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September 25, 2015 - At Paris-Vincennes’ evening harness racing card, the Prix Hekate (purse €42,000, 2200 meters, 9 starters) opener for two year-olds went to 2/1 odds Don’t Explain (2f Prodigious-Quarmen du Gite) with Mathieu Abrivard up for trainer/owner Philippe Allaire. Allaire also trains second finishing 1.9/a favorite Deep Purple (2f Prodigious-Ornella Rainbow) that Jos. Verbeeck handled for owner G. Poulsen Allaire. 17.7/1 Dame Denfert (2f Quilon du Chatelet-Pin Up du Charnot) ended third for trainer/driver Ch. Petrement. The featured Prix Felicitas (€70,000 purse, 2850 meters, 10 starters) resulted in a 1.14.7kr three-length victory by 3.6/1 Bon Copain (4m Love You-Ilaie) and teamster Damien Bonne for trainer Thierry Raffegeau and owner J-Y Roze. 7.5/1 Biwa Nectar (4m Nectar-Nika) was second for driver Franck Nivard for Ecurie Comte P. de Montesson. 2.6/1 Best Buissonay (4m L’Ecu du Vernay-Nyota Buissonay) was third for Joel Van Eeckhaute with fourth to 1.8/1 Black Charm (4m Prodigious-Podana) and Eric Raffin for Philippe Moulin, trainer for Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Vento (6g Hasting-Pimpante de Thoury) took tonight’s Quinte+ Prix Austina (purse €44,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters) timed in 1.13.6kr for reinsman Jean-Francois Senet at 31.5/1 odds. The Q+ jackpot was €3.8 million and the exact order payoff, excluding jackpot) was €202,608 for a €2 wager. Uranus Tepol (7g Chef du Chatelet-Nuelle Verie) was second at 5.6/1 with 7.7/1 Tallien (8g Extreme Aunou-Gyka de la Chaise) home third for Herve Soinneau. The 2.2/1 favorite Veritable Crack was disqualified. Today’s Prix Augustin (purse €30,000, 2850 meters distance handicap, 18 European starters) at Mauquenchy went to the 1.16.1kr winner Viano Turbo (6g Orsy Dream-Guimauve des Sarts) with Gabriel-Angel Pou Pou driving for Ecurie Turbo. This 5.5/1 odds winner defeated 48/1 HM Monocerus (8f Staro Showbiz-Taxi Genova) for N. Bezin, trainer Thierry Duvaldestin and owner Geir Norbotten of Norway. Third was 15/1 Victoria Empress (6f Magnificent Rodney-Pay The Bill) for driver/trainer/owner Ulf Nordin. Those finishing second and third were handicapped 25 meters. Also at Mauquenchy the Prix Jacquemart (purse €30,000, 2850 meters, 17 European starters, monte) went to 1.9/1 odds favorite Staro Fendi (7g Self Possessed-Dadaup Jet) for Alexandre Abrivard, trainer Vincent Lacroix and owner Jos. Cachia. 8.5/1 Unctuous Charm (7g Gros Grain-Allure Barvillaise) was second for Eric Raffin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. 100.5/1 odds Songe de Beylev (9g Podisis-Nova Pierji) was third for Thomas Levesque that overcame a 25 meter handicap. The winner was clocked in 1.16.2kr. Tomorrow starts the German Breeders Crown events held at Berlin-Mariendorf. The race lineup is shown below: Saturday September 26 5-7 year old Mares, 1900 meters autostart, purse €56,724 5-7 year-old Males, 1900 meters autostart, purse €56,724 Sunday September 27 3 year-old Fillies, 1900 meters autostart, purse €35,278 4 year-old Mares, 1900 meters autostart, purse €57,924 4 year-old Males, 1900 meters autostart, purse €46,339 3 year-old Males, 1900 meters autostart, purse €30,868 2 year-old Fillies, 1900 meters autostart, purse €22,988 2 year-old Males, 1900 meters autostart, purse €22,988 Saturday at Solvalla showcases the Giant Diablo and Frances Bulwarks Trots. Delicious has been scratched from the former that still includes top mares Eketorpets Tess (Johan Untersteiner) and Youana (Erik Adielsson). The Frances Bulwarks includes among its good competitors Knows Nothing (Ulf Ohlsson), Global Money (Robert Bergh), Harry Haythrow (Peter Untersteiner) and Ringostarr Treb (Wim Paal). Thomas H. Hicks

September 10, 2015 - Thursday’s (September 10) Reims feature was the Grand Prix de Reims (purse €32,000, 2575 meters, 15 European starters) with the 1.13.1kr victory earned by 8.1/1 odds Dellvan (8g Dell Ridge Image-Elusive Muse) driven by trainer Jorgen Westholm for owner Stall Stabil HB. 73/1 Uranium du Celice (7g Let’s Go Along-Native du Calice) was second ahead of 34/1 Trio du Calorne (8g Nuage Noir-Vallee du Mew). Agora (5f Prodigious-Ibiza des Brisants) took the Prix Marcel Bousseau (purse €35,000, 2775 meters, 18 European entrants) at Les Sables d’Olonne clocked in 1.16.7kr with Eric Raffin up at 3.4/1 odds. 14.5/1 odds Tip Top Nelliere (8g Go Lucky-Novelty Blue) was second for owner/trainer/driver J-Ph Mary and third went to 6.2/1 Umberto de Nacre (7g Korean-Ivana d’Arc). Cavaillon’s Wednesday feature was the Prix de la Societe du Cheval Francais (purse €28,000, 2525 meters autostart, 15 European starters) and its 1.15kr winner was 7/10 favorite veteran Berry’s Boy (7g Love You-Realy Furniture) with Genny Delaune up for trainer Sebastien Guarato and owner R.F. Nooteboom, 10.9/1 Midsummer King (10g Ling Lavec-Pietra) was second for J-Ch Sorel up and 37/1 Rambo de Morgane (10g Jasmin de Flore-Jorka de Morgane) ended third. Air de Marne (5g Corot-Hydre de Marne) scored a 1.16.1kr victory at 7.8/1 odds this day in the Grand Prix de Trot de Cavaillon (purse €30,000, 2600 meters, 12 starters). J-Ch Sorel teamed the winner to defeat 2.1/1 Univers Love (7m Love You-Harazina) with trainer Mickael Cormy driving. 21/1 Ukir du Donjon (7g Jeanbat du Vivier-Geribia du Donjon) was third for J-Ch Feron up. Thomas H. Hicks

