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December 30, 2020 - The Kincsem Park harness racing season came to end and is slated to resume January 31. Year end 2020 awards were earned by leading driver Veljko Mazsity with 30 victories and leading trainer Tibor Hajnal with 27 conditioning wins. Other awards went to leading owner Hico Istello, leading breeder Kabala Menes Kft and top amateur driver Andrea Fazekas. Congratulations award winners, and congratulations to all horsemen and management that made 2020 an excellent year. ................................................ The final card of 2020 included three top races starting with the Pancho DIJ (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart). Here the 4.8/1 odds Gigant Wings (6g Quick Wood-Winning Ways-Gidde Palema) was victorious for trainer/driver Emil Csordas as he won for the fourth time in 14 appearances this year. 15.5/1 Uptown Boy M (7g Cigar Dan) was second with Valentin Miskolcsik up for trainer Pal Vicen. 1.8/1 Zapato (5m Frullino Jet) held third for trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal. Race time was 1.18.1kr. Gigant Wings In the Tamas Pinter “Oroszlan” Handicap (purse 1,500,000HUf, 1900 meters autostart) the 3.3/1 odds Up All Night (7f Americas Dust-Narancs Virag-Tony Oaks) rallied to victory timed in 1.20.6kr with trainer Sandor Varga aboard. The four-time 2020 winner in 11 starts defeated 12.5/1 Sensation (9g Incredible Cole) with Laszlo Szokola at the lines. Third was 3.1/1 Trancsen (8m Ata Star L) for Istvan Papp. Up All Night In the featured Lovaregyleti DIJ (purse 2,000,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) the 1.17.2kr timed winner was 1.7/1 Unno del Duomo (7m Ganymede-Irma del Duomo-Lemon Dra) that overcame a 40 meter handicap for reinsman Anton Horvatski and trainer Dora Kovacs. Unno won for the fourth time in six 2020 appearanced in Hungary. 6/1 Unika Vik (7f Cantab Hall) was second with Andor Angyal the pilot. Third was the 20 meter handicapped and 5/1 odds Ujrazz! (7m Maximus Lindy) with trainer Laszlo Kolozsi the pilot.  Unno del Duomo     Thomas H. Hicks  

December 26, 2020 - Harness racing co-features were on stage today at Kincsem Park, the first being the Istvan Vicen Memorial (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart). The 1.2/1 odds favorite Zente (5g Frullino Jet-Franciska) scored easily in 1.17.5kr for Tamas Tanczer and trainer Zoltan Horvath, his sixth 2020 victory in 13 appearances. 3.7/1 Adamo Fling (4m Maximus Lindy-Cicciolina Fling) was second for Gyorgy Pekker and trainer Emil Csordas. Third money went to 9.3/1 Ann Bella M (4f Cigar Dan-Malhana Serey) for Zoltan Gyolai and conditioner Lajos Marton. Zente The 2.3/1 second choice Rocky HR (8m Roc de Montfort-Times) secured the Segedhaj to Evi Kupa (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) timed in 1.17.8kr. Gyorgy Farkas teamed this winner for trainer Balazs Juhasz. Rocky HR won for the first time in 15 starts this year albeit the consistent performer has been 50 times win/place in 70 career starts. 2/1 Ugolino Ans (7g Yankee Slide-Cristina Ans) was second for Sandor Kolozsi, with third to 4.1/1 Zsozsoka (5f Yankee Mustang-Intelligent Star). Rocky HR   Thomas H. Hicks  

December 19, 2020 - The Menesek DIJ (purse 1,900,000Huf, 3160 meters distance handicap) highlighted this Kincsem Park Holiday Season harness racing card and the 20-meter handicapped Zseneroz (5f SJs Photo-Hitelezo-Witsends Speedy) scored in 1.18.6kr at 5.9/1 odds. Andor Angyal piloted the Zoltan Ozvar trainee that recorded his third 2020 win in 10 starts. Zseneroz won this race in 2019 in 1.18.7kr. The 5.9/1 odds Atomanti M (4m Cigar Dan-Step by Step-Allison Hollow) was second for driver Gyorgy Horvath and trainer Dora Kovacs. 5/1 Adriana Asti (4f Frullino Jet-Cameron Diaz-Baltic Speed) secured third for Sandor Varga. Zseneroz The Tibor Papp Memorial (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) saw even-money favorite Unnko del Duomo (7m Ganymede-Irma del Duomo-Lemon Dra) score handily in 1.16.2kr for Sandor Kolozsi and trainer Dora Kovacs, his third victory in five 2020 starts in Hungary. 18.3/1 Ujrazz’! (7m Maximus Lindy-Gyorsulj!-Witesnds Speedy) was second handled by Laszlo Kolozsi. Third home was 12.2/1 Gideon H Renka (7g Quick Wood-Ulriek Ravestein-Mondo Joe) with trainer Tibos Hajnal at the lines. Unno del Duomo   Thomas H. Hicks

