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March 24, 2017 - 5/2 odds Bon Copine (6f Love You-Joie Baroque) took today’s Quinte+ Prix Maia (purse €52,000,, 2850 meters, 18 starters) timed in 1.1.2kr and driven by J-M Bazire. Thierry Raffegeau trains the winner for J-Y Roze. 36/1 Agrippa Mesloise (7f Jasmin de Flore-Jessie Mesloise) was second for Pierre Belloche, also the trainer. 4.8/1 Brunes des Forges (6f Rolling d’Heripre-Salsa d’Orgeres) was third for David Thomain and trainer Sebastien Guarato. The program’s €43,000 Prix Anceladus (2850 meters, 16 starters) went to 1.13.9kr clocked and 18.5/1 odds Cryriel d’Atom (5g Otello Pierji-Oliga d’Atom) for Pierre Vercruysse, the pilot for breeder/owner/trainer Aime de Graeve. 13.2/1 Choriste du Trio (5g Roc Meslois-Klameur du Trio) was next for Franck Ouvrie and third was 29.4/1 Chemsak Vedaquais (5f Coktail Jet-Jupilles) reined by Dominik Locqueneux for trainer Robert Bergh. At Ebreichsdork Austria the featured Grand Prix de Magna Racino (purse €8,500, 1640 meters autostart, 11 starters) went to 1.15kr timed and 2.4/1 odds Wild Viking (9g Mandarino Blue-Lucie Justive) reined by Rudolf Haller, also trainer for Stall Weiserhof. 9.2/1 Attrape Moi (10m Orlando Vici-Make My Pay Day) was home second for trainer/driver Wolfgang Ruth. Third was 18/1 Super Toft (8g Dream Vacation-Tas Shamrock) for trainer/driver Gerhard Mayr. Thomas H. Hicks

February 25, 2017 - Rafolo (9g Love You-Farola) won the harness racing  featured Prix de Grobois (purse €28,000, 2750 meters autostart, European eligibles) at 3.2/1 odds at Toulouse. Dominik Locqueneux teamed the barefoot Robert Bergh trainee that is owned by J.O. Jensen. The 1/2 odds favorite Very Very Fast (8g Quaro-Nocturne de Bresse) was second for trainer/driver Benjamin Goetz. 36/1 Un Reve d’Haufor (9g Jasmin de Flore-Jolie Haufor) took third for trainer/driver M.X. Charlot. At Cagnes-sur-Mer the featured Prix Mimizan (monte, purse €70,000, 16 European starters, 2250 meters) went to 13.2/1 Vinci Pierji (8g Meaulnes du Corta-Intaille) with trainer Matthieu Abrivard in the irons. Cyril Sevestre owns the winner was clocked in 1.13kr. 23/1 Vittorio de Carly (8g Quaro-Gamine des Sarts) was second for Guillaume Martin and trainer Arnaud Desmottes. 7.9/1 Radieux (7g Love You-Dordogne) was third for Cedrik Terry and trainer/owner Lutfi Kolgjini. Thomas H. Hicks

January 9, 2017 - 2.7/1 Voice Dream (8f Love You-Lovely de Paris), with J-M Bazire driving, took today’s harness racing Quinte+ Prix de l’Aveyron (purse €65,000, 2850 meters, 18 starters) at Paris-Vincennes. Timed in 1.15.3kr, the winner, trained by Ph. Billard for owner/breeder David Berchetrit, bested 4.9/1 Vahine de Felliere (8f Jasmin de Flore-Orista Jet) with Antoine Wiels the pilot for owner/trainer J-P Marmion. 6.6/1 Azela des Pleignes was third. The Prix Christelle Zimmer (monte, purse €88,000, 2850 meters, 15 starters with apprentice jockeys) went to 1.14.6kr timed and 14.4/1 odds Ulster Perrine (9m Tenor de Baune-Nana Perrine) for jockey Mme. Charlene Callico and trainer J-M Baudouin. 18.2/1 Vaisseau (8g Le Retour-Nausicaa Sautanne) took second for Gael Gervais, ahead of 12.9/1 Utwo En Live (9g Milord Drill-Eau Proide) with Antoine Dabouis up. 40 trotters have been engaged for Sunday’s Prix de Belgique (Gr. II, purse €120,000), a path to the Prix d’Amerique. This group includes Traders, Call Me Keeper, Charly du Noyer, Propulson, Trebol, Beline Josselyn, Lionel, Bird Parker, Wild Honey, Oasis Bi, Univers de Pan and Up And Quick. Thomas H. Hicks

December 25, 2016 - Belina Josselyn (5f Love You-Lezira Josselyn) won today’s Gr. II Prix Tenor de Baune (purse €120,000, 2700 meters, 11 starters) clocked in 1.13.2kr as the 9/10 harness racing favorite. She earned an Prix d’Amerique invite for the victory teamed by trainer J-M Bazire for breeder/owner Yvan Bernard. 6/1 Bird Parker (5m Ready Cash-Belisha) was second for J-Ph Monclin, trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Elisabeth Allaire. Third was 10.7/1 Bolero Love (5m Love You-Orelady) with Gabriel Gelormini up. 33.5/1 Briac Dark (5m Prince Gede-Queen des Charmes) took fourth for David Thomain and trainer Thierry Duvaldestin but was disqualified and thus fourth placed was 60/1 Brillantissime (5m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victorire) and pilot Pierre Vercruysse for trainer Allaire and breeder/owner Frederic Sauque. The winning Belina Josselyn now has 15 wins in 38 starts for over €776,000 earned.   Thomas H. Hicks