September 6, 2015 - 7.7/1 odds Sierra Leone (9f John Arifant-Une d’Havetrot) won today’s Gr. III Prix Seche Environnement (purse €80,000, 2775 meters, 18 starters, on turf) for reinsman J.Cl. Hallais and trainer J-W Hallais timed in 1.19.9kr by a nose from 5.2/1 Tresor Wic (8m Jag de Bellouet-Epona Vinn) with Anthony Barrier teaming for trainer Laurent Simon, 4.4/1 Tagada Tagada (8f Meaulnes du Corta-Lambada Blue) was third for Mathieu Abrivard driving with fourth to Tornade du Digeon (8f Jag de Bellouet-Merlane du Terme) and teamster J-M Bazire. The Prix du Cheran (purse €20,000, 2775 meters, 16 starters) at Craon produced a 1.23.4kr victory for 4.8/1 Boris de Kera (4g Kenor de Cosse-Petite Cara) with Michel Bezier aboard for trainer/owner Arnaud Desmottes. A driving second, wide on the grandstand side, was 25.2/1 Better Choice (4g Prodigious-New Pearl) driven by Jean-Philippe Dubois for Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. 7.2/1 Baiadera (4f Jasmin de Flore-Orreaga) ended third for Franck Nivard and trainer Thierry Duvaldestin. Classic Glory (3f Prodigious-Naxia de Feugeras) scored a 1.22.4kr victory in the Prix du Journal Paris-Turf (purse €20,000, 2275 meters, 14 starters) at 6.2/1 odds for driver Mathieu Abrivard and the Moulin/Ecurie Victoria Dreams team. 25.4/1 Cachou de Malac (3m Mahar de Beval-Papeete) captured second with 1.8/1 Carabin d’Urzy (3g Ganymede-Perle d’Urzy) third for J-M Bazire. Thomas H. Hicks  

August 24, 2015 - Favorite Viking Blue (6g Prodigious-Idde Blue) took today’s Quinte+ Prix de Mortain (purse €55,000, 2850 meters, 15 starters) for teamster Dominik Locqueneux clocked in 1.14.6kr. Yannick A. Briand trains the favorite winner that was off at 1.7/1 odds. 4.8/1 Tina Vivanciere (8f Hermes Perrine-Giga Query) ended second for David Thomain and trainer J-P Thomain with third to 11/1 Volcanissimo (6m Oyonnax-Prime Way Carless) handled by A-A Chavatte. The Q+ jackpot this day was €2.9 million. Una des Ponnes (7f Jag de Bellouet-Inex de Naulliac) took the Prix de Puteaux (purse €82,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) clocked in 1.16.1kr for Adrien Lamy and trainer Bruno Marie. This 6.6/1 odds winner defeated 12.6/1 Ugolin du Maine (7g Hugo du Bossis-Oriane du Maine) and Richard Joly, with third to 9/10 odds favorite Surlando de Viette (9g Quadrophenio Jolimira) for Florian Prioul. At Mantorp SWE today the featured Sprinterkrevaden (50,000SEK to winner, 1640 meters autostart, 10 starters) went to veteran Harry Haythrow (9g Rite On Line-Speedy Tilda-Spotlite Lobell) with Ulf Ohlsson up for owner Birger Johansson clocked in 1.11.2kr as he defeated Dreams Take Time (6m Andover Andover-B My Honey-Viking Kronos) driven by trainer Peter Untersteiner by an easy three lengths. Another length behind was third finishing Johnny B. Kemp (7m Credit Winner-Sarafina Hall-Garland Lobell) for Jan Ove Olsen aboard for trainer Daniel Reden. Prince Tagg was fourth. The winner earned career victory 11 in 96 starts for earnings now of 4,149,700SEK. Sunday’s action included interesting turf and monte action at Craon, Le Touquet and at Beaumont de Lomagne. The Prix Quest France (purse €28,000, 2775 meters, 17 turf starters) went to 1,24,6kr winner, 3.1/1 odds Vasco de Graux (6g Modern Jazz-Kimie du Pont) for J-Ph Monclin. 60/1 odds Trio du Calorne (8g Nuage Noir-Vallee du Meu) was second, driven by Sebastien Tribourdeau, with 12/1 Silion du Houlbet (9g Hermes de Pericard-Vadie) third for teamster Eric Raffin. The Grand Prix Dynavena Maisagri Duran (€35,000 purse, 2550 meters, 15 European starters) at Beaumont de Lomagne went to 5.3/1 Tui de Narmont (8m Ipson de Mormal-L’Oree de Narmont_ with trainer/driver Denis Brossard at the lines. 5/2 Ultra des Voirons (7m Bassano-Gaelle des Voirons) was next for Alain Laurent, also owner/trainer. Tagaga Tagada (8f Meaulnes du Corta-Lambada Blue) finished third for Emmanuel Varin, also owner/trainer. The winner was timed in 1.16.5kr. Back to the turf, at Le Touquet, the Prix Hotel Bar “Les Arcades” (purse €45,000, 2600 meters with 18 starters on grass) went to 5.7/1 Vegas Visais (6g Kid de Chenu-Jadine du Chatelet) for driver Guillaume  Marin and trainer Maxime Bezier that narrowly defeated second place 5.2/1 odds Tresor Wic (8m Jag de Bellouet-Epona Vinn) handled by Anthony Barrier for trainer Laurent Simon. Third went to 7/1 Un Satin Rose (7g Ganymede-Dontella Rose) with P-Y Verva up. Thomas H. Hicks  