Bezique Va Bene (9f Diablo Vs Bene-Bezique Hanover-American Winner) was a game front stepping winner of the marathon classic (purse 1,100,000HUf, 4200 meters distance handicap) timed in 1.23.8kr with Imre Dome the driver/trainer. It was her second 2020 victory in 17 starts. The 7.3/1 odds winner defeated last year’s winner Olmo Jet (12g Legendary Lover K-Sienna-Summit Hill) reined by Sandor Varga for trainer Gabor Reischl that was handicapped 80 meters. 10.8/1 ArunChupa (4g Calypso Capar-Norah Jones-Zador) was third for Andrea Nagyvary. The race record remained with the 2012 winner Nikki (by Tony Oaks) timed in 1.20.8kr over 4300 meters. On the undercard was the Oroshaza Varos Memorial (purse 665,000HUf, 1800 meters autostart) and the 1.19.7kr timed victory went to 1.1/1 Zolta (5m Naglo-Gaqzza Jet-Supergill) for trainer/driver Veljko Mazsity. He won for the fifth time in 20 starts this year. 4.6/1 Gigant Wings and 4.6/1 Unika Vik took second and third. The upcoming Saturday will showcase the Menese DIJ (2,000,000Huf purse, 3160 meters distance handicap) and the Dr. Tibor Papp Memorial (1,200,000Huf purse, 1800 meters autostart). Kincsem Park files/photo   Thomas H. Hicks

Zitti Tutti (5f Napoleon-Isola d’Arno-Coktail Jety) took Saturday’s Kincsem Park featured Lucky Luke DIJ (purse 700,000Huf, 2560 meters distance handicap) timed in 1.21.1kr. Trainer Veljko Mazsity teamed this 1.4/1 harness racing favorite to his eighth 2020 win in 11 starts. 2.4/1 Zona (5f Offenbach Bigi) was a closing second for trainer Emil Csordas and 9/1 Zapato (5m Frullino Jet) overcame a 20-meter handicap to be third for Tibor Hajnal. Last week (November 28) there were three top level trots on the Budapest card The Adai DJI (purse 700,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) went to 1.18.9kr timed Ujrazz! (7m Maximus Lindy) for Lazslo Kolozsi, his first victory of the year. He was off at 1.4/1 odds and defeated 7.4/1 Urania RG (7f Racino) and 7.4/1 Unika Vik (7f Cantab Hall). Alfa Boy The Szabadkai DJI (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) saw 1.4/1 Amy del Duomo (4f Daguet Rapide-Lily del Duomo-Muscles Yankee) score in 1.15.3kr for trainer/driver Vladimir Pribic. This was her second 2020 win in Hungary from three appearances. 1.9/1 Uno del Duomo (7m Ganymede) was second for Goran Zolnaji ahead of 23/1 Alexander UR (6g Infinitif) and reinsman Sandor Varga. Fourth was 15/1 Sirol Axe (9g Express Road) for Milan Tasic. Amy del Duomo The featured Oszi Kiserleti (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) went to 1.17.8kr timed and 20-meter handicapped Alfa Boy (4m Racino-Chippychip GT-Defi d’Aunou). Csaba Lakatos teamed the 6.5/1 Alfa Boy to this third victory in nine 2020 starts. Adriana Asti (4f Frullino Jet-Carmen Diaz-Baltic Speed), last year’s winner of this race, was second at 1.7/1 odds, she too facing a 20-meter handicap. 3.6/1 odds and 40-meter handicapped Zseneroz (5f SJs Photo-Hitelezo-Witsends Speedy) was third for Andor Angyal. The speed record for this classic race is co-held at 1.16.8kr by Nana (4f Tony Oaks) in 2011 with Imre Fazekas up, over 1980 meters, and Lester (14m Gridiron Lad) over 2000 meters in 2010 for reinsman Joze Sagaj. Ujrazz! Kincsem Park files/photos   Thomas H. Hicks

