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Quentin Schneider is an Alberta native and he and his brother Rick grew up in the harness racing sport in western Canada, where they helped their dad operate the family farm in Sherwood Park, just outside Edmonton. Quentin ventured out at age 21 and worked for some local trainers and began to drive at age 22, winning just one race in his first year but amassing nearly 500 wins over the next 20 years of campaigning, these days he likes to focus more on the training side of the business, and has chalked up over 600 wins as a trainer. He and his wife Kimberley are the dynamic duo that makes up QKS Racing, and their stable operation is primarily made up of horses owned in whole or in part by them. Kimberley, by contrast was not born into racing or horses but did get exposure to both at a young age, and became hooked on horses and then harness racing. The couple met through Harness Racing and immediately hit it off, they have been working together for 10 years and happily married for 8 years now. They have built a full life together with a large family that is filled out by four-legged, 1000 pound, hay munching 'children' that make up their harness racing stable. They currently have 15 horses on the barn roster. Kimberley and Quentin have raced mostly in Alberta and California in recent years and will be making their Running Aces debut this season. They were ready for a change of scenery this summer and had heard nothing but positive things about Running Aces from fellow horsemen in both California and Canada. With limited stall space available at Running Aces, the Schneider's opted to make their summer base of operations in Rice Lake, Wisconsin at the Barron County Fairgrounds, home to a half-mile harness track with a rich Harness Racing history. That was a decision that Kimberley is extremely happy to have made, and she noted "We absolutely love our setup here in Rice Lake - we are in a beautiful barn which has a rich history, and we have heard so many great stories about the many trainers who have stabled here over the years .. we are so happy to now be a part of its history as well". She also praised the facilities, and noted that the people they have met there as incredibly nice and helpful. Schneider, and her horses also revel in the large turnouts, abundance of green grass, and sunshine too. The QKS cast of equine characters play out their daily routines and shenanigans on the world stage before stepping into the spotlight on the racetrack. Kimberley has made a habit of sharing the daily activities of their 'kids' on her Facebook page and that initiative has turned out to be nothing short of sensational. From live-streams while getting their jogging miles in, to bath time, to turnout time, grass munching, snack eating, begging for treats or just 'smiling' and hamming for the camera, Kimberley gets it all on film. That's right - I said 'smiling' - Kimberley has taught many of her four-hooved children to smile for the camera ! I asked Kimberley what motivated her to share and post so much great stuff on Facebook and she said "I want people to feel like they know them ... so many people enjoy watching horse racing, and gamble on horse racing, but at the end of the day they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. The same is true for people who do not like horse racing, I wanted to give them a real insight into our world and show that there is so much more going on than the 2 minutes that people see in a race. These horses are our family, we love them so much and they are all unique individuals. They have so much personality and I want people to feel that connection with them other than just reading their name in a race program". Fans of QKS racing get to follow the daily exploits of the stable on Kimberley's Facebook page, where she also displays her amazing talents as a photographer, sharing snapshots of her 'kids' and describing each activity while sharing each horse's nickname, and registered name. The cast of characters includes "Twister", who is the undisputed star of the show (Schneider says - " just ask him, he'll tell you he is the star ") and a long list of other fun characters like "Roo-Roo", "Thunder", "Villa", "Dum-Dum", "OJ", "June" and "Nora" to name a few. Roo-Roo is Mystic Ruler, an 8 year old pacing gelding by Camystic, is considered one of the stable's top performers currently. The Schneider's claimed him for $5,000 CDN in 2019 and he has turned a nice profit for them since, while also taking a 1:52.4 lifetime mark this winter at Cal-Expo. “Twister” and Kimberley both smile for the camera Another interesting fact about Kimberley is that she loves to teach her standardbreds to ride, and she does so for two reasons - reason number one is because it is so much easier to find them a new home or a new job when they are done racing if they are trained for, and accustomed to riding. The other reason is that Kimberley believes that it is good for their brains to do something different and get mental stimulation from a variety of activities. The Schneider clan will also be represented by Richard 'Ricky' Schneider, who, like Quentin and Kimberley is also making his Running Aces debut this season and has 12 horses based at Rice Lake as well. Ricky has collected 200 driving wins and well over 500 training wins throughout his years in the sport and will be campaigning horses like Gene Eugene, Therealgoods, Lookslikewemadeit, Chief Saratoga, and Budgie Smugler among others. Keep an eye out for the Schneider's and the QKS Racing cast of characters as they take on Minnesota when The Running Aces season kicks off this coming Saturday, June 20 at 1:00 pm CDT By Darin Gagne, for Running Aces