August 14, 2015 - Be Unlimited (4g Prodigious-Limited Edition) at 4.8/1 took the Prix de Saint-Nazaire (€21,000 purse, 2725 meters, 11 starters) at Pornichet timed in 1,18,2kr for reinsman Julien Dubois, trainer Philippe Moulin and owner Ecurie Victoria Dreams. He held on to defeat 72/1 Belphegor du Paj with third to 81/1 Bill Bonnetiere. The Prix Conseil Regional des Pays de Loire (€35,000 purse, 2725 meters, 14 European starters) went to 1.9/1 favorite Orione Degli Dei (7g Conway Hall-Elissa Dei) reined by Franck Nivard and clocked in 1.15.1kr at Pornichet. Fabrice Souloy trains the winner that is owned by Scuderia Bologna 2011. 7/1 Urgos du Cedre finished second with third to 18/1 Tagada Castelets. The Quinte+ today was at Cabourg with the Prix des Cardamines (€36,000 purse, 2850 meters, 16 European starters) and the 1.16.4kr winner was 4.3/1 odds Viking America (6g Viking Kronos-Berta’s Crown) with Dominik Locqueneux driving for Lutfi Kolgjini, trainer for WHAP Trotting AB. 2.7/1 Prince Orlando was second for Franck Nivard with third to 11/1 Une Vie des Obeaux with David Thomain aboard. Yesterday at Orebro (SWE) a number of US-breds raced successfully. Apple Bottom Lindy (3f Cantab Hall-Lindy’s Got Back) won her first career start in 1.16.3kr over 2100 meters autostart. Kenneth Haugstad drove the Roger Walmann trainee that earned 20,000SEK first money. Smilin Eli (5m Muscles Yankee-Gerri’s Joy-Enjoy Lavec) scored his initial European victory for trainer/driver Daniel Reden and owner Stall Zet. This one was timed in 1.12kr over 2100 meters autostart to secure 35,000SEK first money in the defeat of Johnny B. Kemp and veteran class-master Lord Capar. The TeleBolaget Grand Prix (150,000SEK first prize, 2100 meters autostart) went to Volstead (4m Cantab Hall-Madame Volo-Yankee Glide) for Orjan Kihlstrom and trainer/owner Stefan Melander in 1.14.8kr. This winner scored victory four in eight seasonal starts as he defeated Emmett Brown and Explosive De Vie. Midnight Glory (4f Cantab Hall-Elegant Victory-Valley Victory) scored a 1.16.9kr win in the TeleBolagets for mares (30,000SEK first money, 2140 meters turning start distance handicap.  Erik Adielsson drove this Stig H. Johansson trainee to victory three in six 2015 appearances. Another US-bred winner was Gliding Solo (3m Yankee Glide-Sole Mate-Self Possessed) that scored in 1.16kr over 2140 meters turning start, distance handicap. Bjorn Goop teamed this winner, now with a career slate, all in 2015, of 5-0-1 in six starts. Next week on August 19 at Solvalla there are several top races. The Gr. I European Championship for mares (UET Masters Series, 650,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) includes Youana, Eketorpets Tess, Blended Scotch and Your Highness among nine contestants. The Ahlsell Solvallaserien VI (100,000SEK first money, 2140 meters autostart) drew a solid nine horse field including Nuncio (post seven), Sylvester America, Hillustrious, Exodus Hanover and Party Boat Hanover. The Queen L for mares (100,000SEK to winner, 2640 meters autostart) drew 11 starters including Talk The Talk, Windy Ways, BostonZ Credit and Radysin America. The featured Gr. I UET Masters Series Jubileumspokalen (2140 meters autostart, 1SEK million to the winner) also drew a strong 12 horse lineup as follows: Nimbus CD, Orjan Kihlstrom Papagayo E, Erik Adielsson Ivar Sanna, Thomas Uhrberg Tumble Dust, Bjorn Goop Rod Stewart, Christoffer Erikssom Ready For More, Ulf Ohlsson Sauveur, Ake Lindblom Cool Keeper, Leif Witasp Calvin Borel, Conrad Lugauer Ringostarr Treb, Wilhelm Paal Creatine, Johnny Takter Takethem, Steen Juul Thomas H. Hicks  

June 27, 2015 - Enghien-Soisy hosted today’s harness racing Quinte+ (jackpot €3.65 million) named the Prix du Roussillon (€48,000 purse, 2150 meters autostart, European) with the win going to 1.14.2kr clocked Oro Fks (7m Uronometro-Fuschini America) and teamster Roberto Andreghetti. The Italian-bred stallion is owned by Stephano Bernardini and Fabrice Souloy is the FR trainer. He was off at 5.9/1 odds in the defeat of 10.6/1 Shamfalla (9f Den des Sark-Feria du Ringeat) with Eric Raffin up. 2.9/1 Undici (7g Kaiser Soze-Jobeth) was third for J-M Bazire, trainer Alain Roussel and owner Ecurie Roussel & Co. The Q+ exact order payoff without jackpot exceeded €5,500. The Prix de la Porte Saint-Martin (€55,000 purse, 2875 meters, 12 European starters) at Enghien this Saturday went to 1.16.8kr winner, 14/1 odds, Chanson d’Amour (3f Sam Bourbon-Song Of Love) for owner/driver Jean-Pierre Dubois and trainer Yves Boireau. Song Of Love is a 2006 foal of Coktail Jet-Guilty Of Love she the dam of Tonato Of Love (1:55 by Donato Hanover). Guilty Of Love is dam of Love You, Nice Love, In Dix Huit, Repeat Love and Perhaps Love, all winners of US$141,000 or more. 3.6/1 Tresor Dream (3f Andover Hall-Rafaele) from Italy was next for trainer/driver Santo Mollo and owner Scuderia Dream SAS. 5.2/1 Cathy A Quire (3f Password-Quira des Jacquets) was third with Franck Nivard teaming for trainer Jarmo Niskanen and Belgium owner M.E. Desmet. The Prix de l’Observatoire (€55,000 purse, 2150 meters autostart, 16 European starters) at Enghien went to 7.3/1 odds, barefoot Prince Wind (6m Glidemaster-Solairesse) with trainer/driver Pipo Gubellini aboard for owner Scuderia Faillian of Italy. He scored in 1.13.9kr to defeat 3.8/1 Argol (5m Kool du Caux-Graminee) for Franck Ouvrie and trainer Vincent Jarry, also racing shoeless. 9.8/1 barefoot Verano du Reynard (6m Insert Gede-Nuranie des Noes) was third for Eric Raffin and conditioner Gregory Laurent. Fourth and fifth were Peace Of Mind and Pioneer Gar. Bionella (4f Jam Pridem-Hiona-Biesolo) was victorious at Enghien in the Prix de la Place des Alpes (€36,000 purse, 2875 meters, 15 female starters) clocked in 1.17.2kr. Franck Ouvrie was the pilot for trainer Anders Lindqvist, the third career win for Bionella, off at 18/1. 17/1 Belle de Marche (4f Legs du Clos-Neigede Marche) was second for Thibaut Le Floch, trainer/driver. 2.5/1 Bea Ecus (4f Quick Wood-Iffrida) was third for trainer/driver Markku Vartianen. Vire’s Prix de Neuilli-Levallois (monte females, €34,000 purse, 2250 meters, 10 starters) went to the 1.17kr winner, off at 2.9/1 odds, Coconut Citrus (3f Jag de Bellouet-Quize Sun) with Alexandre Abrivard up for trainer L-Cl. Abrivard and owner J-P Barjon.  22/1 Chiurfa de Visais (3f Mood West-Perle d’Ouxy) was second for A.Tintillier and third finisher was 4.8/1 Cobrizia du Gite (3f Quatre Juillet-Hobrizia du Gite) with Eric Raffin in the irons. Also at Vire, the Prix Agrial (€22,000 purse, 2150 meters autostart), 14 entrants) went to 3/2 odds favorite Vacate Money (6f Prodigious-Making Money) for Jean-Philippe Dubois, trainer Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams, clocked in 1.13.6kr. 7/2 Valiant du Lamee (6g Karikal-Gouache de Girai) was second for teamster Sebastien Ernault and trainer Loic-Marie Dalifard with third to 5/1 Venus Castelets (6f Jasmin de Flore-Natural Pearl) with Yoann Lebourgeois up for Loic Peschet trainer. In Sweden, at Farjestad, this day the E3 Final Mares (Gr. I, 2140 meters autostart, 900,000SEK first money) went to Timbal (3f From Above-Clear As A Bell-Super Arnie) with Robert Bergh teaming for Stall Gaffelby. The winner, clocked in 1.12.5kr, now has a career slate of 9-0-0 in 11 starts for earnings in excess of 1,242,000SEK. Tunika (by Zola Boko) was second for Bjorn Goop with third to Facile Boko (by Virgil Boko) driven by Erik Adielsson. The E3 Gr. I Final International for males (2140 meters autostart, 900,000SEK to winner) became a four length victory for Poet Broline (3m Quite Easy-Candelia-Armbro Goal) for Peter Untersteiner. Sucre (ny Jacose) was second for Christoffer Eriksson with third to Heavy Sound (gelded son of Ken Warkentin) and Kenneth Haugstad for trainer Roger Walmann. The winner was timed in 1.12.4kr. The aged trotters at Farjestad contested the Karlstad Metelisering AB (2140 meters autostart, 250,000SEK to winner) and the length victor was Arazi Boko (8g Varenne-Laure Kemp=Express Ride) with Christoffer Eriksson up clocked in 1.11.2kr. Hard Livin (8m SJ’s Caviar-Affinity-Victory Dream) was next for Erik Adielsson and Stall Zet with third to Knows Nothing (6m Kadabra-Savvy Yankee-Balanced Image) with Ulf Ohlsson up. Thomas H. Hicks

