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May 24, 2017 - Charles J. Bigeon teamed 1.4/1 favorite Afghan Barbes (7g Meaulnes du Corta-Nuance) to victory in today’s fifth leg of Gr. III Grand National du Trot Pars-Turf, this day held at Le Croise Laroche. 17 upper level trotters battled over the 2800 meter distance handicapped distance for a total purse of €90,000. The winner recorded his 12th career victory in 37 starts now for €313.660 earned. The 1.13.9kr timed winner, trained by Christian Bigeon for owner Andre Francis Bigeon, bested 78/1 Violine Mourotaise (8f LeRetour-Mourotaise) driven by Julien Dubois for trainer Emmanuel Rauulline. Third was 58/1 Voeland (8m Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree-Oquita d’Harcourt) with Rik Dupuydt aboard for trainer Marc De Cock and Stall Campus. The 25 meter penalized Ursa Major was fourth at 56/1 and Vanae des Voirons ended fifth at 63/1. This event was the Quinte+ race of the day, with a nice payoff (below). Replay: Thomas H. Hicks  

February 25, 2017 - Rafolo (9g Love You-Farola) won the harness racing  featured Prix de Grobois (purse €28,000, 2750 meters autostart, European eligibles) at 3.2/1 odds at Toulouse. Dominik Locqueneux teamed the barefoot Robert Bergh trainee that is owned by J.O. Jensen. The 1/2 odds favorite Very Very Fast (8g Quaro-Nocturne de Bresse) was second for trainer/driver Benjamin Goetz. 36/1 Un Reve d’Haufor (9g Jasmin de Flore-Jolie Haufor) took third for trainer/driver M.X. Charlot. At Cagnes-sur-Mer the featured Prix Mimizan (monte, purse €70,000, 16 European starters, 2250 meters) went to 13.2/1 Vinci Pierji (8g Meaulnes du Corta-Intaille) with trainer Matthieu Abrivard in the irons. Cyril Sevestre owns the winner was clocked in 1.13kr. 23/1 Vittorio de Carly (8g Quaro-Gamine des Sarts) was second for Guillaume Martin and trainer Arnaud Desmottes. 7.9/1 Radieux (7g Love You-Dordogne) was third for Cedrik Terry and trainer/owner Lutfi Kolgjini. Thomas H. Hicks

January 16, 2017 - 15/1 Verveine du Mont was victorious in today’s Gr. III Prix de Roubaix (purse €90,000, 2175 meters, 13 starters) at Paris-Vincennes. Mlle. Audrey Laroche was in the irons for Ecurie AB Trot and harness racing  trainer Franck Blandin. The winner scored timed in 1.12.7kr to defeat 10.6/1 A Mery de Chahains (7f Password-Nuit de Plainville) and jockey Florian Prioul for owner/trainer Cedrik Megissier. Third was 75/1 Ardelot (7g Hello Barbes-Kora de Montfort) with Mlle. Lolita Balay aboard. The co-featured Prix de Brionne (purse €54,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) this day went to 3.1/1 Afghan Barbes (7g Meaulnes du Corta-Nuance Barbes), racing barefoot, for driver Ch.J. Bigeon, trainer Christian Bigeon and owner Andre Francis Bigeon. 6.9/1 Bily de Gueriniere (6g Prodigious-Haldane) was second for trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard and for breeder/owner Pierre Gypteau. 7/1 Sylvester America (6g Varenne-Armbro Voice-Garland Lobell) raced close-up throughout and ended third for Franck Nivard and owner/trainer Jerry Riordan. 18.6/1 Spirit Real closed quickly from far back to be fourth for Eric Raffin and owner/trainer Riordan. Time Machine (8g Super Arnie-Union Highness) was fifth at 109/1 for Dominik Locqueneux and owner/trainer Jorgen Westholm. Thomas H. Hicks

Paris-Vincennes nocturnal program  was a good one led by the Q+ Prix de Parisien (purse €60,000, 2750 meters, 16 European starters) with the harness racing victory earned by 5.2/1 odds Tobrouk de Payre (9g Meaulnes du Corta-Orcade de Payre) reined by J-Ph Monclin for owner/trainer J-Y Touillet and clocked in 1.13.4kr. The winner rallied past 3.3/1 Tell Me No Lies (7g Offshore Dream-B.Glorious) handled by D Fominik Locqueneux for trainer Fabrice Souloy and KLV Holding AB. Third went to 6.2/1 Uliula Bella (8f Jam Pridem-Natholia Bella) with Anthony Barrier teaming for owner/trainer Jean-Paul Marmion. Viva Lover and Unique de l’Iton were next home. The Prix Tolosa (purse €56,000, 2100 meters autostart, 14 European starters) produced speed in the form of the easy winner and 3/5 favorite Spartan Kronos (5m Muscle Hill-Dame Kronos) with trainer Conrad Lugauer driving. The owner is Ecurie Th & J Weber-Berchtold from Germany. Time was a sharp 1.10.6kr (mile rate 1:53.60 over the 1.31 miles distance). 13.7/1 Best Buissonay (5m L’Eu du Vernay-Nyota Buissonay) landed second for trainer/driver Joel Ven Eeckhaute with third to 48/1 Attacus (6g Hand du Vivier-Nelocata) driven by Eric Raffin for trainer Sebastien Guarato. 37/1 Easytowin was fourth for Dion P. Tesselaar and owner Gerrits Recycling of Holland with fifth to 42/1 Diamond (6g Classic Photo-Gala dei Bessiu) and driver Matthieu Abrivard. This one is also from Holland and trained by Paul Hagoort. Curieuse (4f Kaisy Dream-Reine de Flandre) off at 2.7/1 recorded a 1.15.1kr timed victory in the Prix Orontius (purse €58,000, 2700 meters, 13 starters four year-old mares). Christophe Martens piloted the winner for Vincent Martens, the trainer, and Ecurie Rampur PF. 4.9/1 Coconut Citrus (4f Jag de Bellouet-Quiza Sun) was a close second for Alexandre Abrivard, trainer L-Cl Abrivard and breeder/owner Jean Pierre Barjon. 5.7/1 Calencia (4f Quaker Jet-Olencia) took third for Eric Raffin and breeder/trainer/owner Alphonse Varberghen. Three year-old males contested the Prix Coronis (purse €41,000, 2100 meters autostart, 10 entrants) and 7/10 favorite Delloro Vedaquaid (3m Ready Cash-Spandelle) prevailed for trainer/owner Philippe Allaire and driver J-Ph Monclin. The breeder was Jean Pierre Guay.  The winner was clocked in 1.16.5kr to defeat 4.3/1 Duc d’Occagnes (3m Goetmals Wood-Quiet Mary) handled by Eric Raffin for trainer Franck Nivard and owner J-L Colombier. Third was 23/1 outsidee Dragon Clemaxelle (3g Rodrigo Jet-Uvea d’Eronville) with Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer Phillippe Bengala. Thomas H. Hicks