December 20, 2016 - Today’s Quinte+ Prix de la Tremblade (purse €66,000, 2850 meters, 15 European starters) went to a charging Vic du Pommereux (7m Love You-Kubrune) timed in Franck Nivard piloted the Sylvain Roger trainee that is owned by breeder Noel Lolic. The 4.1/1 odds winner bested 17/1 Urus (8g Kiwi-Troika de Mai) and J-M Bazire with third to 4.6/1 Ustov (8g Niky-Oh Maron)  driven by David Thomain, trained by J-P Thomain and owned by breeder Roger Francois Dubois. Shadow Gar (5f Pine Chip-Lady Killer Gar) won the €55,000 purse, 250 meter Prix de Fos Sur Mer at 26.4/1 odds. David Thomain teamed this winner for Italy’s famed trainer/owner Pietro Gubellini timed in 1.15.4kr off even fractions albeit Shadow Gar closed swiftly after 1.16.5kr rate with 500 meters remaining. 2.1/1 Bauloise Haufor (5f Kool du Caux-Hotesse des Pres) was second for Ch.J. Bigeon and breeder/owner/trainer Christian Bigeon. Third went to 7.8/1 Seibella Park (5f Varenne-Grandera Park) with Franck Ouvrie driving for trainer Salvatore Minopoli and owner Team Minopoli. The day’s feature event was the monte Prix Pierre Giffard (purse €85,000, 2850 meters, 12 European starters). 44.7/1 longshot winner was Ursa Major (8f Ganymede-Good Way). P.Ch. Jean was in the irons for trainer St. Provoost and owner Ecurie Danover. 10/1 Tripolla (9f Sancho Panca-Garivane) was a close econd and third went to Frank Nivard ridden Volcan d’Occagnes (7g Quido de Goutier-Hermina Beauces) at 4.8./1 odds. Race time was 1.14.4kr off even fractions, the rate with 500 meter to go was 1.14.9kr. The Prix de Sable Sur Sarthe (purse €46,000, 2100 meters autostart, 18 four year-old starters) went to 1.12.7kr quick-timed and 21.6/1 odds Cherif Griff (4m Orlando Vici-Qualane Griff). Pierre Vercruysse reined the Sebastian Guarato trainee for breeder/owner Ecurie Griff. 19.8/1 Callicot du Vivier (4g Repeat Love-Kalika du Vivier) was second with Yoann Lebourgeois driving for trainer Yves Boireau. Jean-Pierre Dubois owns this one that was bred by legendary Jean-Yves Lucuyer. 16.3/1 Crusoe d’Anama (4g Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree-Jarifa d’Em) was home third for Tony LeBeller and trainer Mme. Aude Lemoine. Thomas H. Hicks

Two year-old fillies began the harness racing action in the Prix des Hortensias (purse €34,000, 2700 meters, 14 starters) with victory to 7/1 Exotic Destination (2f Love You-Quiromartica) with Franck Ouvrie up. Yves Boireau trains the filly for owner/breeder Jean-Pierre Dubois that was timed in 1.17kr. The dam is by Emil Suede-Bomecombe-Jet du Vivier with Emil Suede being by Napoletano from a Florestan mare. 2.8/1 El Si Seulement (2f Goetmals Wood-Si Seulement) was second with Franck Nivard up for trainer Ronny Kuiper and breeder/owner Ecurie D. The dam, a US$152,000 winner, is a daughter of Coktail Jet-La Rouge-Buvetier d’Aunou that produced Red Girl and Violet, both winners of over US$125,000. Third was 60/1 Ebene du Logis (2f Titan d’Occagnes-Jazza Bourbon) with Bjorn Goop driving. Today’s Quinte+ was the Prix de Tourcoing (purse €70,000, 250 meters, 18 starters). The 1.15.1kr timed winner was 3/1 Vison Fromentro (7g Ganymede-Princess Natacha) with Dominik Locqueneux up. Jorgen Westholm trains this one for Ecurie Anders Van Dapperen HB. Second was 15/1 Tema du Bassiere (9f Hulk des Chamos-Kelly de Corday) and third went to 56/1 Tresor d’Egypte (9g Nelson de Vandel-Image Folle) with P-Y Verva aboard for owner/trainer Franck Boismartel. Belle Bauloise (5f Ludo de Castelle-Sweet Pearl) took the monte Prix du Neubourg (purse €80,000m 2700 meters, 14 starters) timed in 1.13.7kr for jockey J. Balu, trainer J.L. Bigeon and breeder/owner Joel Seche. Off at 5.3/1 the Belle bested 1.9/1 favorite Banbina Blue (5f Lucky Blue-Quea Blue) and 13/1 Boardo (5g Niky-Oroadauna) that Alexandre Abrivard piloted. The Prix de Lussac A division (purse €34,000, 2700 meters, 16 starters) went to 1.15.3kr clocked and 2/5 odds favorite Cash And Go with Franck Nivard up. The Sebastian Guarato trainee is owned by Pierre Pilarski. The four year-old stallion was bred by Jean-Etienne Dubois and is a full brother to Bold Eagle, he being by Ready Cash-Reethi Rah Jet. 19/1 Chorus de l’Iton (4g OBrillant-Monre de l’Iton) was second for trainer Hughes Levesque and third was 6/1 Clown de Locq (4g Pitt Cade-Rencontre Inopinee) for driver Franck Ouvrie. Charly de l’Aunay (4g Qualmio de Vandel-Fleur Viniere) at 100/1 took the Prix de Lussac A (purse €34,000, 2700 meters 18 starters)  this day at Vincennes. L.M. David teamed this winner clocked in 1.15.4kr, he also owner/trainer. 1.2/1 favorite Caleo Josselyn (4m Scipion du Goutier-Lezira Josselyn) took second for driver J-M Bazire and trainer Franck Leblanc. 27/1 Cador de Romaz (4g Jasmin de Flore-Perle de Bouliere) was third for Lorenzo Donati, trainer Roberto Donati and breeder/owner Marie Reine Peltier. Thomas H. Hicks