The monte classic Gr. I Prix de Normandy today went to favorite Vittel de Brevol ridden by David Thomain for trainer Sebastian Ernault. The E240,000 purse event, over 3000 meters, was timed in 1.13.9kr with the winner recording his 13th victory in 19 starts now for career earnings over E323,000. The great monte mares Vision Intense (Nathalie Henry aboard) and Valse Castelets (JLC Dersoir) were next on the line. Vision Intense raced superbly and gained steadily after a slow start, finally staging an inside rally in late stretch. Gr. I Prix de Normandie, E240,000 purse, 3000 meters monte, 14 starters Fractions: 1.14.9kr at 1500; 1.14.1kr at 1000; 1.13.9kr at 500 and finish Vittel de Brevol (5m Jag de Bellouet-Lady de Brevol), David Thomain, trainer Sebastian Ernault, 2/1 odds, 13th win in 19 starts for earnings E323,850 Vision Intense (5f Prodigious-Intense Action), Nathalie Henry up for Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams, 2.2/1 odds Valse Castelets (5f Memphis du Rib-Elide), JLC Dersoir, 7/1 odds The secondary monte feature today was the E105,000 Gr. III Prix Georges Dreux over 2850 meters. Eight contestants were at the start and it ended in a dead-heat in 1.14kr with Uppercut de Manche and Sourire de Voutre inseparable. Uppercut de Manche with DamienBonne was off at 2/1 while Sourire de Voutre was the 7/10 favorite for jockey Franck Nivard and trainer Franck Leblanc. Prix Georges Dreux, Gr. III purse E105,000, 2850 meters, 8 starters, monte Fractions: 1.14.6kr at 1500; 1.14.9kr at 1000; 1.14.1kr at 500; 1.14kr finish Uppercut de Manche (6g Neutron du Ceba-Nuit de Manche), Damien Bonne, 2/1 odds, 13th win in 59 starts for E364,500. Dead heat for win Sourire de Voutre (8g Gazouillis-Guella), Franck Nivard for trainer/owner Franck Leblanc, 7/10 favorite in dead heat for win Quarnac de L'iton (10g Ideal de L'iton-Classic Mesloise), Mathieu Mottier, 47.2/1 Quoumba de Guez (10f Urfist des Pres-Vanina de Mareuil), 8.1/1 odds Thomas H. Hicks           Renaissance Partners LLC   Thomas H. Hicks, Managing Partner   3508 Sahara Springs Blvd.   Pompano Beach, FL 33069   954-971-3555 Tel FL Office   704-844-0600 Tel NC Office   954-415-6369 Cel   704-845-1176 Fax           Experience > Value, Integrity, Performance       The information above and attached, if any, may contain privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the person(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution and duplication of this communication is strictly prohibited. Please notify the sender by email and destroy all copies of the original message. Thank you.      

Bugsy Malone took today's Prix d'Antibes (E52,000 purse, 2700 meters, seven starters) at Paris-Vincennes for Yohan Lebourgeois and owner/trainer Philippe Allaire in 1.16kr. The 3/5 favorite defeated Berry Felin (3m Nahar de Beval-Krisma des Bois) and Franck Ouvrie at 28/1 with Balthazar Maza (3m Prodigious-Paloma) with Mathieu Abrivard at the lines third for trainer Sebastian Guarato, off at 18/1 odds. The featured Gr. II Prix Pierre Gamare (E120,000 purse, 2700 meters monte, 10 starters) went to Bomba (3f Goetmals Wood-Passion d'Amour) with Mathieu Mottier up for trainer Philippe Allaire at 8.9/1 odds. She scored by six lengths in 1.15kr over 26/1 outside Blooma d'Heripre (3f Rolling d'Heripre-Quenta Por Favor) and David Thomain. 19/1 Bikini des Molands (3m Gai Brillant-Quiche des Molands) was third for trainer Anthony Dollion. Today's Quinte+ was at Vincennes and the Prix de Beaune (European, E60,000 purse, 2700 meters, 15 starters) went to Teatro (7m Ganymede-Josette) with Christian Bigeon up as driver/trainer/owner. The 5.6/1 odds winner recorded his eighth career victory in 38 starts for E241,300, scoring in 1.13.1kr. Tommerre Marjea (7g Jeanbat du Vivier-Jharia du Ham) was second for J-M Bazire with Conrads Fredrik (7g Credit Winner-Ahmeida) third for Dominik Locqueneux. Italy's Nefertite del Rio (7f Varenne-Zeudia) was fourth for Alexandre Abrivard. The exact order Q+ payoff was E3,450 for a E2 wager. The jackpot was E3.65 million. Italy's Painting Wise took the Prix du Perigord (E60,000 purse, 2700 meters, European eligibles with 14 starters) in 1.12.9kr. J-M Bazire teamed the winner for trainer Fabrice Souloy and owner Azienda Agricola Biasuzzi. He was off at 2.6/1 and defeated Virgious Maza (6g Prodigious-Pocket Edition) with trainer/driver Sebastian Ernault. Picone (6m Credit Winner-Fabiaz) was third for trainer/driver Santo Mollo and owner Ecurie Don Miguel. Thomas H. Hicks

