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The Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) is very excited to announce that a generous donor and her family wish to act on their love of Standardbreds this #Giving Tuesday by offering a match gift of $12,500.   This year especially, due to the crushing of SRF's fundraising efforts, this match gift is tremendous!" said Judith Bokman, SRF's Executive Director. "We are beyond grateful to them and to each and everyone who will help change the lives of these horses with their gift."   Every day an average of 400 trotters and pacers in need of homes are under the expense and care of the SRF. These horses have earnings of over $14,000,000., but not for them.   On #Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020, a generous family will match every dollar donated up to $12,500. They and SRF graciously ask for tax-deductible gifts to SRF to realize $25,000 for the care of these horses. Every day, with this number of horses, the cost to feed those with SRF in need of a home is more than $3,500.   ´╗┐Gifts may be made here, , by calling SRF at 609-738-3255, by mailing to SRF, PO Box 312, Millstone, NJ 08535, or in person at 42 Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd., Cream Ridge, NJ 08514, or by using the link below DOUBLE YOUR GIFT HERE.   A Few Reasons to Double Your Gift to the Horses on Giving Tuesday:   SRF remains the guardian for each horse for life; your dollar doesn’t just help today and leave a horse at risk in the future;   Eighty-six cents of every dollar is spent on the care of the horses;   In the late 1990s when harness racing was in its prime an average of 20,000 mares were bred. If these trotters and pacers are not already over the rainbow bridge, they have likely been used in rural communities as working stock. They are showing up tagged and weighed for slaughter in horrific condition needing our help and yours;    Even when an injured or sick horse is in great pain, giving them peace through humane euthanasia is very costly, approximately $500, for the veterinarian and the renderer;     Ninety-six percent of SRF's help comes from private donations;   The pandemic has caused the cancellation of every one of SRF's fundraising events except one;   Every horse may be visited at any time at all of the facilities boarding SRF horses. An appointment is necessary to accompany guests and can be made within an hour.     Tomorrow morning and the days that follow, SRF must find a way to fill the grain buckets, and stock the hay racks for each of the 400 trotters and pacers;   How SRF is different from every other organization:     It never relinquishes ownership so every horse remains safe in the event an adopter falls on hard times, or has a lifestyle change, a common occurrence;   No other Standardbred exclusive organization manages and cares for this large number of horses, or remains the guardian for each horse for life;  SRF requires semi-annual veterinary follow-up reports for as long as a horse lives; SRF exclusively helps Standardbreds; SRF has an average of 400 trotters and pacers under its expense and guardianship today, nearly 200 continue to be passed over for adoption due to age and injuries. SRF is the model program, helping Standardbreds for 31 years.     Gifts, and sponsorship of a horse may be made through SRF's website at or directly by contacting Tammy at 609-738-3255.   For questions by email at   Thank you so very much for your support. 

From working in the backstretch to the clear perspective of a lifelong harness racing fan. Ben Webster, Bruce Nickels, Lew Williams....., he's worked for all of these great horsemen at the Meadowlands and he's now a life-long harness racing fan and enthusiast. Mark Andersen is our guest on this week's Harness Racing Alumni Show.   Mark questions the total lack of marketing and promotion of our sport as he tells Freddie, Trade and Bob that he believes it's crazy that the USTA doesn't support the Horseracing Integrity & Safety Act. He also thinks that the industry should have its own harness racing channel which was offered through TVG but rejected. Andersen also suggested that the USTA should set-up a 'think tank' that would 'brain storm' new ideas to promote the sport. Don't miss this interesting dialog....!!!   To listen to the show, click here.    by Fred Hudson, for the Alumni Show