January 4, 2016 - Sweden’s Super Ariel (7f Super Arnie-Oriiea Lep) took today’s harness racing Quinte+ (jackpot €2.7 million) Prix de Charleville at Paris-Vincennes (purse €50,000, 2100 meters autostart, 15 European female starters) timed in 1.13kr for driver Franck Nivard. This 3.2/1 odds winner is owned by Stall Torpet HB and trained by K. Haggstrom. Second was 16.9/1 Pancottina Bar (7f Varenne-Valuta Lavec) for Alexandre Abrivard, trainer Catello Savarese and Italy’s Scuderia Stella SRL. 4.4/1 Peace Of Mind (7f Uronometro-Erica d’Alfa), from Italy, landed third for Roberto Andreghetti and trainer Fabrice Souloy ahead of 24/1 Volcania de Dypp (7f Prodigious-Hesta Express) for Gabriel Gelormini and 54/1 Venus Haufor (7f Nice Love-Newly Haufor) for Ch-J Bigeon. On today’s undercard Cooper (4g Official Secret-Kerlude de Retz) took the Prix Pavilly (purse €60,000, 2175 meters, nine monte starters) timed in 1.14.4kr for Yoann Lebourgeois and trainer Tony Le Beller. 20/1 Caid de Bengale (4g Loulou Jet-Tierce de Bangale) for Eric Raffin and trainer Gilles Curens was a close second ahead of 4.2/1 Castel Black (4m Ludo de Castelle-Princesse Black) hanlded by Bruno Chanonat for trainer/owner Jean-Paul Piton. The 1.14.6kr winner of the Prix de Nort Sur Erdre (purse €80,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) was 1.9/1 Amour Fou (6g Meaulnes du Corta-Nice Star) for Franck Nivard, trainer Thierry Raffegeau and owner J-Y Roze. 2.8/1 odds Asis Bot Eur Moel (6g Pagalor-Cora du Niel) was second for Guillaume Martin and trainer Arnaud Desmottes with third to 4.4/1 Andalouse (6f Tenor de Baune-Mosaique) handled by Anthony Barrier for owner/trainer Flavien Provost. The newly turned three year-olds competed in Toulouse Le Cepiere’s Prix de Mauriac (A) for a €16,000 purse over the 2150 meter autostart course. 15 starters battled with the rallying 5.8/1 Darwin (3m Timoko-Samantha Bleue) taking victory for Robert Lacroix. Richard Westerink is the trainer (also of Timoko) for Comte P de Montesson with the 1.19.9kr winner finishing ahead of 6.8/1 Divine Winning (3f Jam Pridem-Sandia du Coglais) for owner/trainer/driver Norbert Vimond and third finishing 27/1 Desiree Idef (3f In Love With You-Rhea de Feline) for owner/trainer/driver Jerome Paille. Thomas H. Hicks  

December 22, 2015 - The Quinte+ was the Prix de la Tramblade (purse €66,000, 2700 meters, 16 European starters) and the 1.14kr winner was 19.1/1 Tabrouk de Payre (8g Meaulnes du Corta-Oreade de Payre) owned and trained by J-Y Touillet and driven by Pierre Vercruysse. 3/1 Un de Mai (7g Echo-Loyale) was second for teamster Franck Nivard, trainer Emmanuel Ruault and owner Ecurie Comte P de Montesson. 17.1/1 odds Midsummer King (10g King Lavec-Pietra) was third with Junior Guelpa up for owner J-Ch Sorel. Akayama (5f Prodigious-Hirosaka) took the Prix de Marenees-Oleron (purse €64,000, 2700 meters 11 European starters) timed in 1.13.9kr for David Thomain and trainer Alain Roussel. This 1.3/1 odds favorite defeated 4.2/1 Ninepoints Lucy (5f Spotlite Lobell-Lucky Kelly) driven by Gabriel Gelormini for trainer Jorgen Westholm and owner Bengt Johansson. Third was 18.3/1 outsider Aigrette (5f Vivaldi de Chenu-Jomina). On December 22 at Paris-Vincennes the €85,000 purse Prix Pierre Giffard (2700 meters, 13 European monte starters) went to 4.1/1 Tayson de Houelle (8g Insert Gede-Irina de la Frette) for jockey Eric Raffin, trainer Franck Leblanc and Ecurie Pricing Power. 1.8/1 favorite Ugolin du Maine (7g Hugo du Bossis-Oriane du Maine) was a close second for Franck Nivard ahead of the outdistanced 12.9/1 Topaze Royale (8f Light Up de Vonnas-Lea Royale) for trainer/driver Mathieu Abrivard. The winner was clocked in 1.13.5kr. The Prix de la Reole (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, 16 monte performers) at Paris Vincennes went to the 1.1/1 favorite Canadian d’Am (3m Ready Cash-Kanadia) reined by Franck Nivard for Franck Leblanc training for Laurent Edin. 23.6/1 Codrag de Bellouet (3g Jag de Bellouet-Odra de Bellouet) was next for jockey Alexandre Abrivard and trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. 4.2/1 Camarade Sympa (3g Legs du Clos-Mona du Vivier) ended third for David Thomain. The Prix des Hortensias, groupe A, for a purse of €34,000 over 2700 meters, drew 14 two year-old fillies with the 1.17.2kr winner being 2.1/1 odds Dokha Vedaquaise (2f Prodigious-Sestriere). Yoann Lebourgeois drove this winner for Philippe Allaire. 4.1/1 Duchesse de Jiel (2f Oiseau de Feux-Quilea Jiel) was  second for Mathieu Abrivard and trainer J.L. Dersoir. Third was 11.6/1 Danae Quesnot (2f Rocklyn-Megara) teamed with Eric Raffin. Draft Life (2f Ubriaco-Maflymede) at 3.8/1 odds took the Prix des Hortensias (B) for teamster C. Beurel and owner/trainer Louis Baudron. 13 two year-olds traveled 2700 meters in this event for a purse of €34,000. Draft Life was timed in 1.16.7kr to defeat 17.8/1 Douchka Love (2f Love You-Shucca) handled by Bernard Piton for Yves Boireau trainer for Jean-Pierre Dubois. 26.7/1 Decadence (2f Invar-My Lady Way) was third for driver/trainer/owner Tony Le Beller. At Bordeaux-Le Bouscat the Grand Prix de Noel (purse €30,000, 2650 meters, 16 European starters) was won by 29.9/1 Topaze de Landerie (8f Legs du Clos-Onee Line) for driver J-Ph Monclin. 1.6/1 favorite Vivaldo Bello (6m Love You-Enfilade) was second for trainer/driver Thierry Duvaldestin (this one from the dam of Offshore Dream, Prix d’Amerique double winner) and 6.8/1 Ursa Major (7f Ganymede-Good Way) landed third for owner Ecurie Danover. The winner was clocked in a solid 1.14.1kr. Thomas H. Hicks