Rania Lest (6f Love You-Superiors Sun-Diamond Way) took the prestigious Gran Premio Royal Mares (purse €45,100, 1600 meters autostart) at Napoli’s harness racing 1000 meter track. Timed in 1.13.1kr this Alessandro Gocciadoro trainee won by a length with her trainer at the lines for her 21st career victory in 58 starts for earnings in excess of €191,000. Her second dam is a Speedy Crown daughter. Terra Dell’Est (4f SJ’s Photo-For Fathalsty-Uronometro) was second for Pietro Gubellini and third was Paris Dany (7f Varenne-Elinor King-Lindy Lane). On Saturday at Palermo’s 1000 meter track, the Gran Premio Mediterraneo (purse €45,100, 1600 meters autostart) went to 1.14.2kr timed Uragano Trebi’ (3g Nad Al Sheba-Istria Bi-Toss Out) with Gaspare LoVerde. The second dam of the winner is Traffic Jam by Speedy Crown. Uma Dany Grif (3f Varenne-Alba Jet-Supergill) was second for G.P. Minnucci and third was Ucci Ucci Play (3m Conway Hall-Yankee Calypso-Lindy Lane). Thomas H. Hicks  

Today’s Prix des Gardenias (two year-olds, purse €33,000. 2100 meters autostart) went to 9/10 favorite Estella Love (2f Love You-Shucca) and driver Franck Ouvrie. Yves Boireau trains this filly for owner Jean-Pierre Dubois and breeder Ecurie Dream With Me. The open-lengths winner was timed in 1.15.1kr in the defeat of 5.8/1 Extasia Bella (2f Prodigious-Rare Perle) driven by Alexandre Abrivard for owner/trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. Third was 14.5/1 Eternity du Belver (2f Coktail Jet-Sindy de la Noe) reined by A.A. Barassin and trainer Robert Chauvin. The winners’ dam Shucca (Goetmals Wood-Hucca-Kimberland) was a US$226,000 winner. The day’s Quinte+ Prix des Pyrenees (purse €50,000, 2850 meters,14 European starters) went to 1.14.3kr timed and 1.2/1 odds Acefor de Mire (6g Notre Haufor-Hilda Dry). Christian Bigeon reined his trainee for owner A.F. Bigeon. 5.6/1 Diamond (6g Classic Photo-Gala dei Bessi) was a close second for driver Robin Bakker, trainer Paul Hagoort and Holland’s Ecurie Mille Fleurs. 40/1 Panoramic (6g Scarlet Knight-Cartolina Spin) was third for trainer/driver Ch.C. Degiorgio and owners M&G Scicluna (Malta). The 3/5 favorite Dear Lover (3m Love You-Luna du Goutier), a striking chestnut, won the Prix de Quincy Sous Denary (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, 15 starters) timed in 1.16.4kr. Eric Raffin teamed the Sebastian Guarato trainee for Scuderia Bivans SRL. 16/1 Derby du Dollar (3m Rodrigo Jet-Magalie du Dollar) was a rallying second for trainer/driver Sylvain Roger and 20/1 Darling Atout (3m Timoko-Opaline d’Atout) was third for driver Mathieu Abrivard and trainer J.L. Dersoir. Three year old fillies contested the Prix de la Ferte-Vidame A (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, 13 starters) with the 1.17kr victory earned by 5.6/1 Diane d’Haufor (3f Paris Haufor-Diane des Essarts). Breeder/owner/trainer Christian Bigeon was the teamster. Danae de la Frette (3f Quaro-Queen de la Frette) was second with Mathieu Mottier up for trainer Franck Leblanc and third went to Daisy Team (3f Timoko-Daisy Chain) for owner/trainer/driver Julian Dubois. Ecurie D bred this one. Her dam Daisy Chain (Speedy Somolli-Kravotte) produced US$1.14 million winner Kaisy Dream and also Orsy Dream and Paisy Dream, all useful stallions. Thomas H. Hicks  