Cream Ridge, NJ -9/2/2020 - Cheyenne Western and Weapons Dealer join their harness racing friends at the New York City Mounted Police Unit, says the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF).   Genius At Work was the first to join the ranks of the Police Department and his work ethic and wonderful demeanor has lead to others being invited to see if they can make the cut.   There is a lot involved in trying a horse for mounted police work. These horses must load and travel well, stand quietly in all situations when asked, tolerate crowds, smoke, bicycles, loud noises, guns, motorcycles, construction sights, flags, and much more. Their mannerism must also be stellar when called upon for public relations.   To be ready for this kind of work these horses go through about three months of training before they are tested on back streets. If they pass the test they get an official badge. The NYPD Unit has about 50 horses presently and were ready should they have been called upon during the troubling times NYC was experiencing.   Cheyenne Seeber, a 17.2 hand gentle giant made it through recently in record time. Cheyenne Western left SRF's Cream Ridge, NJ location yesterday along with Weapons Dealer to try out for the task.   The NYPD as well as Philadelphia, Newark, Rockland Cty, Otisville and other units in the country, along with several Sherriffs Departments have SRF horses as well. This breed has earned the name "Brainiac Breed", and rightfully so. That is a very common term used when describing the Standardbred.   To make a tax-deductible gift:   From the Standardbred Retirement Foundation      

REACTION AND STATEMENT OF ARCI PRESIDENT ED MARTIN ON REINTRODUCTION OF THE BARR-TONKO LEGISLATION: The Association of Racing Commissioners International is disappointed that the sponsors of the re-introduced federal legislation have totally ignored the needs articulated on behalf of those responsible for policing the sport of horse racing. The sponsors of this legislation have proposed nothing to address the significant part of the race horse industry that is totally unregulated. This bill will do nothing to protect horses. It is shocking that the use of bisphosphonates on young horses is not addressed given the significant concern that they adversely affect bone development in young horses and contribute to stress fractures as they do in other mammals. We already know stress fractures can be a precursor to increased risk of a catastrophic breakdown. This issue was presented to lawmakers at the public hearing on this proposal in the last Congress, yet they continue to focus on repealing a long standing equine welfare program permitting a controlled furosemide administration on race day proven to be helpful to the health of the horse and recently affirmed by a consensus statement from the independent American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Unfortunately, the constructive suggestions of what the federal government could do to safeguard horses and help integrity efforts in racing continue to be ignored. Here are the suggestions that were presented in my testimony last year. The federal government could - Require all horses bred to be racehorses be registered with and come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) which would have the ARCI maintain this data for use jointly by APHIS and the state racing commissions; Empower APHIS to make rules affecting young horses not yet under the jurisdiction of a state racing commission; Direct APHIS to contract with state racing commissions for the purpose of out-of-competition equine welfare examinations to determine adherence to the APHIS rules; Authorize APHIS to recover costs for such inspections from the owners of any horse inspected, consistent with state racing commission contracts entered into for this purpose;   Require that a portion of the existing funds - $9.5 million - appropriated by Congress each year for anti-doping programs through the White House Office of National Drug Policy be available to fund anti-doping research of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium consistent with anti-doping needs identified by the Organization of Racing Investigators or the ARCI;   Adopt the ARCI Model Rules affecting equine welfare and medication by reference, thereby achieving universal uniformity in regulation;   Require the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to each dedicate at least one agent for the sole purpose of assisting state racing commissions in the conduct of investigations, particularly those that cross jurisdictional lines. Note: The FDA already has such an investigator assigned.   Rebecca Shoemaker Assistant to the President & CEO Association of Racing Commissioners International

Below are the Detention Barn rules and notes for the 2018 Breeders Crown at the Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono. If you would like more information about the race itself, please visit us at our website here:             Below are the Detention Barn rules and notes for the 2018 Breeders Crown at the Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono. If you would like more information about the race itself, please visit us at our website here:          