May 21, 2015 - Today’s Vichy featured Prix Henri Berry (€50.000 purse, 2850 meters distance handicap, 12 European starters) went to 46/1 outsider Ungaro Jet (7m Meaulnes du Corta-Pocahontas) for harness racing trainer/driver Ladovic Peltier and owner Ecurie Paradis. The winner traveled 2850 meters in 1.14.5kr to earn career victory nine in 39 starts for earnings of €175,640. 4/1 Alexis (5m Ganymede-Myrtille des Bois) was second for driver/trainer J-M Bazire also traveling 2850 meters. 4/1 Anette du Mirel (5f Laetenter Diem-Lisa du Mirel) was third for Eric Raffin and trainer Anders Lindqvist and she covered 2875 meters in 1.14.3kr. The first three to the line raced barefoot. Tomorrow night’s Vincennes card features the Prix Ville de Nugent for €90,000 purse over 2100 meters autostart. Ustinof du Vivier, Nene Degli Ulivi, Scarlet Turgot and Spain’s Trebol will be at the start.  The card also shows the Gr. II Prix Ozo for €120,000 over 2175 meters for three year-old females. Clea Madrik, Ciper la Mag, Cavalleria and Charmante are likely top players. Thomas H. Hicks  

Reve de Coeur (9g Kiwi-Fine Perle) took today’s featured €16,378 Prix Trophee Vert Suisse at Avenches in France. Timed in 1.17.6kr over 2000 meters on the turf, the winner recorded victory 14 in 90 starts for earnings of €220,045. Jean Matthey drove the 7.2/1 odds winner that defeated a pair of Giant Cat sired veterans Negotians d’Oritige and Padium du Rib. At Cabourg, Couleur Citron took a two year-old fillies event for €13,000 over 2050 meters autostart, the Prix d’Argentan. Eleven contested this one with Couleur Citron home first in her maiden effort for Yohan Lebourgeois and trainer Philippe Allaire timed in 1.19.6kr. The daughter of Coktail Jet-L’aunou du Fier is owned by J-P Barjon  and was 7/10 favorite, Barjon the owner of Prix d’Amerique winner Meaulnes du Corta. Louis Baudron was second with his trained and owned C’est Facile (2f Rocklyn-Maflymede) at 10.9/1 As the sun set at Cabourg, the €24,000 Prix du Vira (2840 meters, 14 starters) went to Baron de Fleur in 1.18kr for Johanna Lindqvist, driving for trainer/owner Anders Lindqvist, her father. The three year-old son of Biesolo-Oseille Folie scored at 6.8/1 over Bellinissimo (3m Baccarat du Pont-Jaconde) handled by Thomas Levesque for trainer Mike Lenders and Ecurie Pierre Levesque. by Thomas H. Hicks, for  

Franck Anne teamed the improving Urac de Valong to victory in the Quinte+ Prix du Journal GENY Courses at Vincennes, defeating 17 rivals in 1.14.6kr over 2700 meters. The European eligible event carried a €48,000 purse. It was a close battle for second with four contestants within a length. Ulk de Godisson and Staro Foot Loose ended second and third respectively. The Quinte+ exact order payoff was €3,390 excluding the €4.1 million jackpot. Replay of stretch drive. Race summary June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix du Journal Geny Courses, €48,000, European six year-olds, 18 starters, 2700 meters, Quinte+, 1.14.6kr Urac de Valfong (6g Membo King-Helenime), Franck Anne, 4.5/1 Ulk de Godisson (6g Obrillant-Deesse de Godisson), Franck Ouvrie, 8.2/1 Staro Foot Loose (6m Daguet Rapide-Ideal Lease), Robin Bakker, 3.6/1 Ravenna (6m Legendary Lover K-Coccola Jet), Franck Nivard, 12.7/1 Oronte di Cesato (6m Allison Hollow-Enzaran), Roberto Andreghetti, 20.5/1 ................................................................................................. The excellent card also showed victories by Freeman T. Porter (son of Korean, sire of Sebastian K, handled by trainer Conrad Lugaur), Altesse du Mirel (by Ready Cash and trained/reined by Pierre Vercruysse) and Vittel de Breval (Sebastian Ernault up on this son of Jag de Bellouet). Race summaries follow. June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Hygica, €50,000, 2850 meters, European, 16 starters, 1.13.7kr Freeman T. Porter (7m Korean-Lion Chica-Somollison), Conrad Lugauer trainer/driver, 8.4/1 Tamisso (7g Nobody du Chene-Hastavissa), Cedrik Megissier, 5.9/1 Tabrouk de Payre (7g Meaulnes du Corta-Orcade de Payre), J-Ph Monclin, 27.9/1 ................................................................................................ June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Sappho, €52,000, 2700 meters, 14 starters, 1.16.8kr Altesse du Mirel (4f Ready Cash-Ina de Mirel), Pierre Vercruysse trainer/driver, 5.3/1 Aura des Racques (4f Coktail Jet-Ohana des Racques), Franck Nivard, 24.3/1 Aida d'Heripre (4f Prodigious-Norma d'Heripre), David Thomain up, 2,6/1 ............................................................................................ June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Lydia, €54,000, 2700 meters, 14 starters, 1.13kr Vittel de Breval (5m Jag de Bellouet-Lady de Brevol), Sebastien Ernault trainer, driver , 7/10 favorite Vaisman (5m Memphis du Rib-Iula du Douetil), Franck Anne owner, trainer, driver, 3.9/1 Venosc de Mirel (5g Laetenter Diem-Melia Monochrome), J-M Bazire, 12.3/1 Thomas H. Hicks  