November 1, 2016 - The impressive Unicka (3f Love You-Bachar-Armbro Goal-Drona-Granit-Elamy-Pro Hanover) won her Mangelli elimination and final, both easily, today for harness racing driver Pietro Gubellini and trainer Erik Bondo. In the final she scored easily timed in 1.12.2kr (1:56.07 mile rate), drawing off at top of the stretch to secure the Gran Premio Paolo E. Orsi Mangelli (purse €220,000, distance 1650 meters autostart over the 1050 meter track in Milano). Uncorno SLM (3m Love You-CL Brightness-King Conch-Armbro Brilliance-Dream of Glory-Armbro Regina) was second for Robert Vecchione after being second in his elimination. Third was Ubertino Grif (3m Libessio Grif-Nebraska Grif-Varenne) with Alessandro Gocciador up. Norway’s Phantasm SOA (3m Cromwell-Uiver H-Uxer LB) ended fourth for Bjorn Goop after a pocket journey and fifth was Uma Francis (3f Exploy Caf-Fashion Dei Sogni-Lemon Dra) for Enrico Bellei. As stated, Unicka (below photo) took the first elimination timed in 1.11.5kr (1:55.04 mile rate) by six lengths for Gubellini. Unicorno SLM was second for Vecchione and Netherland’s Blackhawk (3m Dream Vacation-Elegante Frokjar) took third for reinsman Robin Bakker, and trainer Arnold J. Mollema. Unicka Elimination two went to 1.13.6kr (1:58.42 mile rate) timed Diamanten (3m Adrian Chip-Iata Kall-Ata Star L) for Dominik Locqueneux (shown below). Two lengths back was Urali OP (3m SJ’s Photo-Maya del Ronco-Toss Out) and third was Uma Francis (3f Explot Caf-Fashion dei Sogni-Lemon Dra) for Enrico Bellei. The Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli Filly (purse €66,000, 1650 meters autostart) went to 1.13.2kr (1:57.78 mile rate) timed Ultra Light (3f Gruccione Jet-Olera Luis-Bon Vivant) for Mario Minopoli Jr. Four lengths back was Ugolinast (3f Civil Action-Gast-Piccardo) ahead of Uttramar Bi (3f Equinox Bi-Guidara As-Lemon Dra) for Bjorn Goop. Unica Donna was fifth after an outside battle and pacesetter Unison Kronos ended unplaced. Thomas H. HIcks  

Impressive in victory at Roma Capannelle in the 89th Derby Italiano de Trotto (purse €770,000, 2100 meters autostart) was 1.12.2kr (1:56.17 mile rate) timed (a Derby record) Unicka (3f Love You-Bachar-Armbro Goal) with harness racing driver Pietro Gubellini up. The grand chestnut filly drew off from second finishing Usque DL (3m Equinox Bi-Gritta BI-Buvetier d’Aunou) with Vincenzo Luongo aboard and third placed Uma Francis (3f Explot Caf-Fashion Dei Sogni-Lemon Dra) with Enrico Bellei teaming. Erik Bondo trains the winner (now with 11 wins in 13 starts) for Scuderia Wave, and her second dam Drora is a daughter of Granit (Ayres-Roquepine) The co-featured Premio Oaks del Trotto (purse €220,000, 1640 meters autostart) went to fast-closing UET Wise As (3f Daguet Rapide-Garden Variety-Tagliabue) clocked in 1.12.3kr (mile rate 1:56.33) with Federico Esposito at the lines. She recorded career win eight in 15 outings. Unica Donna (3f Donato Hanover-Hangone-Workaholic was second for Enrico Bellei and breeder/owner J-P Dubois with third to Unison Kronos (3f Donato Hanover-Zagabrei Dei-Victory Dream) with Roberto Andreghetti the reinsman. Unison Kronos is a half-sister to Lisa America. The top three broodmares are a top bunch also. Garden Variety produced In Wise As, Mind Wise As and Swan Wise As, all winner of more than US$156,000. Hangone is dam of Daguet Rapide US$1,777,359 and Poker Dream and Quatre Juillet US$371,991. Zagabria Dei produced aforementioned Lisa America US$1,570,116 plus the US$180,000 and up winners OK America, Radysin America and Guida America. On the Roma Capannelle program was the Premio Turilli UET Masters (purse €187,000, 2100 meters autostart) with the 1.12.1kr timed victory to Tesoro Degli Dei (4m Igor Font-Isabella Dei-Pine Chip) with V.P. Dell’Annunziata up. Radiofreccia FI (6f Ganymede-Castilia-Lemon Dra) was second for Enrico Bellei and third went to veteran Pascia’Lest (7m Varenne-Superiors Sun-Diamond Way). The Derby Consolation (purse €45,100, 2100 meters autostart) went to 1.14.4kr timed UFO Robot HP (3m Varenne-Lili-Coktail Jet) with E.A. Maiosto driving. Uragano Star (3m Gruccione Jet-Gilda Luis-Lemon Dra) was second and Up Right Bi (3m Equinox Bi-Up Front JM-Self Possessed) was third for Maurizio Biasuzzi. The mare Up Front JM is also dam of Oasis Bi US$1,590,748 and Robert Bi US$864,575. Oasis Bi starts in the International at Yonkers the coming weekend. The Oaks Consolation (purse €25,300, 1640 meters autostart) went to 1.13.3kr timed Ultramar Bi (3f Equinox Bi-Guidara As-Lemon Dra) for Robert Andreghetti. Una Bella Gar (3f SJ’s Photo-Georgette Gar-Lemon Dra) took second ahead of Ugolinact (3f Civil Action-Gast-Picardo). Also on the card was the Premio Aste ITS (purse €20,900, 1640 meters autostart, invitational) that produced a quick 1.11.3kr (mile rate 1:54.72) five-length victory for Santo Mollo driven Pace del Rio (7m Varenne-Urban d’Asolo-Ata Star L). Three elims of the Premio Anact (each for €10,450 purse and raced over 1640 meters, two year-olds). The first elim went to 4/4 undefeated Von Wise As (2m Muscle Massive-Desert Flower K-Sierra Kosmos) for Alessandro Gocciadoro clocked in 1.14.4kr. Vaprio (2m Adrian Chip-Namiba-Cantab Hall) was second for Enrico Bellei ahead of Videole FAS (2m Ideale Luis-Leda SF-Toss Out). The second elim went to Varden Baba (3m From Above-Nanta Baba-Varenne) timed in 1.15.7kr for driver M. Pistone. Very Much MMG (2f Ganymede-Ethel Blak-Indro Park) was second and third was Vitesse Mabel (2m Ideale Luis-Noble As-SJ’s Photo).  Elim three went another 4/4 undefeated winner, this one Vanguardia (3f Goetmals Wood-Garganta-Tarass Boulba) timed in 1.15.2kr for Alessandro Gocciadoro. Vale Capar (2f Conway Hall-Madame Capar-Supergill) was second and Vogue Bi (2f Ganymede-Ida Grandi-Toss Out) was third. Note that sire Ideal Luis is a son of Lemon Dra that won at age three the Grand Premio Italia and Grand Premio Tito Giovanandi. Gocciadoro also won two days prior at Milano in the Premio Dominique (purse €14,350) with Vera Wise As (2f Muscle Massive-Pushover Hanover-Andover Hall) timed in 1.14.2kr. Viola Grif (2f Algiers Hall-Perla Nera Grif-Varenne) was second for Man. Matteini ahead of Violetta Holz (2f Nad Al Sheba-Obetti Holz-Varenne) for Roberto Vecchione. Thomas H. Hicks