The Saturday Kincsem Park featured Diamond River DIJ (purse 700,000HUf, 1800 meters autostart) saw 1.7/1 Zolta (5m Naglo-Gazza Jet-Supergill) core for Veljko Mazsity clocked in 1.19.8kr, his fourth harness racing victory of 2020 in eight appearances. Trancsen (8m Ata Star L-Eperjes-Witsends Speedy) was second for Istvan Papp with third going to Zapato (5m Frullino Jet-Diatemas PL-Friendly Face) and teamster Tibor Hajnal. On the undercard was the Good Love River DIJ (purse 500,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and the 1.2/1 youngster Bolide Laksmy (3m Conway Hall-Nine di Jesolo-Supergill) scored in 1.18.9kr for Veljko Mazsity. This was the winner’s third 2020 victory in seven starts. Be Happy (3m Com Muscle-Keep Smiling-Valley Guardian) was next for Lajos Marton, and third was Antonia Schwin (4f Belami-Mellby Schwin-Supergill) with Sandor Varga aboard. Bolide Laksmy   Thomas H. Hicks

Atomanti M (4m Cigar Dan-Step by Step-Allison Hollow), off at 11.5/1 odds, took the prestigious 106th edition of the Magyar UgetoDerby at Kincsem Park for purse of 10,000,000Huf. Timed in 1.21.7kr over 2500 meters repulostart (no gate) the winner secured his fifth 2020 harness racing victory in seven outings for trainer/driver Goran Zolnaji. The 1.4/1 favorite Adriana Asti (4f Frullino Jet-Cameron Diaz-Baltic Speed) was second for trainer/driver Veljko Mazsity. 4/1 Alfa Boy (4m Racino-Chippychip GT-Defi d’Aunou) was third with Csaba Lakatos and trainer Tibor Hajnal. Fourth was 13.5/1 Ann Bella M (4f Cigar Dan-Melhana Serey-Malhana Sascha) handled today by Imre Fazekas. Atomanti M   repulostart in Derby The undercard was a good one too with four events offering each a purse of over 1Huf million. The Daniel Bisbac Memorial (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1,800 meters repulostart) saw 8.9/1 Maugli (4f El Nino-Manisha Vita-Zerberus) score in 1.15.6kr with Janko Sagaj up for Joze Sahaj of Slovenia. 8.7/1 Timoteo (8m Abano As-Ghirlandia Aas-Diamoind Way) was next for Veljko Mazsity, with third to the 1.2/1 favorite Adonis CG (6g Igor Font-Ryder Cup OK-Dream Vacation) for Thorsten Tietz. Maugli drone shot The Grof Esterhqzy Miklos Moris Memorial (purse 1,800,000Huf, 1800 meters repulostart) went to 1.16.6kr timed and 2.1/1 favorite Borotka (3f Illetmeny-Night Lady-Tony Oaks). Tibor Hajnal teamed the some 20 plus lengths winner to her fourth victory in seven 2020 appearances. Her dam Night Lady was a great filly too. 3.2/1 Bazsiville (3g Calypso Capar-Izaville-Endless Sands) was a distant second with Imre Fazekas up. Third home was 12/1 Bene (3m Bay Mink-JS Penelope-Pietro Pan) with Sandor Varga up for Ivan Mukity of Serbia. Borotka by many lengths Zona (5f Offenbach Bigi-Kama-Valley Guardian) then captured the Pannonia DIJ (purse 1,800,000Huf, 1800 meters repulostart) in a driving finish timed in 1.17.4kr with trainer Emil Csordas aboard. Zona was off at 10.7/1 odds and recorded her second 2020 win in five starts. 1.3/1 Zseneroz (5f SJs Photo-Hitelszo-Witsends Speedy) held second for reinsman Mitja Slavic and trainer Zoltan Ozvar. Third was 4.3/1 Villam Ville (6g Beissinger Hanover-Izaville-Endless Sands) handled by Goran Zolnaji, Zona The Jozsef Sinka Memorial (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1800 meters repulostart) completed our undercard coverage and this race went to 2.1/1 odds Unno del Duomo (7m Ganymede-Irma del Duomo-Lemon Dra) with trainer Goran Zolnaji at the lines. This was his first start in Hungary and he was timed in 1.14.6kr after last victorious in 1.11.8kr on July 5th in Montegiorgio. The 2.3/1 River Flow (4m Baltimore As-Amabelle As-Pablo As) was second with Thorsten Tietz aboard for owner Robert Gramuller of Germany. 5/1 Take Me Home (8g Lets Go-Mystic Angel-Broadway Hall) was third handled by Joze Sagaj tor trainer Zvonko Osterc of SLO. Unno del Duomo A great day of racing in great weather completed Derby 106. Congrats to the horsemen for achieving superb starts without the mobile.   Kincsem Park files/photos Thomas H. Hicks