Solid trotting took place during the past week at various European venues. Coverage below is of racing at Jagersro (SWE), Avenches (Switzerland), Mantorp (SWE), Kincsem Park (HU), Bologna (ITY) and Paris-Vincennes where Gr. III events were featured on June 3. The Prix Caecilia went to the rallying roan Meaulnes du Corta filly Arpent d'Ostal for J-Ph Mary. The same day the monte Prix Dido went to Buffalo de Beylev for Yohan Lebourgeois, winning as the 2/5 favorite should. On June 2 at Bologna, the Premio GP Republica went to Papandreu for Enrico Bellei. The five year-old son of Abano As scored in 1.12.7kr over 1660 meters autostart for winners' share of a purse of €45,100. Oncle Photo VL took the co-featured Invitational on that card and veteran classmaster Italiano won the Greyhound Invitational that same day at Follonica. On May 31 at Mantorp (SWE) the Ina Scots went to Remo Gas (four year-old son of Varenne) for teamster Erik Adielsson. The V75 Gold produced a victory for Porthos Amok (five year-old son of Orlando Vici) and Orjan Kihlstrom. At Kincsem Park, the featured Tony Oaks DIJ went impressively to Orangyal (six year-old daughter of Wall Street Banker) for reinsman Pal Vicen and at Avenches the Grand Prix 5Ans (Suisse) went to Playboy Wind (five year-old son of In Love With You) and trainer/driver Wilhelm Paal. On May 29 at Jagersro, the Jerry Riordan trained Sylvester America (3m Varenne-Armbro Voice-Gaerldan Lobell) recorded his first career victory in his third start for driver Linda Allerecrantz. Race summaries follow including reply of the Premio GP Republica. June 3, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Caecilia, Gr. III, €80,000, 2700 meters, 11 starters, 1.14.4kr 1st Arpent d'Ostal (4m Meaulnes du Corta-Quina Perrine), J-Ph Mary trainer/driver 24/1 2nd Alpha Saltor (4m Paris Haufor-Glory d'Ariane), Damien Bonne up, 4.3/1 3rd Adio Josselyn (4m And Arifant-Queda Josselyn), J-M Bazire aboard, 3/2 favorite June 3, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Persues, 80,000e, 2700 meters, 11 starters, monte, 1.14.1kr 1st Rescousse de Barb (9f L'As de Viretoute-Gaie Melodie), P-Y Verva, 27/1 2nd Quango (10g Joyau d'Amour-Belle Argence), Julien Raffestin up, 9/1 3rd Remember Jihem (9m Jag de Bellouet-Feriana), Fabien Gence up, 3.3/1 June 3, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Gr. III Prix Dido National Monte, 60,000e, 2200 meters, 7 starters, 1.15.6kr 1st Buffalo de Beylev (3m Memphis du Rib-Rafale du Plessis), Yohan Lebourgeois up for Hubert Hardy trainer, 2/5 favorite 2nd Boy du Plessis (3m Odeisis de Vandel-Natik des Loges), Paul-Philippe Ploquin up for Patrick Ploquin, 5/1 3rd Best de Marco (3m Gogo-Fille de Marco), Julien Raffestin up for J-F Senet trainer, 42/1 June 2, 2014, Bologna Italy, Premio GP Republica, 45,100e, 1660 meters autostart, 10 starters, 1.12.7kr 1st Papandreu (5m Abano As-Capucine-Sugarcane Hanover), Enrico Bellei up 2nd Orsia (6f Angus Hall-Tiogre OM-Zebu), Allesandro Gocciadoro 3rd Le Vida Loca (9f Ganymede-Diasia-Arndon), Roberto Andreghetti Beaten field included Look MO, Oibambam Effe, Probo OP and Nesta Effe June 2, 2014 Bologna Italy, Premio Lorenzo Sisal Invitational, 11,000e, 1660 meters autostart, 8 starters, 1.13kr 1st Oncle Photo VL (6g SJs Photo-Balalajaca SLM-Lemon Dra), Federico Esposito up 2nd Per Amore Gual (5f Varenne-Dalmatica Gual-Uronometro), Enrico Bellei driving 3rd Nonant Le Pin (7f Goetmals Wood-Blazing Janice-Pine Chip), Allesandro Gocciadoro trainer/driver June 2, 1014 Follonica Italy, Prix Greyhound Invitational, 6,600e, 1600 meters, 7 starters, 1.12.3kr 1st Italiano (10g Goant Cat-Coming Up Cash-Baltic Speed-Casino Evil-Speedy Crown-Ah So), 30 wins in 93 starts for 779,782e in Italy, G. Casillo teaming 2nd Oblio Dei Venti (6m Yankee Slide-Belinda GIM-Lemon Dra), Man. Matteini up 3rd Proper Wise (5m Varenne-Flirt Alert-Valley Victory-Triangle Park-Mystic Park-Miss Flirt), L. Becchetti aboard May 31, 2014 Kincsem Park, Tony Oaks DIJ, 1800 meters autostart, 500,000HUf purse, 1.15.6kr 1st Orangyl (6f Wall Street Banker-Derengo-Endless Sands), Pal Vicen, 4.7/1, 1.15.6kr 2nd Lady Luna (9f Sierra Ranger-Lune-Surry Lobell), Joze Sagaj, 3.3/1 3rd Nemesur (7m Tony Oaks-Elegant Lady- Mill H), Veljko Mazsity, 2.5/1 May 31, 2014 Mantorp SWE, Ina Scots, 300,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart, 1.13kr 1st Remo Gas (4m Varenne-Isotta Gas-Toss Out), Erik Adielsson, Italy, seventh win from 19 starts for 2,608,516SWEK 2nd Rosso Pomodoro (4m Donato Hanover-Unbelievable F-Viking Kronos), Johnny Takter, Italy 3rd Carelin (4m Super Arnie-Carte Blanche-Kosar), Kenneth Haugstad May 31, 2014 Mantorp SWE, Gold Division, purse 320,500SEK, 2640 meters autostart, 10 starters, 1.13.8kr 1st Porthos Amok (5m Orlando Vici-Baroness Amok-Pine Chip), Orjan Kihlstrom, sixth win in 39 tries for 2,731,292SEK 2nd Quid Pro Quo (5m Yankee Glide-Hostage-Express Ride), Erik Adielsson for Svante Bath trainer 3rd Deuxieme Picsous (7m In Love With You-Carme la Strom Line-Delvin Kosmos, Johnny Takter for Joham Lejon trainer May 31, 2014 Mantorp SWE, Silver Division, purse 251,500SEK, 1640 meters autostart, 10 starters, 1.11.2kr 1st Octopus (7m Yankee Glide-Decapose-Cumin), Ulf Ohlsson up 2nd Vendi (9f Armbro Trick-Wizy Fly-Speedy Fly), Jorma Kontio driver 3rd Art On Line (7g Rite On Line-Lass Fleur-Backstreet Guy), Mikko Aho up May 31, 2014 Marseille-Borely, Prix de Zonza, €21,000, 2300 meters autostart, 8 starters, 1.15.4kr 1st Bolero Love (3m Love You-Orelady-And Arifant), Nicolas Ensch up for Patrick Chevrier trainer for Jean-Pierre Dubois and breeder Ecurie D, 7.8/1 odds, second career win for €28,350 2nd Bonjour (3m Rieussee-Queenie d'Urzy), Y-A Briand trainer/driver, 2/1 3rd Bently de Raconis (3g Repeat Love-Bodomie0Podosis), David Vakaert up for Patrick Chevrie trainer and owner Jean-Pierre Dubois, 1.3/1 May 31, 2014 Marseille-Borely, Prix d'Ajaccio, 24,000e, 3000 meters, 6 starters, 1.16.3kr 1st Vucain du Vivier (5m Look de Star-Idea du Vivier-Tarass Boulba), Y-A Briand trainer/driver, 1/5 favoritge for owner Ecurie Jean-Yves Lucuyer and breeder SNC Jean-Yves Lucuyer, 10th win for 166,450 euros 2nd  Viking d'Orion (5m Jag de Bellouet-Erfa du Vivier), Mikael Cormy up, 5.3/1 3rd Vipitano (5g Love You-Prune Rouge), Dylan Garcia up, 20/1 May 30, 2014 Avenches, Grand Prix des 5 Ans Suisse, 12,284e, 2400 meters, 10 starters 1st Playboy Wind (5m In Love With You-Kattanouga), Wilhelm Paal trainer/driver, Stall Allegra Racing 2nd Vattigo (5g Gros Grain-Julia du Martza) finished second. 3rd May 29, 2014 Jagersro, ICA Malmborgs, 2140 meters autostart, 20,000SEK to winner, Sylvester America (3m Varenne-Armbro Voice-Garland Lobell), Linda Allercrantz up for Jerry Riordan trainer, first win in three starts by Thomas H. Hicks, for      