There are many byproducts of the COVID-19 pandemic that are affecting all walks of life, and Harness Racing has had no immunity to the disruptions of normal life. Almost every racetrack in North America was shut down for the better part of three months, and Harness tracks in particular fared worse in terms of shutdowns than other breeds. New health and safety protocols have been put in place at all tracks, and in most cases that has led to new limits on capacities, and distancing requirements of both horses and horsemen on the backstretch at most tracks. Running Aces is no different, and when you factor in the idea that the north-metro Minnesota track already had an under-abundance of stall space to meet yearly demand and interest of trainers seeking to race here, the COVID-19 challenges of 2020 was making it tougher than ever to meet that demand for stalls at the track. Many trainers have found a solution in a quaint little town about 80 miles away from Running Aces and across the Wisconsin border where you can find a great half-mile fair track at the Barron County Fairgrounds in the town of Rice Lake, which has a population of about 9,000 and a rich history in Harness Racing that dates back to the 1800's. In fact, the main racehorse barn was built late in that century, and is currently listed as the oldest standing building in Barron County. And while that historic barn, and the fairgrounds have played host to many famed Wisconsin harness racing stables, it has not been as busy as it is this summer since the very early 2000's. Many of the locals in Rice Lake enjoy walking on the fairgrounds property and love to see all of the racehorses on the track and on the grounds, and many have expressed their delight in seeing so much activity at the barns this summer. The operation of the racetrack and barns at Rice Lake is looked after by Patty Strand, along with Dave Hofacker and Kenny Kolzow. They also operate the Harness Racing meet during the Barron County Fair which typically runs for 5 days in mid-July but will not take place this year due to the pandemic. Patty is also in her second year as Executive Secretary of MHRI, which is the organization that represents harness horsemen in Minnesota. Despite the cancellation of the 2020 fair, Strand and her colleagues at Rice Lake were able to bring some official Harness Racing action to their highly-praised track surface when they hosted the Minnesota early race meets over two weekends from May 30 to June 6, helping Minnesota bred and based trotters and pacers as well as some Wisconsin hopefuls and others to get ready for the Running Aces meet. Harness racing action at the Barron County Fairgrounds in the town of Rice Lake It was a successful undertaking, and the card on Saturday (June 6) saw a new trotting track and state record set when 4 year old trotting stallion Bordogna (Rick Magee) glided across the racetrack with a 1:59.1 victory for owners Cathy Dessert of Minnesota and Badger State native Ken Stauffer. Bordogna also holds a track record at Running Aces, and the Rice Lake track also has the state pacing record of 1:56.3, set on July 20, 2017 by another Running Aces star PV Miracle Mary (Rick Magee) for owner Joe Casagranda, of Michigan. She was 4 at the time of that record mile. This season, there are 70 racehorses that are making their homes at Rice Lake, from about 9 or 10 different trainers. The roster includes Quentin & Kimberley Schneider, Richard Schneider, Melinda Smith & Darryl & Jacob Cutting, Chris Scicluna & Pat Berry, Jenna Cornelison, Greig Watson, Chris Frenzel & Amy Wetzel, Gary & Michael Magee and Tony Succarotte. Most of the 70 standardbreds stabled at Rice Lake this summer will be racing at Running Aces, and making the 80-mile trip on race days, which many would say can be a tedious routine when you factor in the idea that you have to be checked into the grounds at Running Aces by 8:00 am to race. But the overwhelming sentiment this summer is that the advantages and amenities at Rice Lake far out-weigh any disadvantages of the 1 hour and 40 minute commute to the track. Horses at Rice Lake get to enjoy lots of wide open space, with turnouts, paddocks and plenty of green grass, and the track surface has always been considered top-notch. When you visit Rice Lake for the fair, on any given year - you can always feel the excitement in the air for the Harness Racing, and while the pandemic may have taken away the fair this year, nothing can take away the excitement for Harness Racing, certainly not this year, certainly not at this little track. Rice Lake is teeming with Running Aces hopefuls and Harness Racing is alive and strong at the historic Barron County Fairgrounds. By Darin Gagne, for Running Aces