The opening two legs of the 2017 Hambletonian Society Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge are in the books with Matt Rose and Rusty Nash sprinting to the early lead, each winning a leg. However, with more winners for the weekend, Rose takes a 76.5-67point lead over Nash as the total prize pool reaches a record $8,000 thanks to the added Gold Sponsorship of WEG Entertainment and the Silver Sponsorship of Aquaflow, LLC. While the Levy tends to be the home of favorites, several of handicappers were undeterred in going against the anticipated chalk and they were successful. Hitting 2nd division winner Long Live Rock ($38.60) were Ray Cotolo, Ray Garnett, and Nash. Taking down 4th division winner Soto ($14.00) were Cotolo, Adam Friedland, Jay Hochstetler, Steve Horoky, Nash, Bryan Owen, and Rose. In the near-miss category, Rose just missed a big price in the 3rd division of the Matchmaker on Friday evening when Hidden Land was bested by Regil Elektra in a photo. While denied the winning mutual, Rose picked up the place and show mutuels of $15 and $13 respectively, helping his net profit in the early going. In the net-profit competition, Nash ($58.90) leads Cotolo ($42.40) and Rose ($35.40). Standings as of March 27, 2017 - Leg #4 Pos Handicapper Total Points Earned Legs Won Overall Net Profit 1st Matt Rose 76.5 1 35.40 2nd Rusty Nash 67.0 1 58.90 3rd Ray Cotolo 37.0 0 42.40 4th Steve Horoky 35.5 0 8.70 5th Dennis O’Hara 35.5 0 (1.20) 6th Adam Friedland 28.5 0 12.40 7th Bryan Owen 24.0 0 2.20 8th Ray Garnett 19.0 0 18.20 9th Jay Hochstetler- 19.0 0 9.80 10th Michael Carter 19.0 0 (4.80) 11th Russ Adams 17.0 0 (14.00) 12th Megan Maccario 15.0 0 (6.00) 13th Sally Hinckley 9.0 0 (8.00) 14th Anne Stepien 9.0 0 (19.40) 15th Gordon Waterstone 9.0 0 (29.10) 16th Terry Wilson 9.0 0 (34.40) Next Up: The Challenge returns to Yonkers Raceway on Friday, March 24 for the second leg of the Matchmaker series while Saturday (5/25) is the second leg of the Levy Memorial. The 2017 Hambletonian Society Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge is sponsored by Adam Friedland, DRF Harness, Green Acquisition Corporation, The Hambletonian Society, Hoosier Park Racing and Casino, Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment, Northfield Park, Ontario Harness Horse Association, Red Shores Charlottetown/Summerside, Tioga Downs, Vernon Downs, Wellbourne Farms, and WEG Entertainment. The contest is administered by HANA Harness, the harness racing division of HANA, the Horseplayers Association of North America. Fans may follow the challenge by visiting the contest site at http;// by Allan Schott, for HANA  