After a brief respite, harness racing action returned today at Paris-Vincennes and what a card it was! Four Gr. II events highlighted the excellent Monday program under sunny skies, a forerunner to the next Vincennes winter meet. The E120,000 purse Gr. II Prix Pierre Plazen for European three year-olds over 2175 meters, went to well-regarded Booster Winner (3m Love You-Quille Viretaute) with Eric Raffin teaming for trainer Sebastien Guarato and owner Philippe Aloisio. He scored in 1.13.4kr in the eight horse field at 3.6/1 odds over Bird Parker (3m Ready Cash-Belisha) and Yohan Lebourgeois for Philippe Allaire and owner Mme. Elisabeth Allaire. Black d'Avril and Franck Ouvrie was third ahead of favorite Brutus du Bailly with J-M Bazire aboard. Time was 1.13.4kr for the winner. Viking de Val (5m Baccarat du Pont-La Forge de Val) took the E120,000 Gr. II Prix Jockey for five year-olds. 13 horses faced the starter going 2700 meters. The 10/1 winner was teamed by trainer/owner Eric Lambertz timed in 1.14.3kr off slow fractions (1.15.7kr at 1500; 1.15.5kr at 1000; 1.15.2kr at 500 meters to go mark). Second favorite at 1.9/1 was second place finisher Very Nice Marceaux (5m Jag de Bellouet-Julie Fortuna) with Pierre Vercruysse up. Very Nice Marceaux was first to lead and then followed early speed before traffic trouble was encountered. When free in the lane, Very Nice Marceaux could not gain on the winner. Victoire ended third for Mathieu Mottier with Voltigeur de Myrt home fourth for Eric Raffin. The 1.8/1 favorite Vinci de l'Abbaye was a dq for reinsman J-M Bazire. The three year-old European females battled in the E120,000 Gr. II Prix Guy Deloison over 2175 meters with 12 starters. Biche des Clos (3f Rolling d'Heripre-Moon d'Eronville) prevailed by a neck at 4.1/1 for teamster Mathieu Mottier in 1.12kr after fast early fractions (1.08.4kr at 1500; 1.09.9kr at 1000; 1.12.8kr at 500 to go mark) set by 57/1 Swan Wise As (3f Varenne-Golden Variety) that faded to eighth when challenged. Favorite Billie de Montfort (3f Jasmin de Flore-Quisny de Montfort) was a solid second for Eric Raffin with Beauty Turgot and Franck Nivard third ahead of Bardane du Houlbut, fourth for R-C Larue. Well-regarded Sister Dany Bar and Be My Girl (both off at under 10.1) were disqualified for miscues. The monte Gr. II Prix Herve Ceran-Maillard for E120,000 over 2175 meters was contested by 13 five year-olds. Valse de Reve (5m Mister President-Nouba Houba) was the winner at 12.3/1 for Camille Levesque as this pair defeated second choice Vittel de Brevol (5m Jag de Bellouet-Lady de Brevol) and David Thomain. 3/2 favorite Vision Intense (5f Prodigious-Intense Action) was a fast closing third for Nathalie Henry with Valdice de Mars fourth for Yohan Lebourgeois. Race time was 1.12kr after speedy fractions (1.09.3kr at 1500; 1.10.3kr at 1000; 1.11.6kr with 500 to go). Vision Intense was away toward the back and was slow to move toward the lead until late in the contest when Ms. Henry pulled the plugs and her great mare accelerated without bearing out. Off this effort she will likely be a factor in the winter. Thomas H. Hicks

Yesterday's Gr. I International Grand Prix de Wallonie at Mons Ghlin (Belgium) resulted in a 30 day suspension of Uhlan du Val's driver Cedric Megissier. Megissier battled then leading favorite Timoko before aggressively taking the lead early on the last lap. Once clearing to the pegs Megissier reportedly slowed the pace causing pocket placed Timoko to go off-stride. Ultimately Uhlan du Val tired nearing the last turn and J-P Marmion's Roi du Lupin won by open lengths over Olmo Holz and Pacsia'Lest. The win by Roi du Lupin was his career first in a Gr. I event, and also the first for trainer/owner Marmion (who has two Gr. I wins in monte races). Two year-olds are beginning to race in France with several races occurring last week. Today was no exception as Campo Rossa scored in 1.19.5kr for Franck Ouvrie in Enghien's Prix de la Porte de Montreuil (E32,000 purse, 2250 meters, females, 12 starters). The winning daughter of Coktail Jet-Marille du Lec is trained by Frederic Plat and she scored at 1.9/1 odds. Second went to Cash Diva (2f Ready Cash-Quabila) reined by trainer Jarmo Niskanen. Lightly raced three year-olds are also making their presence known. Today the €39,000 Prix de Chaudes Aignes over 2875 meters for males went to the Etienne Dubois teamed Black Charm (3m Prodigious-Podana) in 1.18kr as that pair defeated Bill handled by Franck Nivard and Black Jack la Nuit with Stephane Bourlier up. The winner is trained by Philippe Moulin for Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Thomas H. Hicks