Driver Steve Wiseman is doing 'Whatever It Takes' to beat cancer, and beat the competition on the harness racing track at Running Aces. Steve Wiseman got some very bad news in late winter of last year when he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with indications in multiple organs. It was a diagnosis that would have rendered most people into defeat, but not Steve. From the very first hints of trouble to the very serious diagnosis, Wiseman was adamant that he would fight the cancer - every step of the 'mile'. With tremendous support from his lovely wife and working partner Kathie Plested, his daughter Tyler and his extended family and with the support of the entire Harness Racing world behind him, Steve has been fighting the battle every day since that fateful diagnosis. Steve and Kathie have expressed how deeply moved they have been by all of the support and love that was shown to Steve during his time of need. So many people reached out to the Wiseman family and offered their love, prayers and financial support. The out-pouring of love and giving came from the far reaches of the Harness Racing community, from casual fans to fellow drivers to horse owners and even Mr. Harness Racing himself - John Campbell. There were support campaigns that sold t-shirts or hats or wristbands. There were Gofundme pages and there were prayer chains, and social media outlets were flooded with the hashtag #WisemanStrong. All of the prayers and positive vibes have helped Steve to fight the fight everyday, and have helped him get to where he is now ... back at the races where he has always belonged. The battles have been tough, but they have been won, the current reports from doctors are extremely positive at this time, and recent scans have detected little to no cancer. Steve indicates that he is feeling good and he is more than ready to get back to racing. He would like to put some weight back on and notes that one of the side effects of his treatments has been poor appetite and weight-loss, but he hopes to be able to put some pounds back on soon. Wiseman was very excited to get back to racing when i spoke to him the day before he would make his first qualifying starts of the summer, and he noted "I'm ready to get back racing, and i feel this is the one way i can give back to all of those who supported me ... to get back out there and drive for them ... that is the one thing that i can do." Well, that is exactly what all of his fans and supporters wanted as well, and he has delivered. On Saturday (June 13) at Running Aces 'The Magician' picked up a nice 1:57.2 qualifying win with Queenace Bluechip after orchestrating a perfect pocket trip, and also steered Royale Big Guy to a solid second from off the pace in 1:58.4 - both horses are from his own barn and trained by wife Kathie Plested. Wiseman looked good on the track, he looked sharp and he looked like someone who was in his element. Prayers do get answered and if you are determined to fight and give it all you've got, you can defeat most any obstacle - Steve Wiseman will tell you that, and he will keep on fighting this fight day after day and race after race. The Running Aces horsemen community is so happy to have the resident 'Magician' back on the stage and doing 'Whatever It Takes' to win against cancer and to win on the racetrack. He will be on the track and competing to try and capture his third local driving title (He was leading Driver in 2017 and 2018) when the Live Racing season opens at Running Aces on Saturday (June 20) at 1:00 pm Central. This summer, amid capacity restrictions and other protocols related to COVID-19, Running Aces will be conducting all of it's Live Racing programs in the afternoons, and due to the season's belated start, will race into the month of October for the first time in the track's 13 year history. Live Racing will take place on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays through the summer with the exception of a special Friday card on July 3 and no racing on July 4. There are also 3 added Wednesday racing days in September on the 16th, 23rd and 30th. The season will conclude on Saturday, October 4. Darin Gagne  

The first session of harness racing Qualifiers at Running Aces are scheduled for this Wednesday (June 10), followed by another Qualifying session on Saturday (June 13). Next week, there will be two more Qualifying sessions offered - Monday, (June 15) and Wednesday (June 17). In all cases, Qualifying entries are due by 10:00 am on the day before. Post time for the pre-season qualifiers is 12:00 noon for all sessions. Please note that due to the afternoon (1:00 pm) Live Racing post times at Running Aces this season, the entry box will close at 8:00 am sharp on draw days. Trainers are strongly encouraged to use the USTA online entry system. Telephone entries will be accepted from 7:00 am to 8:00 am (only) on draw days. For the first week of racing, we will draw on Wednesday (June 17) for Saturday (June 20) and draw on Thursday (June 18) for Sunday (June 21) followed by a Saturday (June 20) draw for Tuesday (June 23). For the remainder of the meet there will be a double-draw on Wednesdays for both Saturday and Sunday race cards, and Tuesday cards will be drawn on Saturday mornings. Live Racing is slated to begin on Saturday, June 20 and continue through Saturday, October 4. In addition to the Tuesday-Saturday-Sunday race schedule, there will be 3 Wednesday cards of Live Racing in September (the 16th, 23rd and 30th). Horsemen are also reminded that strict protocols are in place to ensure everyone's health and safety, please make sure to abide by all of the special 2020 race meet safety and health protocols. Horsemen are also reminded that all paperwork must be filed with MRC on each horse prior to arrival at Running Aces (Coggins and Health Certificates). All racing participants must be licensed in order to race, please secure all licensing prior to horse entry. MRC Licensing office phone is 651-925-3951. For any horsemen related questions you may contact the Judges at 651-925-3943 or the Race Office at 651-925-4532. By Darin Gagne, for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

Sacramento, CA — Watch and Wager LLC, operator of Cal Expo harness, and the California Harness Horsemen’s Association would like to publicly thank Running Aces for their generous support during the COVID-19 crisis. Running Aces, through its charitable foundation, has contributed $30,000 to help defray Cal Expo backstretch operating expenses for the past two months. “This is exactly the reason we created the North Metro Racetrack and Community Foundation,” said Running Aces President and CEO Taro Ito. “To help our horsemen when needed. We are glad to fulfill our charter and that we made a difference.” The Cal Expo backstretch area is set to close on May 31 as the vast majority of these horsemen head to Running Aces Racetrack and Casino. The barn area at Running Aces opens June 1, with the first day of live racing Saturday (June 20). by Mark Ratzky, publicity, Cal Expo Harness

Columbus, OH — According to a story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minnesota Senate passed a bill Sunday to assist Canterbury Park and Running Aces as they prepare to start their racing seasons without spectators. The legislation, which passed 65-2, temporarily reduces the tracks’ portion of regulatory fees. It also changes the number of live racing days required to operate a card club. To read the full story, click here. from the USTA Communications Department