June 20, 2020 - Longines (6 Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song-Valley Victor) took today’s featured Mount DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) clocked in 1.16.3kr with a gate to wire journey engineered by harness racing driver Gyorgy Horvath. Imre Fazekas trains Longines that now has a 16-2-0 slate in 18 career starts. Unika Vik (7f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) was second for Goran Zolnaji and Urzulina (7f Maximus Lindy) took third reined by Tibor Hajnal. Longines by four lengths Gyorgy Horvath Earlier pilot Andrea Fazekas won a pair, first with Tifany V (3f Oceano d’Elite-Tweety V) clocked in 1.19.6kr and then with Lingot AT (5n Jasmin d’Odyssee-Likviditus-Gills Victory) in 1.19.7kr. Quite a day for the Fazekas/Horvath family team. Kincsem Park June 20 Program link follows”   Thomas H. Hicks    

Two classic races were on stage this harness racing day beginning with the Laszlo Ferge Memorial (purse 1,800,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap, thee year olds). Here the 4.5/1 odds Borutka (3f Illetmeny-Night Lady-Tony Oaks) scored in 1.18.4kr, a new stake record, with Tibor Hajnal up. The previous record was 1.18.8kr set in 2018 by Zapato. The winner recorded her second 2020 win in four starts. Her dam, Night Lady, won the Janos Brody Memorial in 2012 clocked in 1.16.5kr and sire Illetmeny, by Valley Guardian, was an exceptional trotter. Berill Lady (3f Maximus Lindy-Nikkel Lady-Tony Oaks) took second for Sandor Varga and Buszi (3f The Lindy Reserve-Jarulek-Valley Guardian) was third. . Borutka  The co-featured Janos Brody Memorial (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) saw 1.2/1 odds Vital RG (6m SJs Photo-Vitesse OR-Indro Park) score on the front timed in 1.18.5kr. Tibor Hajnal trains and drove the winner for Aquadrom and Napsugar. The 20 meter handicapped and 39.8/1 outsider Ujrazal! (7m Maximus Lindy) was second for Lazslo Kolozsi with third to 20 meter handicapped and 13/1 Alexander UR (6g Infinitif-Hoity Toity Face-Egon Lavec) for Ferenc Nagy III. The race record was established in 2016 with Wiss Shadow’s 1.15.9kr victory. Vital RG Our coverage this day was completed with the Jungfrau DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and 3.3/1 Aronville (4g Calypso Capar-Saraville-What A Man) was the front end winner timed in 1.16.1kr. He was making his first 2020 start and held gamely for the victory under urging of trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. 3/2 favorite Zolta (5m Naglo-Gazza Jet-Supergill) rallied for second with trainer Veljko Mazsity up. Third was 10.6/1 Zanebono (5m Frullino Jet-Corolla Jet-Park Avenue Joe) for Branislav Mukity. Aronville Thomas H. Hicks

May 30, 2020 - 17/1 Unika Vik (7f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) rallied late for Andor Angyal to win the Rothschild Hajgard DIJ (purse 500,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park, clocked in 1.16.7kr. Longines (6f Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song-Valley Victor) set the pace and held for second with Andrea Fazekas aboard. This mare was beaten for only the second time in her career and now has a 15-2-0 slate in 17 starts, this race being her first 2020 appearance. She was off as the 1.8/1 second choice. Third home was the 1.5/1 and previously unbeaten Pan Globe Jayce (6f Muscles Yankee-Impala Jaycee-Othello Vivant) with Goran Zolnaji up. The featured Viragos DIJ (purse 522.000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) saw Vital RG (6m SJs Photo-Vitesse OR-Indro Park) score in 1.17.7kr for trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal in a race marred by several breakers. Thomas H. Hicks