Bolero Love (5m Love You-Orelady) was the 3.7/1 upset harness racing winner of the Gr. I Prix de L’Etoile at Vincennes (€240,000 purse, 2200 meters, 10 starters) clocked in 1.10.4kr for teamster Gabriel Gelormini. Racing barefoot this Sebastian Guarato trainee (bred by Ecurie D) defeated 7/10 favorite Django Riff (3m Ready Cash-Rasta Perrine) and Yoann Lebourgeois. This Philippe Allaire trainee was bred and is owned by Elisabeth Allaire. 6.1/1 Dollar Macker (3m Saxo de Vandel-Salt Lake City), another Allaire trainee, was third for J-Ph Monclin and owner Olivier Henri Thomas. Prix de l'Etoile G1 BOLERO LOVE The excellent Vincennes card also included the €50,000 Prix d’Avallon (2100 meters autostart, 12 European starters) went to 1.11.5kr timed and 11.7/1 odds Seattle Bi (5f Equinox Bi-Las Vegas Bi). Roberto Andreghetti teamed the Alessandro Gocciadoro trainee owned by Scuderia Dielle. 22/1 Blue Sky (5f Opium-Loumana Flor) took second for Pierre Levesque (trainer Thomas Levesque) and third was 123/1 Baileyse (5f Opus Viervil-Lance de Fourches) with Alexis Garandeau up for breeder/trainer Christian Douillet. Thomas H. Hicks