Running Aces has completed many aspects of our preparations for opening our harness racing backstretch beginning June 1, 2020. The backstretch will be open at 6AM - 8PM daily. Horsemen and women are encouraged to reference the following links for information detailing the COVID-19 response prepared by Running Aces as well as complete the required forms prior to arrival at Running Aces. All health certificates / coggins must be emailed to MRCINFO@STATE.MN.US a minimum of 24 hours in advance of any horses scheduled for arrival. Also please note, all arrivals must be scheduled a minimum of 72 hours in advance with Ben Blum to ensure all paperwork is on file and your arrival is planned to prevent congestion at the gate. The below links are also available on our website at COVID-19 Information Sheet COVID-19 Liability Release Emergency Preparedness Plan Shipping Checklist -updated 5/18/20 2020 Revised Live Racing Schedule - pending MRC Approval Thank you for your understanding and cooperation though this period of unknown - we sincerely appreciate your efforts to keep RA Safe, Secure, and an environment we're all proud to call Home. RA Track Management Team   Ben Blum Director of Mutuels & Simulcasting

Attention Running Aces Harness Racing Trainers: Stall allocations were posted yesterday and we continue to work with MHRI to develop our full schedule of races for regulatory review and approval. We are committed to opening the backstretch at 8AM on June 1, 2020 for the first phase of the 2020 season at Running Aces. This year, we will open the backstretch in two phases. Those who are assigned trailers at Running Aces or are in need of stabling for their horses are welcome to join us during the initial phase. Phase two, for the remainder of trainers allocated stalls at Running Aces, will open June 8, 2020 at 8AM. RA will offer four Qualifying Days beginning with phase 1 horses June 10 at 11AM. RA will post the full schedule of races, pending regulatory approval, once a schedule has been finalized with MHRI. Please confirm your intentions and date of arrival with Ben Blum prior to making shipping arrangements as well as sending stall rosters to The purpose of a phased opening is to allow for a period of self-isolation and social distancing and learning new safety protocols for those traveling from great distance working in close proximity on the backstretch at Running Aces. As an additional measure of the safety and welfare of those working at Running Aces, we have hired Trisha Stobbs, Health and Safety Compliance Administrator, to develop and manage risk mitigation and safety practices for our horse people, RA Employees, and MRC Staff. Ben Blum Director of Mutuels & Simulcasting P• 651-925-4514 | C• (651) 260-8961 E• RUNNING ACES CASINO • HOTEL • RACETRACK 15201 Running Aces Blvd. Columbus, MN 55025 | (651) 925-4600 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram                                                        

First, thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this period of unknown. Today, we are releasing our 2020 stall allocations here. Please note these allocations reflect our plans to better secure our backside, horse people and your horses, RA and MRC staff who will all be working together to ensure all safety measures and protocols are in place upon our reopening. We have consulted many resources, and have opted to allocate 233 stalls while maintaining 18 stalls in Barn B for easier access to ship-in trainers. Please take this time to carefully review your allocated stalls and prepare a stall roster of horses to be sent to by May 8, 2020. We are continuing to monitor the ever changing Covid-19 situation here in MN and are working with MHRI and the MRC on our revised barn opening, qualifying dates, as well as our live racing schedule pending regulatory approvals. Please contact Ben Blum ( or 651.260.8961) should you have any related concerns or questions. Ben Blum Running Aces