Today’s European top trotting action took place at Enghien-Soisy (FR) and Visby (SWE). The Quinte+ (jackpot €5.75 million) was the Prix Meduc with 16 starters battling over 2875 meters for a purse of €65,000. J-M Bazire won it with Italy’s Nuage En Ciel, a seven year-old son of Daguet Rapide trained by Fabrice Souloy. Scuderia Fast Horse SRL of Italy owns the victor. The winning pair scored in 1.14.2kr, his 14th career win for €188,065, over Holland’s Aisa Boko with Robin Bakker aboard. The exact order Quinte payout, excluding jackpot, was €1,064 for a €2 wager. July 23, 2014 Enghien-Soisy, Prix Meduc, €65,000 purse, 16 European starters, 2875 meters, 1.14.2kr 1st Nuage En Ciel (7m Daguet Rapide-Pretty Perle-Extreme Dream), J-M Bazire, 1.5/1 odds, Fabrice Souloy trainer for Fast Horse SRL, Italy 2nd Aida Boko (7f From Above-Staro Almighty), Robin Bakker up, trainer Paul Hagoort for Gerrits Recylcling BV, Holland, 7.2/1 3rd Ton Ami Du Prieur (7g Lynx de Bellouet-Jenny Du Prieur), M. Bezier trainer/owner/driver, 9.3/1 The Enghien feature was the Gr. III Prix de la Chaussee d’Antin for €85,000 over 2875 meters with 11 starters.  Second choice Very Nice Marceaux rallied through the stretch to score for Pierre Vercruysse and trainer Gregory Laurent and owner Jean Brun. The five year-old son of Jag de Bellouet won for the 14th time, now with €429,250 earned. Kalle was second for Anthony Barrier and the Stig H. Johansson trained Indigious ended third with Eric Raffin aboard. July 23, 2014, Enghien Soisy, Prix de la Chaussee d’Antin, €85,000 Gr. III, 11 European starters, 2875 meters, 1.15kr 1st Very Nice Marceaux (5m Jag de Bellouet-Jolie Fortuna-And Arifant), Pierre Vercruysse for trainer Gregory Laurent and owner Jean Brun, 2.2/1 2nd Kalle (6g Smok’n Lantern-Burning Desire), Anthony Barrier up for trainer Dagfin Aarum, 25.8/1 3rd Indigious (5m Prodigious-Indication), Eric Raffin, Stig H. Johansson trainer for Harald Kragmann owner, Germany, 1.8/1 Vercruysse returned to win the €41,000 Prix de L’Esplanade over 2875 meters in 1.16.2kr with Ask For You. The four year-old daughter of Love You went off as favorite for trainer Marcus Lindgren and owner Stall Courant AB, also an active owner in the US. Apple Road was second for Tony Le Beller. July 23, 2014, Enghien-Soisy, Prix de L’Esplanade, €41,000, 2875 meters, 16 starters, 1.16.2kr 1st Ask For You (4f Love You-Intrigue-Cygnus d’Odyssee), Pierre Vercruysse for trainer Marcus Lindgren and owner Stall Courant AB, 1.9/1 2nd Apple Road (4f Laetenter Diem-Nikita), Tony Le Beller for trainer/owner Claude Ramond, 3.1/1 3rd Aphrodite d’Arbaz (4f Coktail Jet-Mascote d’Arbaz(, Franck Ouvrie for trainer Mme. Marie Christine Cousin, 43.5/1 Today’s top race in Sweden was at Vichy on the V86 card. The Gotlandslopningen for 125,000SEK to the winner was won by Deuxieme Picsous over 2140 meters autostart and seven rivals in 1.12.8kr. The seven year-old son of In Love With You-Carmela Stromline-Delvin Kosmos scored by a length for Torbjorn Jansson driving for trainer and co-owner Johan Lejon with Marie Stenberg. The veteran campaigner, a previous winner of this race, now has earnings in excess of 5.4SEK million. The Lindy Lane son David Sisu was second with Photo Sea, by SJ’s Photo, home third. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

The hotly contested Quinte+ Prix de la Manche today at Enghien-Soisy (suburban Paris) went to hard-driving Repay Merci and reinsman Anthony Barrier. The Fabrice Souloy trainee nailed long-time pacesetter Swedishman and Franck Nivard (who traveled 2900 meters this day) on the line in 1.14.8kr over 2875 meters. The six year-old son of Offshore Dream-News From Heaven-Super News won for the 12th time in his career, now for earnings of £281,920. The winner was off at 12/1 odds. Favorite Indigious ended third for teamster Eric Raffin. July 5, 2014 Enghien Soisy, Prix de la Manche, European, Quinte+ with jackpot £4.85 million, purse £85,000, 18 starters, 2875 meters distance handicapped Fractions: 1.16.1kr at 1000; 1.14.8kr at 500 and finish 1st Repay Merci (6m Offshore Dream-News From Heaven-Super News), Anthony Barrier for Fabrice Souloy trainer and Ecurie Repay (Denmark) owner, 2875 meters, 12/1 2nd Swedishman (8g Gogo-Volgana), Franck Nivard up for Thierry Duvaldestin trainer, 2900 meters, 6.9/1 3rd Indigious (5m Prodigious-Indication), Eric Raffin up for trainer Stig H. Johansson, 1.8/1 The co-featured Prix de Berlin for three year-old colts went to heavily favored Brillantissime (3m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victoire-Buvetier d’Aunou) and pilot Joseph Verbeeck. This pair led from the early going and fought off very determined Secretariat (Italy) before pulling away in late stretch to score in 1.14.1kr. The 2150 meter autostart contest carried an £85,000 purse for this Gr. III event. Bixente was third for Jean-Etienne Dubois. July 5, 2014 Enghien Soisy, Prix de Berlin, 2150 meters autostart, European Gr. III, £85,000, 9 starters Fractions: 1.15.8kr at 1000; 1.14.6kr at 500, 1.14.1kr finish 1st Brillantissime (3m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victoire-Buvetier d’Aunou), Jos. Verbeeck for Philippe Allaire trainer and Frederic Sauque owner, 3/10 favorite, seventh career win for £368,950 earned 2nd Secretariat (3m Ganymede-Venella Gius), Antonio Velotti up for trainer Lorenzo Baldi, 8.6/1, Italy 3rd Bixente (3m Quaker Jet-Kitty Meslois), Jean-Etienne Dubois owner/trainer/driver, 6/1 by Tom Hicks, for