Standing in a bone dry lot is a $628,121 winner who was passed around 46 different times from owner-to-owner and trainer-to-trainer during his harness racing career ending it in the proverbial claiming race. He waits for his trip to slaughter unless someone or the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) helps him.    Drive All Night, the son of Real Artist,  left the oval, according to USTA records, in 2015, and judging by the heavy driving shoes has since been a work horse and used as transportation.  He is standing in a dirt, makeshift paddock and has until Wednesday afternoon before he is loaded on the truck and sent on the heinous trip to be slaughtered. SRF will help but needs help to give this guy a chance to live out his life.   The "kill buyer" is in possession of the once healthy and strong gelding, and wants $500 to release him, whether to SRF or someone else. "He is stressed, underweight, and sadly neglected," says Judy Bokman, SRF's Director.   SRF will help but needs support to buy him quickly, ship him to a safe place; provide quarantine; remove the heavy worn out shoes and care for his neglected feet; increase his weight by a couple of hundred pounds; then ship him again to a facility where he can just "chill" and ease out of his stoicism.    "He's a classy horse, and just needs a chance to shine again," said Mrs. Bokman. "He's buddied himself up in the kill pen holding lot with 11 yr. old Alpine Avenger, who is in the same poor condition and threatening situation."  SRF doesn't want to walk away from the other gelding and is hoping help will also come to him. The seller wants $500 to release him.   The horrific end to a horse's career such as this reflects poorly on racing, and on all in racing. SRF asks all speak up and urge change to the way these horses are thanked for what they give.   To help these two in imminent need, please make a tax-deductible gift through SRF's website at or call Kate at SRF's office at 732-446-4422. It is expected that to purchase and provide all the care needed will cost a few thousand dollars for each of the two geldings. Help is greatly needed and appreciated.  Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Minnesota's finest in-state bred three-year-old pacers went postward Saturday night (August 8) for a recently-enhanced purse of $16,000 at the harness racing meeting at Running Aces. When the smoke cleared, it was Toatsmygoats (Rick Magee) scoring his second triumph of the season in 1:54.4, besting Queen Of Denial (Nick Roland) by a half-length with Gooch's Hot Rod (Dean Magee) another two lengths back in third. Toatsmygoats sat fourth in the eight-horse field throughout the first three quarters, then swung wide for the stretch drive and sealed the deal with a quickest-of-all :28.2 final panel. The son of Relentless Yankee, owned by Van Otterloo Stables and trained by David Flinn, was the two-year-old Minnesota state champion on the merits of seven wins in eight starts but has taken longer to round into top form in 2015. He know has banked $61,440-all earned at Running Aces-in just 15 lifetime starts. Party Hangover Two (Steve Wiseman) returned to her winning ways in an $8000 Fillies and Mares Open Pace, turning back Rev Me Up (Nick Roland) and Kiss On The Lips (Gerry Longo) in 1:53 for her fifth win of the current summer meet. Owned by the partnership of Arnstine, Chambers and Plested, the speedy four-year-old daughter of Party At Artsplace upped her career bounty to $905,541 with the victory. A $6500 Open II for males was also presented with Cowboy Cold (Luke Plano) making a successful leap in class to win in 1:52.2. Plano took full advantage of a pocket ride to edge fast-closing Quality Sport (Steve Wiseman) by a neck. Frontrunner Mattox's Spencer (Nick Roland) faded to third in the lane, beaten by two lengths. Three drivers scored driving doubles on the Saturday program-Tony Succarotte, Tim Maier and Rick Magee. In addition to the purse increases from $11,000 to $16,000 on all Minnesota-sired races for two and three year olds the remainder of the Running Aces meet, all overnight race purses will be raised by 20% effective immediately. Some stalls are available if any stable is interested in coming to Minnesota to try Running Aces for the final month of the season. Interested parties can contact Director of Racing Gregg Keidel at 651-925-4532. Gregg Keidel

WASHINGTON — Two Congressmen are introducing a bill that would establish uniform drug and medication standards in Thoroughbred racing in 2017. If passed, the legislation would allow the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to create a drug agency specifically for racing — a first for the sport. USADA, an independent agency, is the national anti-doping organization in the U.S. for the Olympics. The Thoroughbred Horseracing Integrity Act of 2015 is being presented Thursday by representatives Andy Barr, R-Ky., and Paul Tonko, D-N.Y. They co-chair the Congressional Horse Caucus. The racing industry is regulated on a state-by-state basis with a patchwork of regulations. Supporters of the bill have been trying for years to set uniform rules, drug testing and penalties at tracks nationwide. The bill is supported by the Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity. Among those in the coalition are the Breeders' Cup, The Jockey Club, the Humane Society of the United States and the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association. The Associated Press