Columbus, MN -Driver/Trainer Nick Roland led the Harness Racing program at Running Aces on Sunday (August 18) with three winners on the program, including two dramatic wins in two of the evening's featured events.   Roland steered his superstar 3 year old gelding trotter to victory in the $16,000 Minnesota-Sired sophomore Trot from post seven, getting away quickly for the early lead before yielding to Major Al-Mar (Dean Magee) for the pocket. Ice Storm (Mooney Svendsen) came from second over and battled late with Major Al-Mar, with MD Magic looking to be blocked nearing the wire, but Roland was able to thread the needle and surge in between his two rivals to get up right on the money in a three-way photo as they stopped the timer in 2:00.3.   For MD Magic ($4.00), it was four wins in a row and his sixth victory in eleven outings in 2019, for seasonal earnings of $50,550. The winning owners are Set The Pace Racing, LLC.   Roland sent out Firedrake in the $15,000 Open Handicap Pace for horses and geldings, and again had to face his chief rival Nine Ways (Dean Magee) who was in search of his ninth consecutive win and was heavily favored at 2-5. Both Firedrake and Nine Ways flashed their customary gate speed, with Firedrake getting to the front first from post six, then yielding to the big favorite near the 1/8 mile mark as they ripped off an opening stanza of :26.4.   Nine Ways led through the middle stages in :56.1 and 1:24.2 but faced strong first-over pressure from Fox Valley Nemitz (Brian Detgen). Nine Ways had the lead as they straightened for home, with Fox Valley Nemitz still pressing on, and Bettor's Promise tipping wide with pace. Firedrake was looking for room and found just enough to squeeze through the inside lane and make it a four way go at the line. After a lengthy photo finish examination, Roland and Firedrake had gotten home just in front of Nine Ways in an absolute thriller in 1:53.   Set The Pace Racing, LLC. are the proud owners of Firedrake, the now 6 year old gelded son of Dragon Again, out of the Artsplace mare Everything's Easy. Firedrake ($14.40) now has 3 wins and $50,780 on the season.   Running Aces honored and remembered horseman Tim Brown on Sunday, with the $15,000 Open Trot being named the Tim Brown Memorial Race. The field of eight was deep with talent, and the public honed in on Winning Lyric as the 3-5 favorite.   Silverlode (Steve Wiseman) got the early lead with a strong brush from the gate, with Banker Volo (Nick Roland) leaving from post seven and finding the pocket, while public choice Winning Lyric (Dean Magee) got away last before getting into the outer flow near the half.   Silverlode led them into the far turn but began to shorten strides as Winning Lyric had quickly advanced all the way up to the leaders wheel, and took over near the 3/4-mile marker. French Eclipse (Rick Magee) had saved ground throughout and was a clear second, with It's A Horse (Tim Maier) closing late for third money.   Winning Lyric ($3.20) is a 5 year old son of Credit Winner and out of the Yankee Glide mare Naked Lyric, he now has four wins in twelve starts in 2019 with earnings of $49,995. He is owned by Terrence Smith and trained by Edward Hernandez.   Nineteen year old driver Braxten Boyd picked up his first career pari-mutuel driving victory on Sunday at Running Aces, when he steered his family-owned pacer Bestinthebusiness ($13.60) to his 47th lifetime win in 1:53. The winning trainer is Gene Miller.   Live Racing returns to Running Aces on Tuesday night (August 20) with local post time at 6 pm.   Photo: Running Aces all time leading trainer and driver had a big night on Sunday, including dramatic wins with MD Magic and Firedrake.     By Darin Gagne for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

Columbus, MN - The 2018 Harness Racing Horse of The Year in Minnesota was back in action on Saturday night (Aug 17) at Running Aces.   Burning Blaze headlined the field in the $16,000 Minnesota-Sired three year old Pace, taking on a field of six other rivals, and starting from post seven on the gate. Driver Steve Wiseman sent the gelded son of Wind Me Up away quickly, clearing the front from a fast starting Sweet Vivian (Mooney Svendsen) with a moderate first quarter clocking of :28.1 while A Little Rusty (Dean Magee) settled away in third.   Wiseman orchestrated a well rated mile for Burning Blaze, who carried the field through fractions of :57.0 and 1:26 with no pressure whatsoever, and had plenty in reserve for the stretch drive, peeling off a 27.2 closing stanza to keep everybody chasing him home, including pocket-sitter Sweet Vivian, who was not able to make up ground on the leader, despite her own :27.2 final kick. A Little Rusty was able to hold down the show spot.   Burning Blaze ($5.60) has now registered three wins in eleven outings in 2019, with seasonal earnings of $31,970. His career numbers are impressive, 10 wins, 3 seconds and 5 thirds from 20 starts, with a bankroll of $85,220 for owners Alan & Cheryl Sandbulte and Edward Gutin. The winning trainer is Justin Anfinson.   Brady Jenson led all drivers on the program with two wins, including a one-two sweep of Race 5, a $6,800 conditioned pace in which he drove his trainee Selma O'Brien ($16.60) to her second consecutive score in a career best 1:54.4 with his other trained entry Nurse Nattie (Tim Maier) getting second. The Jenson-trained Exacta paid a healthy $125.60 to Lucky winners and loyal Jenson fans.   Live Racing returns to Running Aces on Sunday (Aug 18) with local post time at 6:00 pm.     By Darin Gagne for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