Tonight’s excellent Paris-Vincennes card featured European eligible and Gr. III action for four-year-old males and females plus the Gr. II €120,000 Prix Kalmia for three year-old colts. Brillantissime (by Ready Cash) and favorite Duke of Greenwood scored victories and Athena de Vandel won the four year-old mares contest defeating favorite Tast of Bourbon (by Donato Hanover). Coverage follows. The Gr. III Prix Heraclite (Gr. III European four year-old females, purse €80,000) went to Athena de Vandel and trainer/driver Cedric Megissier. The Prince Gede mare scored her sixth career victory in 1.14.6kr over 2700 meters raising career earnings to €190,500. The fast closing favorite Tast of Bourbon (Donato Hanover-Qualita Bourbon-Love You) just missed for Jean-Pierre Dubois after escaping traffic trouble too late in the contest. Her stablemate Alisma du Corta (by Love You) was a very competitive third for reinsman Franck Nivard. Jean Baudron trains the Dubois pair. May 20, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Heraclite, Gr. III European, €80,000, females, 2700 meters, 11 starters, 1.14.6kr Athena de Vandel (4f Prince Gede-Maelia de Vandel-Coktail Jet), Cedric Megissier trainer/driver, 3.4/1, owner Ecurie La Tour de Vandel, sixth win for €190,500 earnings 1st Tast of Bourbon (4f Donato Hanover-Qualita Bourbon-Love You), Jean-Pierre Dubois driver/owner, Jean Baudron trainer, Denmark, 1.3/1 favorite, first foal of dam she a winner of 21races for €1,538,050 and third in Prix d’Amerique 2nd Alisma du Corta (4f Love You-Marquise du Corta-Vikings Way), Franck Nivard for Jean Baudron trainer, Jean-Pierre Dubois owner, 20/1 3rd Rori Axe (4f Ready Cash-Gamire Grif-Kaisy Dream), Jos. Verbeeck for trainer Philippe Allaire, 9/2, Italy 4th Mustang’s Sally (4f Quick Wood-Star Groenhof-Malabar Man), Robin Bakker up for trainer P.J.P, Hagoort, 11/1, Germany The €80,000 Gr. III Prix Camilla for four year-old males went to favorite Duke of Greenwood (4, Otello Pierji-Nikki Groenhof-Meadow Road). Peter J. Strooper trains the Germany bred campaigner and Hugo Langeweg Jr. engineered the front end victory, his fourth for earnings of €174,698. The 2700 meter course was covered in 1.15.3kr. Regio (by Varenne) and Romanesque (by Love You) trailed the winner home. May 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Camilla, Gr. III European males, €80,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters, 1.15.3kr 1st Duke of Greenwood (4m Otello Pierji-Nikki Grounhof-Meadow Road), Hugo Langeweg Jr. for Peter J. Strooper trainer and M. Rothengatter owner, fourth win for €174,698, 1.2/1, Germany 2nd Regio (4m Varenne-Leopardia-Muscles Yankee), 9/2 odds, Robin Bakker for P.J.P Hagoort, Italy 3rd Romanesque (4m Love You-Quantanamera-Viking Kronos), Marco Smorgon trainer/driver, 29/1, Italy 4th Ah Quel Micha  (4m Rocklyn-Oceana du Phare-Vroum d’Or), Julien Dubois up for Philippe Moulin trainer, 6.5/1 5th Arpent d’Ostel (4m Meaulnes du Corta-Quina Perrine-Buvetier d’Aunou), J-Ph. Mary trainer/driver, 16/1 The Prix Kalmia, a Gr. II event for three-year-old colts over 2175 meters went to great gaited  Brillantissime (3m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victoire-Buvetier d’Aunou) for teamster Joseph Verbeeck and trainer Philippe Allaire. The owner/breeder is Frederic Saugue of this seven time winner of €318,950. He slipped through on the inside late to score a narrow win. Another Allaire pupil Boccador de Simm (by Rieussee) was a solid second for Pierre Vercruysse with third to favorite Brutus de Bailly (by Niky) and J-M Bazire. Purse was €120,000 and winning time was 1.13kr. May 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Kalmia Gr. II males, €120,000, 2175 meters, 9 starters, 1.13kr 1st Brillantissime (3m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victoire-Buvetier d’Aunou),  Joseph Verbeeck up for Philippe Allaire trainer and owner/breeder F. Saugue, 2/1 odds, seventh win for €318,950 2nd Boccador de Simm (3m Rieussee-Poupee Charmeuse-Hetre Vert), Pierre Vercruysse for Philippe Allaire, 3.5/1 odds 3rd Brutus de Bailly (3m Niky-Ninon de Bailly-Carnac), J-M Bazire, 1/1 favorite 4th Bolide du Gueron (3m Cygnus d’Odyssee-Olivia-Jenko), Franck Anne trainer/driver, 42/1 5th Bixente (3m Quaker Jet-Ketty Mesloise-Blue Dream), Jean-Etienne Dubois trainer/driver,  18/1 odds The Prix Firmament for aged European eligibles went to Sweden’s Moving On (5f Quite Easy-Kings Blondie-Ride The Night) in 1.14.3kr over 2100 meters autostart. Franck Nivard drove the winner for trainer Fabrice Souloy and owner I.C. Equine AB. Moving On recorded her tenth win now for earnings of €179,966. Italy’s Plutonio (by Self Possessed) was second for Christophe Martens in this €56,000 event. May 20, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Firmament, European, €56,000m 2100 meters autostart, 13 starters, 1.14.3kr 1st Moving On (5f Quite Easy-Kings Blondie-Ride The Night), Franck Nivard up for Fabrice Souloy, 7.5/1 odds, Sweden, owner I.C. Equine AB, tenth win for €179,966 2nd Plutonio (5m Self Possessed-Indra Bi-Toss Out), Christophe Martens for trainer Ake Kristofferson, 4/1 odds, Italy 3rd Vertige d’Avril (5g Historien-Katia de Mai0Uhlan de Cocherel), M. Bezier up for Pascal A. Geslin 4th Staro Foot Loose (6m Daguet Rapide-Ideal Lease-Conway Hall), Robin Bakker for trainer Arnold J. Mollema, 4.8/1, Sweden 5th Revenna (6m Legendary Lover K-Coccola Jet-Supergill), Mathieu Mottier for Fabrice Souloy trainer, 25/1, Denmark by Thomas H. Hicks, for

The outstanding monte five year-old mare Vision Intense (Prodigious-Intense Action-Cezio Josselyn) took today's featured monte contest (Prix Louis Forcinal, £120,000 purse, 2700 meters) on a top-flight card at Paris-Vincennes. Nathalie Henry carefully piloted the 0.8/1 favored Vision Intense to her 13th career win, now with increased earnings to £778,250. The speedy mare is trained by Philippe Moulin for Ecurie Victoria Dreams and scored today in 1.14.1kr. Henry took back early and trailed the field for the first 600 meters before easing to the outside and moving steadily to the front. Rating speed conservatively the pair drew away entering the stretch before Vision Intense began drifting out. She held off hard-charging Ekerlza du Benjo to win by 1-1/2 lengths. The monte co-featured Prix de Gabarret (£45,000, 2700 meters) went to Urbain Jet, a six year-old son of Prix d'Amerique winner Meaulnes du Corta, handled by Philippe Masschaele. The Luc Roelens trainee increased his earnings to £129,920 with a solid front-stepping score in 1.14.8kr. Valijean Wild battled toward the front throughout and held on for second with Fabien Gence aboard. The winner was off at 6.6/1 odds. by Thomas H. Hicks, for        