Today’s Paris-Vincennes high-class harness racing program was conducted before a large crowd and sunny skies. Five Groupe event showcased great racing that featured the Gr. II International Prix d’Ete. The program is covered below. Today’s featured Gr. II International Prix d’Ete (purse €200,000, 2700 meters, 10 starters less one scratch) went to the impressive mare Belina Josselyn (5f Love You-Lezira Josselyn) at 1.4/1 for trainer/driver Jean-Michel Bazire and breeder/owner Yvan Bernard. She scored in 1.13.1kr off modest fractions to earn her 14th win in 34 career starts, now for €712,230 earned. 46/1 Ave Avis (6m Kesaco Phedo-Magna Avis) was second for Mathieu Abrivard and trainer Bazire. 99/1 Moses Riob (10m Ganymede-Etoile Rob) was third for Roberto Andreghetti. Dante Boko , Univers de Pan, Tiego d’Etang and Bird Parker were next across the line. Baltic Charm and Call Me Keeper were miscue dq’s and Your Highness was scratched. Today’s Prix de Basly (Gr. II monte, purse €120,000, 2175 meters, eight starters) produced an exciting finish to start the Groupe events, with victory to 2.3/1 Dragon du Fresne (3m Saphir Castelets-Rosee des Bois) with Mathieu Abrivard in the irons for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. Timed in 1.13.8kr the pair bested 1.3/1 favorite Dreamer Delo (3m Ready Cash-Reverie d’Ar) with Eric Raffin up for trainer Sebastian Guarato and Scuderia Winner Stable. 52/1 Daily Up (3f Goetmals Wood-Up Lady) took third for Mathieu Mottier and trainer R.Ch. Larue. The winner now has posted €214,510 in career earnings. The Quinte+ Gr. III Prix RMC (purse €75,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) went to 8.2/1 Archangel AM (6g Going Kronos-No More Time) with Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer Lutfi Kolgjini and Stall Behall AB. This 1.13.4kr timed winner bested 7.2/1 Apollon de Kacy (6m Prince Gede-Nefertiti Kids) that was driven/trained and is owned by Jorgen Westholm. 74/1 Winston Sisa (5m ENS Snapshot-Keenness Sisa) was third for Christophe Martens, trainer Marc De Cook and Stall Campus of Belgium. Blue Grass (5f Ready Cash-Princess Natacha) was fourth ahead of Barrio Josselyn (5m Scipion du Goutier-Pika Josselyn). Cash Gamble, Radieux and From Dust To Dawn were in the beaten field. The race winner now has career earnings of €208,950. The Gr. III Prix Joseph Aveline (purse €80,000, 2850 meters, 14 starters) went to the dominant 2/5 odds choice Classic Way (4m Prodigious-Pole Position) with Eric Raffin up for Pierre Pilarski and his trainer Sebastian Guarato. Jean-Philippe Dubois bred the winner that scored in 1.13.7kr by five langths over 13/1 Cupidon du Vivier (4m Love You-Odessa du Vivier). David Thomas teamed this one for trainer/owner/breeder Jean Yves Lucuyer. 12/1 Curly Light (4m Redlight Jet-Orphea de Mouci) took third for J-Ph Monclin. J-P Dubois’ well-bred Calita Wood was a miscue dq. The Prix de Mont Saint Michel (purse €65,000, 2700 meters, 14 European entrants) went to a game 4.5/1 Anzi des Liards (6g Look de Star-Nausscaadu Sud) clocked in 1.13kr for driver Romain Derieux and trainer David Bekaert for Ecurie BKR. 5/2 Arizi Boko (9g Varenne-Laura Kemp) was next for Franck Nivard, Ecurie Pirat and Fabrice Souloy, trainer. 3/2 favorite Romanesque (6m Love You-Guantanamera) ended third for Christophe Martens The Gr. III Prix Emile Wendling (purse €80,000, 2700 meters, 12 European starters) went to Robert Bergh trainee and Ecurie Forspro AB owned Diamanten (3m Adrian Chip-Iata Kall). Off at 7/10 odds the Dominik Locqueneux teamed winner scored easily timed in 1.15.1kr with most of his journey on the front end.  Trainer Bergh races veteran Nahar tonight in Toronto in a Maple Leaf Trot elimination, with Ake Svanstedt to be the pilot. 2.6/1 Doberman (3m Prodigious-Quietude Mesloise) was second for trainer/driver Franck Nivard, ahead of 17/1 United Love (3m Conway Hall-Dolly Kronos) with Eric Raffin at the lines. The finale this day was the €46,000 Prix de Nueil Sur Layon for four year-olds over 2700 meters. 18 horses contested and the result was three-way photo with 35/1 Capital Charm (4g Password-Melly Charm) the winner for Gabriel Gelormini and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Jean-Philippe Dubois bred the winner that scored in 1.13.7kr off even fractions in a furious rally to the line. 8/1 Chocolat du Bourg (4m Nahar de Beval-Malouvia) was second with Franck Nivard up and third was 1.9/1 favorite Cheltenham (4m Baccarat du Pont-Quickly Victory) with Cl. Duvaldestin aboard. Thomas H. Hicks  

