. 2011 by mobilizing an effective grassroots movement to end the slaughter of America's horses in the US and abroad.

Alex Atamanenko, MP for BC Southern Interior, is applauding the new anti-horse slaughter billboard that has been erected in Ottawa by the US based Angel Acres and supported by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

A bizarre chain of events has followed the contentious meeting of the Mountain Grove City Council on March 6th concerning the Unified Equine proposal to build a horse slaughter plant near the town.

A much publicized proposal to locate a horse slaughter plant in Mountain Grove, Missouri was soundly rejected by the Mountain Grove town council tonight (Tuesday March 6).

Equine slaughter is an issue that in some quarters evokes highly charged debate. I have my opinion; you have yours. This article isn't about judging who is right in the slaughter debate. What this article is about is criminality.

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