Despite heavy rains and strong storms throughout the day on Sunday (July 28) in the north-metro Minnesota area, the Harness Racing card at Running Aces went to post as scheduled, and delivered some very exciting contests and close finishes over the track rated sloppy.   One of the most impressive winning efforts of the night came from Fox Valley Nemitz ($ 22.00, Brian Detgen) , who picked up his fourth win in twelve outings this season with a resilient first-over mile in 1:52.3 in the featured $14,000 Open Handicap Pace for horses and geldings.   Starting from post four in the seven horse affair, Fox Valley Nemitz floated away in sixth position and sat through the initial fast quarter (:26.3) but was quickly out and moving first-up just after that juncture, and began to apply pressure to leader and race favorite Holdingallthecards (Dean Magee).   Bettor's Promise (Mooney Svendsen) was sitting in the pocket and Top Notch (Rick Magee) was well spotted with the outside cover from Fox Valley Nemitz as they made their way around the far turn.   Fox Valley Nemitz turned up the pressure as they turned for home and Holdingallthecards folded his hand and relented, while Top Notch was raging with pace and tipped wide. Fox Valley Nemitz continued to pace strong to the wire and fought hard to deny Top Notch the victory, keeping his rival at bay by a half length on the line.   The winner is a 5 year old son of Richess Hanover, owned by Susan Holm-Johansen, and trained by Ulf Holm-Johansen. He now has 16 career wins and $140,002 in the bank.   MD Magic ($5.00, Nick Roland) picked up his third straight win in the $16,000 Minnesota-Sired three year old Trot, with a sharp effort from post eight in 2:00.2 over Dewey's Machine (Steve Wiseman) for his fifth win of the year for owner Set The Pace Racing and trainer Nick Roland. MD Magic now has career earnings of $112,860.   Pridecrest is back on top of the trotting colony at Running Aces after a sharp looking win in the $15,000 Open Handicap Trot on Sunday. The classy 7 year old veteran by Angus Hall pulled the upset win with an outside trip throughout. Driver Steve Wiseman kept Pridecrest in the outer flow and covered up before tipping three-wide into the final turn and delivering heavy pressure to leader Banker Volo (Tim Maier).   Pridecrest took the lead at the head of the lane but immediately faced a strong late challenge from Winning Lyric (Dean Magee) for an exciting stretch battle, with Pridecrest ($34.00) prevailing by a neck on the line in 1:56. The winning owner is Christopher Schick, and the winning trainer is Kathie Plested-Wiseman.   Nick Roland had a big night on Sunday, piloting a total of five winners on the card, while Steve Wiseman drove three winners and trainer Kathie Plested-Wiseman sent out the same three winners.   Live Racing returns to Running Aces on Tuesday night (July 30) with local post time at 7 pm. The 20 cent Pick-5 Jackpot now stands at $3,547.90.     By Darin Gagne, for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

The Tuesday evening (July 23) Harness Racing program at Running Aces featured the weekly edition of the Mares Open pace event, with this week's rendition drawing a field of nine to battle it out for a $16,000 purse. Juslikeaqueen (Dean Magee) was back as the headliner in the field, making her return to the top mares event after taking her chances against the boys in the 2019 Dan Patch FFA, where she ran into the toughest Dan Patch nomination field to date, and finished sixth in her elimination group, but was only beaten two lengths. Juslikeaqueen lived up to all the hype this week, posting a dominating gate-to-wire win from post eight with the victory never in doubt. She paced the first half in :56.1 and repeated that for the final half, to stop the timer in 1:52.2 and check in 1-3/4 lengths ahead of Delightfully Wild (Nick Roland) at the wire. Pull The Shade (Brady Jenson) turned in another impressive " first-over forever " mile and held gamely for third. Juslikeaqueen ($2.80) is a 5 year old mare by Palone Ranger, out of the Kingston mare Queen Caroline. She now has nine wins in twenty-three starts this year, with 26 career tallies and $289,080 in the bank. The winning owner is Antonia Storer and the winning trainer is Tim Maier. Teachmehowtotory ($3.80, Nick Roland) picked up her second consecutive win in the $11,500 Minnesota-Sired two year old fillies Trot, with a dominating performance in 2:03.1. The sharp filly by Braggart now has two wins in three starts for owners Set The Pace Racing, LLC. Dubberyoo ($15.20, Dean Magee) was a winner in his career debut in the $9,200 Minnesota-Sired two year olds "B" pace, with an impressive win from off the pace in 2:01.3, featuring a :28.4 final quarter. The gelding son of It's That Time is owned by Merlin Van Oterloo and trained by Brett Ballinger. Trotterlicious ($4.00, Tim Maier) was impressive again, turning in his second consecutive gate-to-wire win in the $11,500 Minnesota-Sired two year old colts & geldings Trot, stopping the timer in 2:01. The Money Talks gelding is owned and trained by Rick Bertrand. Bunkerhill Phil ($3.40, Don Harmon) has now won three straight races at Running Aces, picking up an impressive last-to-first sweep in the $13,800 Minnesota-Sired two year olds "A" pace in 1:58.2, powering home in :28.2 to get up at the wire by a neck. The impressive son of Vlos now has five wins in six career outings. The winning owner/trainer/breeder is Gene Miller. Drivers Dean Magee and Steve Wiseman both turned in Hat-Trick performances on Tuesday, with three winners each, while Nick Roland completed a driving double. Live Racing returns to Running Aces on Saturday (July 27) with first post at 6 pm central, and two carryover pools: The 20 cent Pick-5 Jackpot is $2,192.87, and the 50 cent Hi-5 has a carryover of $1,950.98. By Darin Gagne, for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack  