To paraphrase the poet Robert Burns, the best laid plans of mice and horse trainers often go awry. Harness racing trainer Frank Antonacci had mapped out a schedule for 2-year-old female trotter Grandma's Moni, but the filly got sick after winning her debut in a sharp 1:55.2 at the Meadowlands Racetrack and the trainer was forced to abandon his early-season plans. She missed two races, but Grandma's Moni is back on track for Thursday's eliminations for the Peaceful Way Stakes at Mohawk. Grandma's Moni is in the first of two Peaceful Way eliminations and is 9-2 on the morning line. She will start from post four with driver Scott Zeron in a nine-horse field. "Plan --- and then plan to have your plan go wrong," Antonacci said with a laugh about Grandma's Moni's early setback to illness. "We made a conscious decision to race her lightly until the fall. We're really not too far off where we wanted to be, but I would have preferred to have another race into her going into this week. "But good horses can overcome, so hopefully she's as good as we think she may be." Bred and owned by the Moni Maker Stable, Grandma's Moni is a daughter of stallion Donato Hanover, the Horse of the Year in 2007, out of the mare All Our Moni. Her second dam is two-time Horse of the Year Moni Maker and she is a full sister to Reigning Moni, who competes in Saturday's Pennsylvania Sire Stakes championship at The Meadows. Antonacci was impressed with Grandma's Moni from the beginning. "She was head and shoulders better than the rest all winter," Antonacci said. "She was the most talented. She's an impressive horse. Hopefully things continue to go well now. Hopefully she's the one we've been waiting for." Grandma's Moni won her first start by 2-1/2 lengths over Crann Tara in a division of the Kindergarten Series for 2-year-old female trotters at the Meadowlands on July 22. Her winning time of 1:55.2 is tied for the eighth fastest among all 2-year-old female trotters this season. The plan was to race Grandma's Moni in the second leg of the Kindergarten Series on Aug. 18 at Vernon and then head to Mohawk for the Sept. 1 Champlain Stakes. Instead, Antonacci decided to skip the Champlain and qualify Grandma's Moni on Aug. 30 at Mohawk. She won in 1:58.1. "We just focused on getting her healthy," Antonacci said. "We qualified her there last week and she felt good and she trained good again over the weekend. Talent-wise, I think she belongs with those other fillies (in the Peaceful Way). Hopefully she'll get a good start back this week and then be primed and ready to go for the final." The Peaceful Way final is Sept. 17 at Mohawk. The top five finishers from each elimination advance to the final. Thats All Moni is the 5-2 morning line favorite in the first Peaceful Way elimination. The Jimmy Takter-trained filly has a win on the Pennsylvania Sire Stakes circuit and finished second to Ariana G in a division of last week's Champlain. Ariana G, undefeated in five career starts, is the 3-5 choice in the second Peaceful Way elim. She also is from the Takter Stable. Antonacci's visit to Mohawk for stakes eliminations is not limited to Grandma's Moni in the Peaceful Way. A day later, the trainer will send out International Moni in the first of two eliminations for the William Wellwood Memorial for 2-year-old male trotters. International Moni is the penultimate foal out of the late Moni Maker. He is by accomplished French sire Love You, whose offspring include 2013 Elitlopp winner Nahar. On Saturday night, Nahar - owned by Daniel and Henrik Sedin of the National Hockey League's Vancouver Canucks - makes his first start in North America in an elimination for the Maple Leaf Trot at Mohawk. Winless in four starts, International Moni is 15-1 on the morning line in his elimination. He also is owned by breeder Moni Maker Stable, which is made up of members of the Antonacci family and David Reid. "He's in tough, but he's a pretty nice horse," Antonacci said. "We expect he will keep improving." Takter-trained Rubio, the winner of a Champlain division last week, is the even-money favorite in the first Wellwood elimination. Rubio, bred by the Antonacci-Reid connected Moni Market Breeders, is a son of stallion Cantab Hall with foreign blood courtesy of his dam, Italienne Girl. Peter Haughton Memorial winner What The Hill, from the stable of trainer Ron Burke, is the 9-5 second choice in that elimination. In the second elimination, Italian-born Victor Gio, by the French star Ready Cash, is the 2-1 favorite for the Takter Stable. "It seems like there are some nice horses, especially this year, coming from that out-crossing," Antonacci said. "It's something that's been working out well for us. It makes it a little more interesting than seeing the same old same old." Ken Weingartner Media Relations Manager Harness Racing Communications A division of the U.S. Trotting Association

Axel (4g Love You-Hioubov Lykke-Buckfinder) impressively secured Saturday’s Danish Trotting Derby over 3000 meters autostart, timed in 1.15.5kr, at Charlottenlund, at 1.7/1. The winner took home 560,000DKK with the victory for elated driver Rene Kjaer (“Mr. Green”) and trainer Karsten Holm. Franck and Preben Sorensen own the winner, now undefeated in six 2016 appearances and with a career slate of 9-1-0 in ten starts. Aron The Baron (4g Vasterbo Prestige-Gossip Gal-SJ’s Caviar) was a game second for Birger Jorgensen and trainer Tomas Malmqvist for Panamera Racing.  Third was Albatros (4g Andover Hall-Sweet As Candy-Smasher) handled by Marc Baek Nielsen. Axel replay The Derby Consolation (50,000DKK to winner, 2000 meters autostart) went to 1.14.4kr timed A Perfect Torkdahl (4g Andover Hall-Moonwalk Shadow-Buvetier d’Aunou) with trainer Steen Juul up. Adam Rush (4g Great Challenger-Jamie Rush-Buckfinder) was second for Nicolaj Andersen and third was Among Hastrup (4m Great Challenger-Ghita Hastrup-King Of The Sea) with Rene Kjaer aboard. The excellent program also showcased aged campaigners in a 100,000DKK first money event over 1600 meters autostart. The quick 1.11.3kr winner was 4.5/1 Gigant Slugger (9g Giganty Neo-Aida Slugger-Yankee Slugger) with Jeppe Juul up for trainer Peter Jensen. O’Grady (10m SJ’s Photo-Dawn Garbo-Smasher) held second after being pacesetter for Birger Jorgensen and trainer Fleming Jenses. Third was the Joakim Lovgren trained and reined Kash’s Cantab (8m Cantab Hall-O’Cala Kash-Overcomer). The Copenhagen Summer Meeting Final for 80,000DKK to the winner over 2000 meters autostart, went to Pense Kloster (5f Olimede-Play Kloster-Jobie Tempest) timed in 1.14.5kr for trainer/driver Peter Untersteiner. Forniu Boko (4g Zola Boko-Vision Boko-Donerail) was second for Christoffer Eriksson and third was Adriano BR (4m Adrian Chip-Bartume-Glass Hanover) with Nicolaj Andersen up. Earlier 12 three year-olds battled for 75,000DKK first prize over 2000 meters. New Lexington (3m Infinitif-Night Owl-Yankee Glide) scored in 1.13kr with Christoffer Eriksson driving for trainer Conrad Lugauer, with third to Blachman (3m The Liquidator-Jlo Monsterbabe-Starchip Entrprise) for Morten Juul. Early career two year-olds went 2000 meters autostart for 50,000DKK first money this day. The 1.15.8kr impressive death seat winner was Summer Wein (2m Weingartner-Angel Nicole-Dahir de Prelong) with Christoffer Eriksson up for trainer Tomas Malmqvist. Cinderella (2f Donato Hanover-Delila Sund-Credit Winner) was second for trainer Gordon Dahl and driver Steen Juul, Third was Speedy Face (2m Joke Face-Feelin Feisty-Yankee Glide) that Adrian Kolgjini teamed for Lutfi Kolgjini. Thomas H. Hicks    