July 4, 2014. Timoko next tests the starter on Sunday at La Capelle and Philippe Allaire's Brillantissime leads the field Saturday at Enghien in the Prix de Berlin against a competitive group of three year-olds. See the entries below for these weekend headliners. July 5, 2014 Enghien-Soisy Features Prix de la Marche, £85,000, 2875 meters, 16 starters. Field includes Indigious (by Prodigious) with Eric Raffin up for Stig H. Johansson and Swedishman with Franck Nivard steering for Thierry Duvaldestin trainer. Prix de Berlin, £85.000, 2150 meters autostart, European, 9 starters for three year-olds. This group includes Brillantissime (by Ready Cash) for Joseph Verbeeck and trainer Philippe Allaire, Bioness (by Sam Bourbon) with Erik Raffin aboard, Secretariat (Ganymede) for trainer Lorenzo Baldi, Scoop Grif Italia (Varenne) for Pierre Vercruysse/Marco Smorgon, and Silverado Lux (Amigo Hall) for the Nivard/Souloy team. July 6, 2014 La Capelle Feature Prix der la Communaute de Communes, 1609 meters autostart, £100,000, Gr. II International, field in post position order below (horse, driver, trainer): Reve de Beylev, Raffin/Guarato Oibambam Effe, Carro/Carro Spirit Beji, Bullier/Provost Quinoa du Gers, Ouvrie/Souloy Roi du Lupin, Barrier/Marmion Krangel, Locqueneux/Westholm Timoko, Goop/Westerink Quick Viervil, Gallier/Gallier Viscaria, Piton/Gillot Timoko and Richard Westerink Earlier this week solid action took place in Sweden with Happy Days winning his elimination and the final of the Sprinter Masters. In the final Express Duo and Tumble Dust trailed the winning horse/driver pair that were timed in 1.10.7kr. On July 2 at Lindesberg Mr. Picolit took the aged main event in 1.10.9kr over 1640 meters autostart. US entrant Uncle Peter was scratched. July 3, 2014 Halmstad Sprinter Masters 1609 meters autostart, 100,000SEK first money each elimination, Elim 1, 1.11.7kr Express Duo (4m Express It-Dolce Merett-Carpe Diem), Pekka Korpi, Finland, 20th win in 32 starts for 3,494,704SEK Elim 2 1.12.0kr Dream With Me (4m Dream Vacation-Jolly Jane-Pink Diamond), Lutfi Kolgjini, Netherlands, 6th win in 20 for 649,172SEK Tumble Dust (4m Crazed-Affinity-Dream Vacation), Bjorn Goop, Denmark, now in 20 starts 4-5-6 slate for 2,064,059SEK Elim 3, 1.10.l9kr Happy Days (4g Dream Vacation-Kiss Me Once-Varenne)m Johnny Takter, eighth win in 11 for 1,179,300SEK Final, 1.10.7kr, first money 902,660SEK Happy Days, Johnny Takter, first on the line Express Duo, Pekka Korpi TumbleDust, Bjorn Goop Other relevant winners on the Halmstad card were: Oliver Kronos (6g Varenne-Glide About-Yankee Glide), Bjorn Goop, 1.13.3kr over 2140 meters volt start, 100,000SEK first money, eighth win in 18 appearances. Your Highness (5f Chocolatier-La Belle Lady-Conway Hall), Bjorn Goop, 1.12.7kr over 2140 meters autostart, 125,000SEK first prize, 10th win in 20 tries for 1,461,904SEK career earnings. July 2, 2014 Lindesberg Winners Talk The Talk (4f Donato Hanover-Letsjusttalkaboutme-Self Possessed), Daniel Olsson up for Stefan Melander, 1.13.2kr over 2140 meters autostart, 60,000SEK to winner. Paris Metro (3f Cantab Hall-Mrs Ronerail-Donerail), Bjorn Goop for trainer Melander, 1.12.6kr over 1640 meters autostart, 60,000SEK winners prize. Paducah Dream (4f Infinitif-Padme Hanover-Credit Winner), Torbjorn Jansson, 1.13.8kr, 1640 meters autostart, 50,000SEK to winner. High Speed Call (6g From Above-Love Call-Alf Palema), Carl-Erik Lindblom up, 1.11.4kr over 1640 meters autostart, 110,000SEK to winner. Mr. Picolit (7m Scarlet Knight-Good Enough-Mr. Vic), Torbjorn Jansson, 1.10.9kr over 1640 meters autostart, 100,000SEK first money, defeating Occione Jet with Erik Adielsson and Bagley with Conrad Lugauer. Uncle Peter was scratched. Thomas H. Hicks

Franck Anne teamed the improving Urac de Valong to victory in the Quinte+ Prix du Journal GENY Courses at Vincennes, defeating 17 rivals in 1.14.6kr over 2700 meters. The European eligible event carried a €48,000 purse. It was a close battle for second with four contestants within a length. Ulk de Godisson and Staro Foot Loose ended second and third respectively. The Quinte+ exact order payoff was €3,390 excluding the €4.1 million jackpot. Replay of stretch drive. Race summary June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix du Journal Geny Courses, €48,000, European six year-olds, 18 starters, 2700 meters, Quinte+, 1.14.6kr Urac de Valfong (6g Membo King-Helenime), Franck Anne, 4.5/1 Ulk de Godisson (6g Obrillant-Deesse de Godisson), Franck Ouvrie, 8.2/1 Staro Foot Loose (6m Daguet Rapide-Ideal Lease), Robin Bakker, 3.6/1 Ravenna (6m Legendary Lover K-Coccola Jet), Franck Nivard, 12.7/1 Oronte di Cesato (6m Allison Hollow-Enzaran), Roberto Andreghetti, 20.5/1 ................................................................................................. The excellent card also showed victories by Freeman T. Porter (son of Korean, sire of Sebastian K, handled by trainer Conrad Lugaur), Altesse du Mirel (by Ready Cash and trained/reined by Pierre Vercruysse) and Vittel de Breval (Sebastian Ernault up on this son of Jag de Bellouet). Race summaries follow. June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Hygica, €50,000, 2850 meters, European, 16 starters, 1.13.7kr Freeman T. Porter (7m Korean-Lion Chica-Somollison), Conrad Lugauer trainer/driver, 8.4/1 Tamisso (7g Nobody du Chene-Hastavissa), Cedrik Megissier, 5.9/1 Tabrouk de Payre (7g Meaulnes du Corta-Orcade de Payre), J-Ph Monclin, 27.9/1 ................................................................................................ June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Sappho, €52,000, 2700 meters, 14 starters, 1.16.8kr Altesse du Mirel (4f Ready Cash-Ina de Mirel), Pierre Vercruysse trainer/driver, 5.3/1 Aura des Racques (4f Coktail Jet-Ohana des Racques), Franck Nivard, 24.3/1 Aida d'Heripre (4f Prodigious-Norma d'Heripre), David Thomain up, 2,6/1 ............................................................................................ June 20, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Lydia, €54,000, 2700 meters, 14 starters, 1.13kr Vittel de Breval (5m Jag de Bellouet-Lady de Brevol), Sebastien Ernault trainer, driver , 7/10 favorite Vaisman (5m Memphis du Rib-Iula du Douetil), Franck Anne owner, trainer, driver, 3.9/1 Venosc de Mirel (5g Laetenter Diem-Melia Monochrome), J-M Bazire, 12.3/1 Thomas H. Hicks  