The Prix de Selection is the final Group I race of the rich Vincennes Winter Meeting and is an aptly named race which is often a precursor to a rich stud career for the place-getters. An inter-generational race for 4-6YOs, it is the second (after the Prix des Centaures) to be run under the new handicapping system which has reduced the handicap for older horses to address the more precocious modern horse, which has seen 4YOs dominate this traditional stallion identifying race. Only Milord Drill (Sancho Panca) as a 6YO in 2006 and Kiwi (Coktail Jet) at 5 in 2003 have won the race in the last 21 years, but the change from a 50m to a 25m handicap should readdress the balance. But even with this anomaly the race's success as a test of stallion potential can be seen by a quick look at its alumini who have been well represented in this Winter Meeting. Royal Prestige's son Buvetier d'Aunou, sire of superstar Up And Quick, winner of the Prix de Paris and runner up in the Prix d'Amerique won the race in 1992, while the following year's winner Cygnus d'Odysee, a son of former US 2YO star Workaholic is the sire of the brilliant Texas Charm, who was favourite for this year's Prix d'Amerique after a superb win in the Prix de Bourgogne until injury. And 2001 winner Jasmin de Flore is the sire of Criterium de Juenes winner Billie de Montfort. Prominent stallions who have won the race include Kaisy Dream (sire of group one winners Santa Rosa France and So Lovely Girl), the aforementioned Kiwi (sire of Criterium des 3 and 4 winner Quaro), Full Account (sire of Criterium de Jeunes winner Kinder Jet), Insert Gede and Meaulnes du Corta, Nice Love and rising star Saxo de Vandel. And underlining just how important the race can be for predicting great sires can be further illustrated by a look at some of the runners-up in the race - none other than Coktail Jet, Ganymede, Orlando Vici, Kesaco Phedo, Giant Cat and the next superstar sire Ready Cash. Last year's winner Village Mystic (who is already at stud) lines up against a swag of group one winners and such is the strength of the field that Louis Baudron's son of Love You will probably be seventh or eighth favourite. After running a narrow second in the Goup 1 Grand Prix de France Univers du Pan will be the favourite for this race, given the reduced nature of the handicap against his talented younger rivals. Philippe Raugeard's son of Kenya du Pont is in rare form, with three second placings in a row against the best older horses in the world, which will set him up for a great shot at this. Prix De Bretagne winner Uhlan du Val, who was also second to current star Up And Quick in last year's Criterium des 5 Ans, is also well in the mix here . Cedric Megissier's son of Islero de Bellouet is the only one of the field who graced the Grand Prix d'Amerique where he finished a meritorious sixth and his last three starts have all been in the crucible of the French triple crown. He also looks to be in great shape against his own and younger age-groups after such a torrid build up. Of the younger horses, who will start with a 25metre advantage on the 2175m trip, Sebastien Guarato's rising star Aladin d'Ecajuel (Quaker Jet ) is favoured to test the older horses and maintain the dominance of 4YOs, while Akim du Cap Vert (First de Retz) is also a very talented stallion. Mares have also enjoyed rare success with only the exceptional Pearl Queen and Qualita Bourbon having won the race in the past 20 years, but the A generation has been dominated by the female gender up until very recently. But whether the leading lights Axelle Dark (Ready Cash), Anastasia Fella (Goetmals Wood) and Atlessima (Rocklyn) are of that quality is the 240,000 euro question. PRIX DE SELECTION  Vincennes 2014-03-01 Group I 2175 4-6YOs € 240 000e 1 Aldo des Champs (4h Prince d'Espace - Noumea des Champs) Dr: Mathieu Abrivard Tr: Matthieu Abrivard 2175 2 Alesia d'Atout (4m Defi d'Aunou - New York Jet) Dr: Mathieu Mottier Tr: Dominique Mottier 2175 3 Astor du Quenne (4h Opus Viervil - Qualinka du Quenne) Dr: Jean Michel Bazire Tr: Sebastien Guarato 2175 4 Atlessima (4m Rocklyn - Noblessima) Dr: Julien Dubois Tr: Philippe Moulin 2175 5 Aladin d'Ecajeul (4h Quaker Jet - Nancy d'Ecajeul) Dr: Eric Raffin Tr: Sebastien Guarato 2175 6 Anastasia Fella (4m Goetmals Wood - Jeanne's Fella) Dr: Franck Nivard Tr: Fabrice Souloy 2175 7 Akim du Cap Vert (4h First de Retz - Prima du Cap Vert) Dr: Franck Anne Tr: Franck Anne 2175 8 Axelle Dark (4m Ready Cash - Queen des Charmes) Dr: Jos Verbeeck Tr: Philippe Allaire 2175 9 Vanna Coletto (5m Lejacque d'Houlbec - Paloma du Donjon) Dr: Anthony Barrier Tr: Guillaume Grelier 2200 10 Viking de Val (5h Baccarat du Pont - La Forge de Val) Dr: Eric Lambertz Tr: Eric Lambertz 2200 11 Unabella Perrine (6m Diamant Gede - Minnie Perrine) Dr: Franck Ouvrie Tr: Jean Francois Mary 2200 12 Voltigeur de Myrt (5h Opus Viervil - Myrtille des Bois) Dr: Pierre Vercruysse Tr: Roberto Donati 2200 13 Une Fille d'Amour (6m Infant du Bossis - Never So Great) Dr: David Thomain Tr: Cyril Raimbaud 2200 14 Village Mystic (5h Love You - Netchka d'Orgeres) Dr: Louis Baudron Tr: Louis Baudron 2200 15 Uhlan du Val (6h Islero de Bellouet - Indiana Beautiful) Dr: Cedric Megissier Tr: Cedric Megissier 2200 16 Univers de Pan (6h Kenya du Pont - Gypsilore) Dr: Philippe Raugeard Tr: Philippe Raugeard 2200 by David Sanders for  

The Gr. III Prix Jerez de la Frontera for 42,000e at at Cagnes Sur Mer today went to 8/1 Attile d'Auvillier with Yvan Lacombe at the lines. Yannick A. Briand trains the four year-old gelded son of Hermes du Buisson who recorded his fourth career victory. He rallied late to score in 1.16.4kr over 2925 meters. The Meaulnes du Corta filly Action Nancy was second at 2/1 for Denis Brossard. February 14, 2014 Cagnes sur mer, Prix Jerez de la Frontera, Gr. III, 42,000e, 2925 meters, 7 starters  1.16.4kr 1st Attile d'Auvillier (4g Hermes du Buisson-Pepite de Gautiers-Flash de Jiel), Yvan Lacombe up for Yannick A. Briand trainer at 8.1/1, his fourth career win for 74,700e 2nd Action Nancy (4f Meaulnes du Corta-Kearta Nancy). Denis Brossard trainer/driver, 2/1 odds 3rd Anne de Neulliac (4f Magnificent Rodney-Onisu de Neulliac), David Bekaert driver, 13/1 odds, Sylvain Roger trainer The Quinte+ race of the day was also featured on the Hippodrome Cote d'Azur card. The Prix de Barcelone for 55,000e was a contest between 19 European eligibles over 2925 meters. Outsider Recital Carisaie, at 48/1, prevailed over a parade of challengers on the line for reinsman Nicolas Mourot. The Yannick A. Briand trainee was timed in 1.14.8kr. The nine year-old If Only gelding secured his 12th career win, now for earnings in excess of 353,000€. Quorum Quick was second at 17/1, setting up an exact order Quinte payoff of 51,192e (excluding jackpot). February 14, 2014, Cagnes sur mer, Prix de Barcelone, European, 55,000e, 2925 meters, 19 starters, Quinte+ with jackpot 4.3 million euros  1.14.8kr 1st Recital Carisaie (9g If Only-Harmonie Carisaie-Vivaldi de Chenu), Nicolas Mourot up for trainer Yannick A. Briand, 48/1 odds, his 12th lifetime win for 353,280€ 2nd Quorum Quick (10g, Hasting-Fichtre), Eric Raffin up for Jean-Marie Roubaud trainer, 17/1 3rd Ulysse de Curgies (6g Gabor Star-Idole de Curgies), Christophe Martens up for trainer Eric Prudhon, 2/1 by Thomas H. Hicks for            