Zongulak (7g Love You-Heartenings Crown) with harness racing driver Christophe Martens up took today’s Grand Prix Dynavena Maisagri at Beaumont de Lomagne. The winner was timed in 1.15.1kr in this event with a purse of €25,000, over 2550 meters with 12 European starters. Vincent Martens trains this one that defeated 9.1/1 Un Roi d’Atout (8g Ganymede-Guinilla) with Damien Bonne up and 23/1 Titan du Lieuvin (9g Gogo-Milady de Paris) with Cedric Terry at the lines. At Carentan the turf specialists were in action in the Prix de Pommeay Busney (purse €32,000m 2850 meters, 16 starters) and 3.1/1 Agathe des Ruettes (6f Hulk des Champs-Mutine des Ruettes) scored for owner/trainer/driver Jean Francois Popot. 14/1 Urkan des Landers (8g Echo-Neva Star) took second ahead of 7/1 Alplove du Rib (6f Opium-Rockeuse du Rib) and teamster J,L,Cl, Dersoir, trainer Joel Hallais and Ecurie Rib. Winning time was 1.19.4kr over the grass course by the shoeless winner. On Saturday at Cagnes sur Mer the Prix Bilto (purse €56,000, 2925 meters, 10 starters) went to 1.15.8kr clocked and 2/5 favorite Dijon (3m Ganymede-Sonate d’Aunou) with trainer Romain Derieux aboard. 18.9/1 Davina du Capre (3f Magnificent Rodney-Quelria du Capre) took second for David Bekaert and 16.5/1 Dauphin du Lot (3m Laetenter Diem-Qualite du Poche) took third for Christophe Martens. Thomas H. Hicks  

Italy’s Romanesque (6m Love You-Guantanamera) took the Quinte+ Enghien featured Prix du Parc des Princes (purse €65,000, 2150 meters, 16 European starters) this day at 1.7/1  odds. Harness racing driver Christophe Martens teamed the Vincent Martens trainee for Stall Campus RPF, clocked in 1.14.9kr. 11/1 Arazi Boko (9g Varenne-Laura Kemp) was second for Franck Nivard, Ecurie Pirat (SWE) and trainer Fabrice Souloy. 6.8/1 Varus du Bocage (7m Paisy Dream-Noria du Bocage) was third with Mathieu Abrivard at the lines. Franck Anne, trainer/driver, and 20/1 Concerto du Ruel (4g Prince Gede-Jacgarandine) recorded a 1.15kr victory in the Prix de Jonquieres (purse €65,000, 2875 meters, 13 starters) at Enghien. The winner bested 26/1 Chicago Blues (4m Prodigious-New Orleans), trained by Thierry Duvaldestin and reined by Ch. Duvaldestin. 6/1 Curly Light (4m Redlight Jet-Orphea de Monci) landed third for driver Franck Nivard. Also at Enghien, the Prix d’Uzes (purse €39,000, 2150 meters autostart, 15 entrants) went to 3.2 favorite Catch One (4m Prodigious-Possession) with Franck Nivard up. The Sebastian Guarato trainee scored in 1.15.4kr for owner Ecurie Victoria Dreams. 11.4/1 Campo Grande took second for Alexandre Abrivard and third was 16/1 Casimir de Survie driven by J-P Maillard. Berlin-Mariendorf had four races this day on the PMU wagering schedule with the Prix d’Enghien (purse €4,500, 1900 meters autostart, eight starters) leading off for victory by 9.4/1 Fantasia Newport (4f Andover Hall-Giant Emotion) with Michael Nimczyk up for owner PS Ter Borgh. The winner’s dam is a sub-1:55 daughter of Giant Victory from Trolley Square by Speedy Somolli, she dam of Hambletonian winner Deweycheatumnhowe.  1/5 favorite Bellevue (4f SJ’s Photo-Belle Arnie) was a narrowly defeated second for trainer/driver Thorsten Tietz and 7.4/1 Dukenightstar VS (6g Look de Star-Vanja Limburgia) took third for reinsman Michael Honeman and owner/trainer Jens Niklas. Mariendorf’s Prix de Cabourg, over 1900 meters autostart, drew eight starters for the €4,500 purse. The 0.5/1 favorite Lighten Up Today (6g Love You-Celebrate Light) scored clocked in 1.14.4kr for Michael Nimczyk. Mr Smith held second for Gerhard Mayr. Thomas H. Hicks

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