When Tara Hynes read about the seven Standardbreds in the pens of the "kill buyer" lot, she quickly set up a fund on Go Fund Me to help them. While this was in the works, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) was also receiving help, fortunately, because there are two more horses in need. Quantum's Gliderman is one, a Standardbred trotter so tall that a special trailer may be needed to transport him. His hair is rubbed off on his back from what is expected, a working harness, and his spirit is broken, but he is young and with rest should be a healthy horse. The other appears to be another older Standardbred in need of some compassion and care. One wonders if the mechanical trouble the "kill buyer" is having is playing in their fate. Whatever donations were sent directly to SRF for the seven will be applied to these two after contacting the donors for their consent, but more help is needed. The two overlooked by mistake are $750. and $650. They need two weeks of quarantine time at $12 a day, a blacksmith, and then a ride to another facility for evaluation to see if they can hold up to the saddle. "Truck loads of horses are shipped in from areas like Indiana, it is very sad, said Kelly Smith, who helps all breeds at the auctions. The sound, healthy ones go to the Canadian slaughterhouses just as quickly as the ones who would be lucky if humanely euthanized rather than go on the horrific ride to slaughter. " SRF asks for help for these two who are located where the original were. "Yesterday, I visited the seven Tara took in and I never saw happier horses. We watched as one played with a plastic bottle of coke, another rolled over while napping in the mud, and the old gelding just remained relaxing on the ground while Tara found his spot curling his lip like a smile, then she snuggled all over him like a blanket. It lifted me up," said Judy Bokman, SRF's Executive Director. "When he flopped over for a nap and snored, and we caught it on video." SRF believes they have a home for this gelding, a deserving one, as it is clear that he has worked hard. He still has heavy work shoes on and is obviously sore and tired, as he hasn't stood up much since arriving. " If people could see what their donations do, they would be so happy," said 14 year old, Megan Van Etten who just heard about the other two that need help and sent $15 for them. SRF will take on Quantum's Gliderman, and the other aged Standardbred but asks for help to assist the two whose luck might be the "kill buyer's "misfortune. In addition to their price, an additional $400-500 each is needed to ship, rest, rehab and determine what their future might be. Donations are needed as SRF is dealing with a heavy number of horses in their care, 204, the reason they are grateful for Tara Hynes' kindness for the seven. To help these two please access SRF's website, or contact Tammy at 732 446 4422. Rescue Horse Snoring   VISIT OUR WEBSITE Standardbred Retirement Foundation | 353 Sweetmans Lane, Suite 101 | Millstone Twp. | NJ | 08535

Harness Horsemen International wrapped up their annual meetings on March 4 at the Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach Resort & Spa, in Florida with elections and an Awards Luncheon. General Sessions began in the morning with re-election of the following HHI At-Large Directors: Dr. Tim Powers (Maine HHA); Ron Battoni (Pennsylvania HHA); Jerry Knappenberger (Ohio HHA); and Gabe Pruitt (Kentucky HHA).   "We accomplished a great deal during the past three days," noted Tom Luchento, HHI President. "But most importantly, we were happy to welcome back the Indiana Standardbred Association to HHI." During the Annual Awards Luncheon, a trio of harness racing personalities were honored with HHI's most prestigious crowns.   Gene Oldford, HHI past president was named the 2014 HHI Dominic Frinzi Person of the Year for his continued dedication to the organization. Jerry Knappenberger, former General Manager of the Ohio Harness Horsemen's Association, was awarded the HHI Appreciation Award for 2014 for his many years of service to the Ohio Standardbred industry, while Derick Giwner, the Daily Racing Form's harness racing editor and writer, accepted the 2014 HHI Clyde HIrt Media Award for his coverage of the sport.   Harness Horseman International will return to this same location from Feb. 28-March 3 in 2016 at this same location. HHI is comprised of horsemen's associations from the United States and Canada who collectively represent the agriculture-based industry of harness racing in North America. HHI's governing body consists of representatives from its member associations.   Kimberly A. Rinker

Harness Horsemen International's Annual Meetings are set to begin this Sunday, March 1 at the Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach Resort & Spa, Deerfield Beach, Florida.   Sunday's activities include registration beginning at 2 pm, and a welcome reception from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. HHI Board members will meet briefly beginning at 4:45 pm that afternoon as well.   Monday's (March 2) General Session begins promptly at 9 am, with opening statements from HHI President Tom Luchento and Jay Hickey, President of the American Horse Council (AHC). Topics to be reviewed that morning include HHI business and association reports, along with a panel discussion concerning current racing commission issues on whipping and kicking.   The General Session on Tuesday, March 3 begins at 9 am and features keynote speaker Dr. Mary Robinson of the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center, Chester, PA who will articulate "Equine Drug Testing in the 21st Century." Later, HHI committees will convene to deliberate insurance, finance, legal, convention and foundation issues.   Wednesday's (March 4) General Session begins at 9 am with HHI elections and committee reports, followed by the annual HHI Awards Luncheon at 12:30 pm where racing's Gene Oldford, Jerry Knappenberger and Derick Giwner will be feted with HHI's prestigious honors for 2014.   Oldford, an HHI past president, is the 2014 Dominic Frinzi Person of the Year; Knappenberger, former GM of the Ohio Harness Horsemen's Association, will accept the 2014 HHI Appreciation Award; and Giwner, the Daily Racing Form's harness racing editor and writer, is the 2014 Clyde Hirt Media Award winner.   HHI is comprised of horsemen's associations from the United States and Canada who collectively represents the agriculture based industry of harness racing in North America. HHI's governing body consists of representatives from its member associations.   Kimberly A. Rinker