The Group one Prix des Centaures over 2750m at Vincennes Sunday, is the first of the inter-generational classiques to be raced under the readjusted handicaps designed to address the advantage the younger horses have had in recent years. So great was this advantage seen that few older horses had bothered to sign up for the French trotting equivalent of thoroughbred racing's Weight-For-Age , which is designed to compare the credentials of different crops of horses for breeding purposes. Indeed last year's Prix des Centaures contained a field that was entirely made up of four-year-olds but this time nine of the 15 runners are representatives of the two older crops, making it a highly anticipated race of the ages bringing together the respective stars of Anastasia Fella, Vision Intense and Ulysse. The last time these crops met, in the Prix des Elites last year, Anastasia Fella, aided by the generous 50m advantage was untroubled to win but the next four home were all members of the U-crop including Ulysse in fifth and Ultissimo, who finished second, and in a stunning rate of 1.11.6 (1.55.1MR) for the 2200m. Fabrice Solouy's Ulysse was a disappointing eighth in the Prix de Cornulier after setting the pace, but he does not have to contend with the likes of Roxane Griff or Tiego d'Etang in this, although the son of Love You will have to work very hard to get to his favoured front running role. The third member of the U-crop entered is Utoky, in the famous colours of Comte Pierre de Montesson - of Une de Mai fame - and a not too shabby monte horse himself having won the group one Prix De Vincennes and Prix du President de la Republique. Last year's winner Vision Intense was not in that field, the only V-generation entrants were lesser mares hoping to pick up a classique placing to enhance their breeding value. The Phiippe Moulin-trained daughter of Prodigious was a brilliant winner of the group two Prix Camille Blaisot last start and will start a very warm favourite here, despite the class of the opposition. Valse Castelets was second that day, and is a dual group two monte winner and is one who may also figure in the finish. The other horse who is receiving early handicapping support is Jean-Pierre Dubois beautifully-bred A Nous Deux who is making her first start in a group race after a couple of impressive outings after being switched to saddle recently. The daughter of Goetmals Wood is from Nina Madrik, who was second in the Prix de Jeunes and Prix de l'Etoile and third in the Prix de Selection - the latter two inter-generational races as this one is. She is also from the family of The Best Madrik and several other classique performers. She is trained by Ronny Kuiper and will be ridden by Mathieu Abrivard. PRIX DES CENTAURES Vincennes 09/02/14 FR Group I monte 2175m 4-6 € 240 000 1 Aston Fly (h Hermes de Montfort - Quie Daidou) Jk: Jonathan Carre Tr: Michael Jean Ruault 2 A Nous Deux (s Goetmals Wood - Nina Madrik) Jk: Mathieu Abrivard Tr: Ronny Kuiper 3 Aquarelle de Fael (s Look de Star - Nadia Pierji) Jk: Anthony Barrier Tr: Thierry Duvaldestin 4 Alberic (h Goetmals Wood - Oublies Moi) Jk: David Thomain Tr: Fabrice Souloy 5 Atwood Griff (h Goetmals Wood - Qualane Griff) Jk: Eric Raffin Tr: Sebastien Guarato 6 Anastasia Fella (s Goetmals Wood - Jeanne's Fella) Jk: Franck Nivard Tr: Fabrice Souloy 7 Ultissimo (h Gobernador - Altissima) Jk: Mathieu Mottier Tr: Max Izaac 25m 8 Vaillant Cash (h Offshore Dream - Kara du Redon) Jk: Camille Levesque Tr: Yoann Letellier 25m 9 Ugenie du Citrus (s Meaulnes du Corta - Onna Lisa) Jk: Alexandre Abrivard Tr: Laurent Claude Abrivard 25m 10 Valdice de Mars (s Lynx de Bellouet - Tiphanie) Jk: Yoann Lebourgeois Tr: Loic Groussard 25m 11 Ultima Queen (s Jardy - Maya Day) Jk: Pierre Yves Verva Tr: Virginie Moquet 25m 12 Valse Castelets (s Memphis du Rib - Elide) Jk: Jean Loic Claude Dersoir Tr: Joel Hallais 25m 13 Utoky (h Cygnus d'Odyssee - Epopee) Jk: Damien Bonne Tr: Franck Leblanc 25m 14 Ulysse (h Love You - Loctudy) Jk: Thomas Levesque Tr: Mike Lenders 25m 15 Vision Intense (s Prodigious - Intense Action) Jk: Nathalie Henry Tr: Philippe Moulin 25m Dave Sanders  