The final Grand Slam event of the UET Masters Series,  takes place this Sunday at the Oslo track of Bjerke, with the running of the  Oslo Grand Prix, one of four UET Masters Series group races on the day. The Oslo Grand Prix, over 2100m for a purse of 340,000 euros, has an illustrious honour roll, the last two events being won by Elitloppet champions of the previous year, in Sebastian K (Korean) and Commander Crowe (Juliano Star), while US warhorse Arch Madness a two-time Elitloppet runner up was the winner over the 2011 contest. Students of European racing and breeding will recognize the names of Sugarcane Hanover (USA) , Ourasi (FRA), Giant Cat (FRA),  Zoogin (SWE), Peace Corps (USA), Victory Tilly Zoogin (SWE), and Steinlager Zoogin (SWE),  who are all past winners of the event as is a horse who has been available in Australia, Ganymede (FRA), the sire of rising NSW trotter Vincennes, the winner of 8 of his last 11 races. Norwegian star Juliano Rags (Juliano Star), who missed the Elitloppet final by one position and Raja Mirchi (Viking Kronos) who set the blistering pace in the first heat, only to be caught on the line are the only two entrants who are making back to back Grand Slam starts. But the big coup for Oslo is the appearance of genuine French heavyweights in Univers de Pan (Kenya du Pont)  and Un Mec d’Heripre (Orlando Vici), two rising stars of the French scene. Both are multiple group one  winners, Philippe Daugear’s Univers de Pan the  winner of this year’s Finlandia Ajo,  while Un Mec d’Heripre is the Criterium des 4 Ans runner up and last year’s  European five-year-old champion and comes from the barn of Fabrice Souloy. Another French horse with serious credentials is Jean Paul Marmion’s Roi du Lupin, who being a gelding is ineligible for most of the big group races in France but has still amassed a credible 1.56million euros. He is the recent winner of the 150,000 euro Prix des Ducs de Normandie in the bike but is also one of the very best under saddle trotters in France. The day also features the UET Masters Series group two Berke Cup, an Elitloppet style event with two heats and a final over a mile on the same day, for the region’s sprinters. Prominent Swedish trainer Lutfi Kolgjini has good chances in both heats with Swedish 3YO Breeders Crown winner Barracuda River (Express It), who has won on this track before in the first heat and old warhorse, with a name that does not translate well down under, Kaffir Face, entered in the second and rated a good chance. Top Norwegian trainer Frode Hamre has two in each heat, with two Credit Winner sons Winmecredit and  the strongly fancied I’m the Answer in the first, and VC Chocoholic (Chocolatier) and Broadway Legs (Broadway Hall) in the second. The favoured runners in the first heat are Herve Philippe Gautier’s French entrant Saphir de Fille (Ipsos de Montfort) and Finnish trainer Markku Nieminen’s Dutch-bred Bret Boko (Yankee Glide) while Reijo Liljendahl’s  Angelo also has some strong support. In the second heat Nieminen’s other entrant Finnish Derby winner Quite an Avenger and Swede Anders Pedersen’s US import MagicCarpet Ride are the two early favourites on the tote with the latter having the services of Bjorn Goop in the bike. There are two other UET Masters Series group two races on the day, The Summer Meeting Stayers race (3140m) and the Europamatch, a 2100m race for  four and five-year-olds. The Europamatch features some of Europe’s top younger horses headed by Swedish legend Stig Johnasson’s German star Indigious, a son of French sire Prodigious who was second in Germany’s big race last year the Grosser Preis von Deutchland. He will face stiff competition from former Dutch Derby winner Clint Boko (Abano As), former European and Norwegian Derby runner-up  Thai Broadway (Thai Thanic) and Swedish group winner Stelton (Dream Vacation). The Stayers race has attracted Pas Sans Toi a French horse who at 11-years-old has been pensioned off in France but is eligible for two more seasons in the rest of Europe. Lieven de Groote’s son of In Love With You is the winner of more than 550,000 euros but will be at long odds from a 60m handicap even with Jorma Kontio in the bike. Bjorn Goop’s Swedish bred Roobois  (Rotation) was a fast finishing second on Elitloppet weekend and will enjoy the extra distance here even with a 40m handicap, while Reijo Liljendahl’s Italian import Nescafe (Daguet Rapide) off 20m and Dutchman Hugo Langeweg Jnr’s  Capitole (Offshore Dream) off the front will also be in the mix here. by David Sanders Harness Racing Victoria

Pierre-Yves Verva teamed Ursule du Bouffey to victory in today’s sixth leg of the Gr. III Grand National du Trot Paris-Turf, at Laval, the traveling circuit that will end with a leading point winner  determined final at the next winter meet at Paris-Vincennes. The six-year-old daughter of Indy de Vive (sire of Ready Cash) recorded her 12th career win for earnings now of €312,720. Purse was €90,000 for the 2875 meter test (distance handicapped) in which 18 contestants took part. Time of the race was 1.15kr with Un Nuage d’Osmoz ending second and Vagabondu Mag third after overcoming a 25 meter penalty for reinsman J-M Bazire. Vagabondu Mag was the only top 10 series point winner to record a top five finish today. The race was also the Quinte+ race of the day with a jackpot of €3.3 million. June 4, 2014 Laval, 6th Leg Grand National du Trot Paris-Turf, Gr. III €90,000, 2875 meters distance handicap, 18 starters, 1.15kr 1st Ursule du Bouffey (6f Indy de Vive-Illusion du Coq), Pierre-Yves Verva, 3.3/1, 12th win for €312,720 2nd Un Nuage d’Osmoz (6m Nuage Noir-e’Etoile d’Esprit), Emmanuelle Allard, 2.4/1 favorite 3rd Vagabondu Mag (5g Ozio Royal-Perle du Ravary), J-M Bazire, 3.5/1 4th Up The Green (6m Espeyrac Sun-Nemenine), Mathieu Mottier up, 10.2/1 5th Speedy Horse (8m Kid Blue-Etoile de l’Anxure), Sebastian Baude driver/trainer/owner, 15.2/1 The Prix de la Researche Medicale was also on the well-attended (typical of GNT day) Laval card. The €23,000 event, over 2875 meters, drew 16 starters and went to 31.3/1 outsider Best Day (3m Prodigious-Kismet-Coktail Jet), rallying late and reined by Etienne Dubois for trainer Philippe Moulin and owner Ecurie Victoria Dreams. The winner recorded his maiden victory, defeating the Rollin d’Heripre filly Bella Port with Cedric Megissier at the lines. June 4, 2014 Laval, Prix de la Researche Medicale, €23,000, 2875 meters, 16 starters, 1.18.7kr 1st Best Day (3m Prodigious-Kismet-Coktail Jet), Etienne Dubois at 31.3/1 for trainer Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams, maiden career win with a late rallying charge 2nd Bella Port (3f RFolling d’Heripre-Mania Port), Cedric Megissier, 5.2/1 3rd Big Speed (3m Mark Speed-Learanda), P-A Geslin up, 10.8/1 by Thomas H. Hicks, for

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