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program's 17th annual stallion auction is currently in progress and ends at 2:00 pm Friday February 13. The auction is taking place online at Breedings to Conway Hall, Western Ideal, A Rocknroll Dance, Deweycheatumnhowe, Dragon Again, Big Bad John, and Crazed are among the 75 seasons offered. All proceeds go to rehab, retrain, and rehome Standardbreds that are leaving the track. Click here to view the auction in progress For more information call (937) 947-4020 or email Dot Morgan

Cranbury, NJ... The initial payment deadline for eligibility to more than 127 stake events at 14 different tracks, headlined by the $1 million Hambletonian at The Meadowlands on August 8 and the $5 million Breeders Crown events at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto on October 24, is fast approaching. Because of the federal holiday on Monday, payments for all Hambletonian Society serviced Stakes are due Tuesday, February 17 and must be postmarked by midnight on Wednesday, February 18, per USTA Rule 12.02. Important changes to the 2015 stakes landscape include the canceling of the Historic Stakes for this year only; a host of new races and changes to existing ones in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio and the freshman Fall Final Four Championships rotating back to The Meadowlands this year. New races with February 15 payments due: o Dan Patch (was an Invitational, now an early closer in 2015) o Cleveland Trotting Classic (4-year-old & up trotters) o Crossroads of America (3-year-old filly trot) o Jenna's Beach Boy (3-year-old colt pacers) o Meadows Maturities (4-year-old & up horse & mare trots) o USS Indianapolis Memorial (3-year-old Filly Pacers) The Hambletonian Society services more than a hundred of harness racing's richest and most prestigious events and provides one-stop shopping for your staking needs. The web site contains all the tools and information necessary to stake your horse yourself. All information pertaining to these races - racing conditions, payment forms and much more information - is now available online at or by calling the Society offices at 609-371-2211. In all cases only ONE check (U.S. FUNDS) is ever necessary for each of the four payments periods i.e.: February 15, March 15, April 15 or May 15. All races with February 15 payments due: o Delvin Miller Adios (and Adioo Volo Filly Division) o Arden Downs Stakes o Battle of Lake Erie (early closer in 2015) o Breeders Crown o Cane Pace (and Shady Daisy) o Carl Erskine (3-year-old colts) o Centaur Trotting Classic Free For All o Circle City (3-year-olds) o Cleveland Trotting Classic (4-year-old & up trotters) o Courageous Lady (3-year-old filly pace, early closer in 2015) o Crossroads of America (3-year-old filly trot) o Currier & Ives Colt & Filly Trots o Dan Patch Pace (early closer in 2015) o Dayton Derbies (open trot and pace) o Dexter Cup (and Lady Suffolk Trot) o Goldsmith Maid o Governor's Cup o Hambletonian (and Hambletonian Oaks) o Hambletonian Maturity (4-year-old trotters) o The Horseman o Hoosier Park Pacing Derby Free For All o Jenna's Beach Boy (3-year-old colt pacers) o Kentuckiana Stallion Mgt. Pace & Trot (2-year-old fillies) o Keystone Classics (3-year-olds) o Landmark Stakes o Matron Series (3-year-olds) o Meadows Maturities (4-year-old & up horse and mare trots) o Messenger Stake (and Lady Maud) o Miami Valley Distaff (4-year-old & up mares - pacers & trotters) o Carl Milstein Memorial (3-year-olds) o Monument Circle (3-year-olds) o Progress Pace o W. N. Reynolds Memorial Stakes o Art Rooney Pace (and Lismore Filly Division) o John Simpson Memorial Colt & Filly Stakes o Three Diamonds o Tompkins Memorial & Geers Stake o USS Indianapolis Memorial (3-year-old filly pacers) o Valley Victory o Yonkers Trot (and Hudson Filly) The following races are no longer serviced by the Hambletonian Society and should be sent instead to Pocono Downs. 2015 Pennsylvania All-Stars 2015 Earl Beal Jr Memorial 2015 Max C Hempt Memorial 2015 James M Lynch Memorial 2015 Ben Franklin 2015 Super Stakes For more information, go to