May 23, 2020 - Trotting action returned on May 23 (Saturday) at Kincsem Park with a competitive 12 race harness racing program. The featured Lajos Matucza Memorial (600,000Huf purse, 1960 meters distance handicap) went to the 1.1/1 odds favorite Zeal di Girifalco (5m Igor Font-Inviata d’Italia-Varenne) clocked in 1.17.2kr for his pilot amd trainer Veljko Mazsity. This was his 17th career win in 20 starts and his first in 2020 following an eight for 10 slate last year. He overcame a 20-meter handicap as he rallied to victory over another 20 meter handicapped performer, Milady Amok (7f Scarlet Knight) with Csaba Lakatos up. Third to the line was Unika Vik (7f Cantab Hall) for Goran Zolnaji. Zeal di Girifalco Earlier in the program were two events for three-year olds each raced over 1800 meters autostart and each for a 400,000Huf purse. The first went to 3/2 favorite Bolide Lakamy (3m Conway Hall-Nina di Jesolo-Supergill) with trainer Veljko Mazsity at the lines, his first 2020 victory in two outings. Race time was 1.19.9kr with the Berill Lady (3f Maximus Lindy) and Bombay (3m Vanito) next home. The second division saw 5.9/1 Borutica (3f Illetmeny-Night Lady-Tony Oaks) score for Hico and trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal clocked in 1.20.9kr. This was her first career victory and results from a fine pedigree. Bonaparte Boss (3g Napoleon) and Beautiful Yankee BD (3f Yankee Mustang) trailed the winner. The schedule has been released for major races in June and July. June 13 will be the date for the Janos Brody Memorial and Laszlo Ferge Memorial, both usually high class races. Thomas H. Hicks    

March 17, 2020 - Saturday’s Jatozi DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) saw 10.7/1 Aurora (4f Frullino Jet-Lezer-Baltic Bet) rally from far back after a second tier start to win this harness racing event timed in 1.19.6kr. Gyorgy Horvath teamed this winner for trainer Imre Fazekas to her second career victory. 6.7/1 Agnella (4f Maximus Lindy-Diatomea PL-Friendly Face) held second for Balazs Juhasz and 53.7/1 Zarkozz! (5f Racino-Gyorsuj!-Witsends Speedy) took the third purse check. Aurora The featured race of the day was the Joker DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) and the 1.19.6kr clocked winner was 2.1/1 Zolta (5m Naglo-Gazza Jet-Supergill) with trainer Veljko Maszity. The 20 meter handicapped and 14.4/1 Kings Call (7g SJs Photo-Marina Emre-Adams Hall) was second for Emese Vezer and 10.9/1 Lingot AT (5m Jasmin d’Odyssee) took third for Balazs Juhasz. Zolta Kincsem Park subsequently announced that it will not host live racing until further notice. This day was the 146th birthday of the birth of national icon Kincsem, and also the 133rd anniversary of her death. Considered one of the best thoroughbred ever, Kincsem won 54 times in as many times over various distances and weights and died after having five winning performers. Her statue is presented at entry to Kincsem Park. Thomas H. Hicks

November 23, 2019 - The 4.6/1 odds Milady Amok (6f Scarlet Knight-Balett Amok-Defi d’Aunou) took the Saturday harness racing featured Coktail Jet SIJ (purse 600,000Huf 1960 meters distance handicap) timed in 1.18.9kr after overcoming a 40-meter handicap. Csaba Lakatos teamed the winner. The 40-meter penalized Milliondollar Lux (13m Ganymede-Dadaumpa Jet-Supergill) was second for Emese Veser at 5.1/1 and 2.5/1 Unique Vil (6m Conway Hall-Deborah H-Park Avenue Joe) overcame a 20-meter penalty to be third, with Roland Balogh aboard. Earlier in the card 10.3/1 odds Blue Moon (2m Calypso Capar-Norah Jones-Zador) took a two-year old event timed in 1.22.3kr over 1800 meters for a 400,000Huf purse. Andrea Nagyvary teamed the first-time winner in four starts that Imre Fazekas trains. Blue Moon Thomas H. Hicks  