The Sunday evening (July 21) harness racing program at Running Aces featured the main event on Dan Patch weekend, The $50,000 Dan Patch FFA Pace - Sponsored by Watch And Wager. Last Year's Dan Patch FFA Champion Nine Ways turned in another exhilarating performance in the 2019 Dan Patch, as he rocketed past pace-setter Rockin Speed in the homestretch to record the fastest mile ever at Running Aces when he stopped the timer in 1:50.2, lowering the track mark for the second consecutive week, and also completing six wins in a row. Running Aces' leading driver Dean Magee got Nine Ways away from the gate quickly, and was able to secure the second position on the rail, while Rockin Speed with driver Travis Seekman surged from post position six right to the lead and posted a fast opening quarter of :26.2, before being hounded by Ideal Ace with driver Stephen White who applied heavy pressure to the leader throughout the middle stages of the race (:54.2 and 1:21.4). Rockin Speed turned back the challenge of Ideal Ace, and Nine Ways emerged from the pocket position with plenty of pace, while Firedrake and driver Nick Roland shook free from third at the rail and was charging hard late. Nine Ways got home first for the track record mile, and his second consecutive Dan Patch Championship, with a winning margin of 1-3/4 lengths. Nine Ways is a 5 year old son of Delmarvelous and out of the Cam's Card Shark mare Nine Nine of Hearts, the victory in the 2019 Dan patch completed six wins in a row for Nine Ways, who now has 24 lifetime wins and earnings of $269,906. The winning owner is Antonia Storer, and the winning trainer is Tim Maier. Nine Ways paid $4.40 for every $2.00 win ticket. Drivers Dean Magee, Nick Roland and Rick Magee all turned in doubles on the Dan Patch program, which produced a new record handle for Running Aces of $371,635. RACE 9 RESULTS RUNNING ACES 7/21/19 $50,000 DAN PATCH FFA PACE TIMES: :26.2, :54.2, 1:21.1, 1:50.2 5- Nine Ways (Dean Magee) $4.40 $2.80 $2.40 6- Rockin Speed (Travis Seekman) $3.20 $3.00 2- Firedrake (Nick Roland) $4.20 $2 Exacta 5-6 $12.00 $2 Trifecta 5-6-2 $46.40 $2 Superfecta 5-6-2-1 $197.00 By Darin Gagne for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

The Saturday evening (July 20) harness racing program at Running Aces featured two $25,000 events to kick of the biggest weekend of the summer at the Minnesota oval, Dan Patch Weekend. The $25,000 Ron Banks Pace attracted a strong field of 10 talented pacers going to post, headlined by Holdingallthecards (6-5, Dean Magee) and Stuckey Dote (2-1, Rick Magee). Holdingallthecards was entering this event after a solid win in the top Open Pace a week ago in 1:51.4, and Stuckey Dote was returning to Running Aces after a three race stint at Chicago's Hawthorne Racecourse, where he picked up a 1:51.2 win, and a second. Holdingallthecards fired fastest from the gate from post three and took off for the quarter pole with Stuckey Dote finding the pocket easily from post two. King Of The Crop (Steve Wiseman) left alertly and was able to secure a spot in third as they posted speedy fractions of :26.1, :54.2 and 1:22.1 with Holdingallthecards keeping the field in chase mode. As they rounded for home, it was clear that Stuckey Dote had taken full benefit of his pocket journey, and was full of pace, exploding Into the two-path as they straightened for the wire, and drawing away to a two length score in 1:51, with King Of The Crop closing inside to grab second over Holdingallthecards. Stuckey Dote ($6.60) is a 6 year old gelding by Voracious Hanover out of the Artsplace mare Missy Artsie, he is owned by Merlin Van Oterloo and trained by Brett Ballinger. The victory in The Ron Banks Pace was win number six on the season, and 33rd lifetime for Stuckey Dote, who also eclipsed the $300,000 mark in career earnings tonight. The $25,000 Vernon Devine Trot was the other big feature event on the card, and attracted a nice field of nine top-level trotters to square off in the evening's nightcap event. Pine Dream was the talk of the tote-board at 4-5 and was a new shooter to Running Aces and a regular Hawthorne competitor, he drew post eight for his local debut. Banker Volo was second choice in the wagering at 3-1, followed by My Uncle Cuz at 7-2. Banker Volo (Tim Maier) utilized his customary early speed and trotted out to the early lead from post two, while My Uncle Cuz (Don Harmon) floated away quickly to grab the pocket, and French Eclipse (Rick Magee) came away in third from the pole position. Pine Dream made a big move from the back of the pack near the three-eighths juncture, but went off-stride when near the top, losing all chance. Banker Volo led all the way into the lane, but My Uncle Cuz had plenty of trot and emerged from the pocket to score a one length victory over Banker Volo in 1:56, with French Eclipse holding the third spot. My Uncle Cuz My Uncle Cuz ($9.80) is a five year old gelded son of Abc Garland, he now has three wins in ten starts this year and lifetime earnings of $294,699. The winning owner is Krista Harmon, and the winning trainer is Don Harmon. Windmeupnwatchmego ($2.20, Dean Magee) picked up her fifth win in six seasonal starts tonight, with a 1:54.4 score in the $11,500 Minnesota-Sired three year old filly pace, and SB Bodacious ($3.80, Rick Magee) scored his fourth win of the year in the $11,500 Minnesota-Sired three year old colts & geldings pace with a 1:54.2 mile over Stay Humble N Kind (Gerald Longo). Dean Magee had a very big night on Saturday, with a Grand Slam of four winners on the card. Rick Magee also had a big night, with a Hat-Trick of three winners. Live Racing returns to Running Aces on Sunday (July 21) with a fantastic twelve race program, featuring the $50,000 Dan Patch FFA Pace. By Darin Gagne, for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