Franck Anne's talented five year-old mare Vanika du Ruel, a daughter of Jardy, upset Village Mystic and Victoire to easily capture today's Gr. II Prix Jean Le Gonidec at Paris-Vincennes. The fast leaving young mare, that has been competing against the best aged performers in France, stepped to the front and kept on going to score by open lengths in 1.12.8kr over the rain soaked 2175 meter course. The UET Masters Series event carried a purse of 120,000e. The winner may very well be advancing to the top level for aged mares in the future. Village Mystic, a five year-old son of Love You, was second for Louis Baudron ahead of Italy's Pascia'Lest (by Varenne) with reinsman Jos. Verbeeck. Victoire, the 2/1 favorite ended fifth. February 6, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Jean Le Gonidec, UET Masters Series Gr. II European, 2175 meters, 120,000e, Quinte+ with jackpot 3.9 milion euros, 13 starters  1.12.8 1st Vankina du Ruel (5f Jardy-Jacarandine-Vroum d'Or), Franck Anne trainer/driver, for breeder/owner Mme. Annick Bazn, 7.6/1 odds, convincing start to finish winner, her 12th career win for earnings of 977,760e 2nd Village Mystic (5m Love You-Netchka d'Orgeres), Louis Baudron trainer/driver, 5.5/1 3rd Pascia'Lest (5m Varenne-Superiors Sun), Jos. Verbeeck for Thierry Duvaldestin trainer, 6.8/1, Italy 4th Viking de Val (5m Baccarat du Pont-La Forge de Val), Eric Lambertz trainer/driver, 7.3/1 5th Victoire (5f Kitcko-Juventa Blue), Mathieu Mottier up from trainer Danielle Mottier, 2/1 favorite Two upper class European events were also featured on the Paris-Vincennes card today. Taormina d'Em won the first for Tony Le Beller in 1.14.6kr to capture the Prix Guy Lux over 2700 meters for 72,000e purse. The seven-year-old mare scored in a rousing finish over a fine field that included second place finishing Triskell Pacha for Franck Nivard, Sergent du Rib and Spain's Trebol (finished fourth). February 6, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Guy Lux, European, 2700 meters, 72,000e, 12 starters1.14.6kr 1st Taormina d'Em (7f Cedre du Vivier-Nevadara d'Em-Coktail Jet), Tony Le Beller, 11/1 odds 2nd Triskell Pacha (7g Elio Josselyn-Derose de la Butte), Franck Nivard up, 1.8/1 3rd Sergent du Rib (8g Baccarat du Pont-Hermine du Rib), J.L.C. Dersoir, 10/1 4th Trebol (7m Hot Blues-Sally Can Wait), Gabriel-Angel Pou Pou, 11/1 odds (Spain) 5th Rafale Leman (9f Ekir de Leau-Bellones Leman), Mathier Mottier up, 30/1 J-M Bazire drove Italy's Oneghin Del Ronco to victory in the Prix Leon Zitrone in 1.13.6kr over 2700 meters for 58,000e. The six year-old son of Love You from a Park Avenue Joe mare was an upset winner at 29/1 over a nice field in which Italian invaders by Pine Chip and Viking Kronos were third and fourth. February 6, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Leon Zitrone, European, 58,000€, 2700 meters, 12 starters  1.13.6kr 1st Oneghin Del Ronco (6m Love You-Talia Del Ronco-Park Avenue Joe), J-M Bazire, 29/1 odds for trainer Vincenzo Tufano, owner Vincenzo Cappola (Italy) 2nd Utelo de Carentone (6g Kiwi-Maevu d'Harcouel-Buvetier d'Aunou), Guy Maillard, 16/1 3rd Oscar Chip Fas (6g Pine Chip-Alias diJesolo-Royal Troubador), David Thomain, 91/1 (Italy) 4th Olympic Kronos (6m Viking Kronos-Ebony Kronos-Pine Chip), Dominik Locqueneux, 2/1 odds (Italy) 5th Sem Jafat (6g SJs Photo-Persilja-Pershing), Johan Untersteiner up, 5.8/1 (Sweden) The fastest event of the day was a 1.12.4kr win for Topaze Royale in the monte Prix Jacques Orliaguet over 2175 meters. The winners share of the 48,000e purse took Topaze Royale's earnings to 144,710e for the seven-year-old mare, trained and reined by Mathieu Abrivard. Her victory as favorite broke a string of long odds winners on this day. February 6, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Jacques Orliaguet, monte, 48,000€, 2175 meters, 13 starters 1.12.4kr 1st Topaze Royale (7f Light Up Vonnas-Lea Royale-Capitole), Mathieu Abrivard trainer/driver, 3.2/1, owner Ecurie L.D.M. Abrivard, eighth win for 144,710€ 2nd Tino Madrik (7m Coktail Jet-Elite Gede), C. Frecelle up, 6.5/1 3rd Twiggy Speed (7f Joe l'Amoroso-Theorie Gede), A. Wiels, 12/1 4th Taluska du Levan (7f Ni Ho Ped d'Ombre), Nathalie Henry up at 18/1 Big upset at Vincennes Thursday Unvevring du Gite took yesterday's Paris-Vincennes Prix de L'lle-et-Vilaine at 16/1 odds to set-off an exact order payoff of over 298,000e (excluding the jackpot that reached 3.85 million euros). David Thomain teamed the winner for owner/trainer Jean Lelievre as he increased career earnings to 192,430e. Uvevering du Gite scored in 1.14.1kr over 2100 meters autostart to defeat stablemate 20/1 shot Tabriz du Gite handled by Bernard Piton. February 5, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de L' lle-et-Vilaine, European, 17 starters, 50,000€, 2100 meters autostart, Quinte+ race of the day with 3.85€ million jackpot 1.14.1kr 1st Uvevering du Gite (6m Iton du Gite-Bauxite Bocain), David Thomain up for Jean Lelievre trainer and owner Georges Lelievre, 16/1 odds, fourth career win for 192,430€ 2nd Tabriz du Gite (7m Ganymede-Kabrizica), Bernard Piton up for J. Lelievre, 20/1, stablemate of winner 3rd Uppercut Orange (6m Jag de Bellouet-Mimi L'Abeille), J.L.C. Dersoir trainer/driver, 4.8/1 4th Sky Quick (8g Jasmin de Flore-Mancha Quick), Mathieu Mottier up for Clement Casseron trainer, 129/1 The well assembled Paris-Vincennes card was also highlighted by victories for Altesse du Mirel, a Ready Cash lightly raced four year-old filly, trained and reined by Pierre Vercruysse; the monte Prix de Douvres to Urone du Cebe handled by Marie Bacsich for trainer Franck Leblanc. They overcame a 25 meter handicap and the monte Prix de Rozay-en-Brie that Athletic Sport won for Anne Barthelemy. February 5, 2014, Paris Vincennes Prix de Montlucon, 34,000€ purse, 2700 meters for females, 12 starters 1.19.1kr 1st Altesse du Mirel (4f Ready Cash-Ina de Mirel), Pierre Vercruysse trainer/driver for owner Mme. Florence Allera, 4.1/1 odds, her third win for 29.700€ for this lightly raced filly 2nd Ariana (4f Neoh Jiel-Nausican Sautonne), Jos. Verbeeck up for Jean-Pierre Viel trainer, 2.3/1 co-favorite 3rd Argovie (4f Gogo-Nymphe Jet), F. Senet up for trainer Mme. Michelle Stihl, 12/1 February 5, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix de Douvres, 60,000€, 2850 meters, monte, females, apprentice jockeys, 8 starters  1.15.3kr 1st Urone du Cebe (6f Neutron du Cebe-Irma Saint Jean), Mlle. Marie Bacsich up for Franck Leblanc trainer/owner, 5/1, traveled plus 25 meters, eighth career win for 118,740€ earnings 2nd Ussia du Declic (6f Meaulnes du Corta-Opale du Declic), Xavier Bonnefoux aboard for trainer/owner Yvonnick Dousset, 22/1 3rd Uza Viva (6f Korean-Kuza Viva), Mlle. Isaline Lelievre up, 27/1 odds, trainer Paul Viel, plus 25 meters February 5, 2014 Paris-Vincennes Prix de Rozay-en-Brie, 35,000€, 2700 meters, 16 starters 1.16.8kr 1st Athletic Sport (4m Jag de Bellouet-Quipia Josselyn), Anne Barthelemy up for Philippe Forget, 4.9/1 2nd Alcatraz d'Ariane (4g Gogo-Karintzia d'Ariane), David Thomain teaming for Daniel Bethouart, 2.5/1 3rd Arlequin de Cosse (4m Fortuna Font-Maron de Cosse), Fabien Gence up for Arnaud Leduc trainer, 11/1 4th Aladin de Meslay (4g Dahir de Prelong-Idee de Meslay), Hanna Huygens up for trainer Daniel Moes, 42/1 by Thomas H. Hicks for            

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