November 9, 2019 - 3/1 odds Nileo (8m Jillis Joker-Ciessa-Diamond Way) reined by harness racing trainer Imre Fazekas took the Kincsem Park featured Szabadkai DIJ (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) timed in 1.18.9kr over a rain-soaked course. Heinz Beck bred the Stall Druf horse that recorded his 19th win in 48 starts to go with 22 placings. Staring from post six, Fazekas took Nileo promptly to the front and he drew off in the final bend on way to an easy and impressive score. The handsome Nileo bested the 1.9/1 favorite Uran Lady (6f Maximus Lindy-Vas Lady) teamed by Veljko Mazsity and 6.9/1 Grumetti (11g Varenne-Tahora-Pine Chip) with Dejan Katanic up. The undercard included the Adai DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and 74/1 Vital RG (5m SJs Photo-Vitesse OK) with Tibor Hajnal up for trainer Csaba Lakatos. Unika Vik (6f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) was second at 3.1/1 with Andor Angyal aboard. 35/1 Timoko RK (6m Doctor Sugar RL) took third for Robert Varhidi. Nileo reined by trainer Imre Fazekas  Thomas H. Hicks  

September 28, 2019 - Saturday’s harness racing action at Kincsem Park featured the Idomero DIJ and the 13th annual Ugeto Yearling Sale.   The sale saw 17 yearlings presented with 11 sold for an average of 2,231,000Huf (USD $7,273).   The three sale toppers were all consigned and raised by Kabala Menes Kft.:   Hip 9, Classic Boy (m, Zola Boko-Elegant Lady), 4,350,000HUf   Hip 17, Csipkedd Magad! (m, Maximus Lindy-Gyorgulj!), 3,600,000Huf   Hip 15, Compact Boy (m, Oreicchietti-Titan Lady), 2,500,000Huf   The racing program began with two years contesting the Ketevesek Versenye (400,000Huf purse, 1800 meters autostart) and 1.6/1 Bazsiville (2g Calypso Capar-Izaville-Endless Sands) scored from post four for Andrea Fazekas and trainer Imre Fazekas.    She is now unbeaten in two outings with this 1.19.9kr timed score.   2.3/1 Brom Lady (2f Maximus Lindy) and 1.8/1 Blondina (2f Smok’n Lantern) were next to the line.   Bazsiville   The Evi Amator Kupa (400,000Huf purse, 1900 meters autostart) drew a fine group of amateur drivers and victory went to 3.5/1 Unika Vik (6f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) clocked in 1.18.6kr and paired with Andrea Fazekas.   Goran Zolnaji traines the winner that was outfitted with trotting hopples.   13.5/1 Szachajin with Zoltan Gyolai up and 1.6/1 favorite Uptown Boy M reined by Valentin Miskolcsik trailed the winner. Unika Vik   The featured Idomero DIJ (600,000Huf purse, 2400 meters autostart) saw 5.1/1 Rocky HR (7m Roc de Montfort-Times-SJs Photo) score in 18.7kr for trainer/driver Balazs Juhasz to improve his 2019 sale to two wins and nine placings.   6/1 odds Disney HR (6f Light Up de Vonnas-Times-SJs Photo) was second with Andrea Fazekas up for trainer Juhasz.   Third was 3.6/1 Auron Ville (3g Calypso Capar-Izaville-Endless Sands) handled by Gyorgy Horvath for trainer Imre Fazekas.   Rocky HR   Thomas H. Hicks  

Zanebono (4m Frullino Jet-Carolla Jet-Park Avenue Joe) took Saturday’s harness racing Lucky Luke DIJ at Kincsem Park (purse 600,000HUf, 1960 meters distance handicap).   Branislav Mukity trains and reined the 1.18.3kr timed winner that was off at 4/1 odds. He was bred by Kabala Menes Kft.1.3/1 Unika Vik (6f Cantab Hall) was second with Andor Angyal aboard and 5.3/1 White Lady (5f Toss Out) was third overcoming a 20 meter penalty.   On the undercard was the Nyeretlen Ketevesek (two year olds, 400,000Huf purse, 1800 meters autostart) and 2.1/1 Brom Lady (2f Maximus Lindy-Titan Lady-Ata Star L) scored for trainer/driver Balazs Juhasz aboard.   Kabala Menes bred this winner as well.   Thomas H. Hicks

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