On Sunday evening (July 14) Running Aces hosted elimination races for the biggest Harness Racing event of the summer in Minnesota - The Dan Patch FFA Pace. Fourteen contenders lined up in two fields of seven to battle it out and decide the finalists for next week's $50,000 signature event.  Defending Dan Patch FFA champion Nine Ways (Dean Magee) was a headliner in the second $15,000 elimination grouping on the card, along with last year's runner-up and 2017 champion Firedrake (Nick Roland). They were the two fastest away from the gate, with Nine Ways sprinting to the lead and Firedrake securing the pocket through the opening quarter in :26.4.  SF Donttellonme (Rick Magee) paced away in third and the rest of the field was in a line-up as Nine Ways maintained a solid tempo (:55.0 and 1:22.4). Bettor's Promise launched a first-over bid near the half, and applied pressure to the leader down the backstretch and around the far turn, with Ideal Ace (Steven White) and To The Limit (Steve Wiseman) in the outer flow - but nobody was able to get past Nine Ways, who paced home strong through the lane with a :27.4 final panel and held off Firedrake who emerged from the pocket with pace. Nine Ways dug in for a 1¼ length tally to stop the timer in 1:50.3 and register the fastest mile in the history of Running Aces. SF Donttellonme held third over Bettor's Promise, while To The Limit won a big battle for the final qualifying spot.  Nine Ways ($2.40) is a 5 year old gelded son of Delmarvelous out of the Cam's Card Shark mare Nine of Hearts. The victory tonight completed 5 wins in a row for Nine Ways for owner Antonia Storer and trainer Tim Maier, and pushed his career numbers to 23 wins and $244,906.  The first $15,000 elimination heat carried two of the most anticipated starters from the overall nomination field - Fox Valley Gemini (Steve Wiseman) the Hawthorne shipper who was looking to extend a six race win streak, and Rockin Speed (Travis Seekman) who shipped in from Indiana where he just posted a 1:49.1 career mark.  Local speedster Urgointohearmeroar (Lemoyne Svendsen) was also in the first grouping, along with the lone mare in the 2019 Dan Patch field Juslikeaqueen (Dean Magee).  Rockin Speed blasted from the gate from post two to take a firm early command, forcing Fox Valley Gemini to settle for the pocket from the rail, while Urgointohearmeroar floated away in third as they completed the fast :26.3 opening stanza. Urgointohearmeroar got rolling on the outside near the half, and was first over with Juslikeaqueen in tow and Major Legacy (Nick Roland) third-over. Urgointohearmeroar continued to pressure Rockin Speed through the middle panels of :55.3 and 1:23.1 while keeping Fox Valley Gemini locked tight in the pocket.  A furious stretch battle ensued as they turned for home, with Urgointohearmeroar getting the upper hand late for a ¾-length score over Rockin Speed in a 1:51 mile. Top Notch (Rick Magee) rallied from the back of the pack to secure third at 75-1, while Annihilator (Don Harmon) also closed well to pick up fourth at 72-1 and Fox Valley Gemini completed the top five.  Urgointohearmeroar completed a five race win streak with his elimination victory, adding to his impressive total of 13 wins in 15 starts this season, for earnings of $45,765. The impressive 4 year old Mystery Chase gelding is owned and trained by Mark Anderson.  Urgointohearmeroar and driver Lemoyne Svendsen secured win number thirteen this season in his Dan Patch FFA elimination. The $15,000 Open II Handicap Pace went to Holdingallthecards ($4.80, Dean Magee) in 1:51.4 for his fourth win in sixteen starts this year, and the $15,000 Open Handicap Trot went to My Uncle Cuz ($20.60, Don Harmon) for his second win in nine season starts, and a seasonal best clocking of 1:55.4.  Heavy rains moved in to the area at Running Aces after race ten, with race eleven going to post under sloppy conditions. After a delay, and further bands of heavy rain, race twelve was cancelled due to safety concerns.  Live Racing returns to Running Aces on Tuesday, July 16 with a big twelve race program, that offers two carryovers - the 20 cent Pick-5 Jackpot carryover is $5,310.11 and the 50 cent Hi-5 carryover is $1,655.11. Post time on Tuesday is 7:00 pm (CDT). By Darin Gagne, for Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

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