Friends of Hall of Famer John Manzi would like to invite you to a fun-filled evening of camaraderie and story-telling on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame. Together, along with some special guests, we will break bread, enjoy refreshments, and laugh with JM in the PM himself. It would be difficult to list all of the people who John has honored and entities he has helped support over the last four decades. It is our hope that many of those same harness industry leaders will be on hand to wish Mr. Manzi well. The festivities begin at 4 pm, will serve to commemorate John's 40+ years in the harness racing industry and double as a retirement party for one of the hardest working publicists this sport has ever known. SAVE THE DATE! SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015...and stay tuned for exciting additional information about this event. For more details on attendance and sponsorship, please call Janet Terhune at 740-815-4343 or Email: The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame

ANDERSON, Ind.—February 9, 2015 — Hoosier Park Racing & Casino is set to begin the 22nd season of live harness racing on Friday, March 27 with several new and important changes to the stakes schedule.  One of the most highly anticipated days on the 2015 harness racing calendar will take place on Friday, August 14 as the Dan Patch takes center stage once again. Boasting an increased purse for the 2015 edition, the Dan Patch will serve as Indiana’s richest harness race but will take on a new format beginning in 2015. Historically, the Dan Patch has been an invitational race with Hoosier Park’s racing secretary, inheriting the responsibility of recruiting the best horses to compete in the event every year. However, when the Dan Patch returns for its 22nd edition in 2015, it will be raced under a new and improved format. In conjunction with the Hambletonian Society, The Dan Patch will now be raced as an early closer, which requires a nomination and sustaining payment the same year in which the race will be contested. By making the switch and increasing the purse, Hoosier Park is hoping to attract the top pacers in the country that may not have previously considered racing in the Dan Patch. To begin, a nomination fee of $500 is due on February 15, 2015 for all horses wishing to compete in the 2015 Dan Patch. After the initial fee, the nominated horses will be eligible to be sustained to the 2015 edition of the race by making a $2,000 payment on March 15. The purse for the 2015 Dan Patch is estimated to be $300,000 with the field being comprised of the top ten highest lifetime money earners.  Once the field is established, an entrance fee of $2,500 will be required. "By making the Dan Patch a paid-in event, Hoosier Park is taking the next step in elevating what is already a great race and increasing it in purse and stature,” Hoosier Park’s Vice President and General Manager of Racing, Rick Moore noted. “We feel the race will now reach a point where it will stand side by side with the Canadian Pacing Derby and the William Haughton Memorial Pace as the elite races for aged pacers." Hoosier Park’s most prestigious pacing race has become a tradition that is close to the hearts of Hoosiers. The Dan Patch not only highlights some of the best athletes in the sport of harness racing, but is deeply rooted throughout Indiana soil.  The Dan Patch race was established at Hoosier Park in 1994 with Ready To Rumble and driver Trevor Ritchie winning the inaugural edition 21 years ago. The list of all-star horses that have made their way to Hoosier Park over the years includes Jenna’s Beach Boy, Maltese Artist and former seven-eighths mile world record holder, the late Pacific Fella. In 2014, racing fans watched Sweet Lou, driven by Ron Pierce, pace the fastest mile in Hoosier Park history with a 1:47.2 score in the 21st edition of the Dan Patch Invitational. The previous track record of 1:48.1, a mark that stood for four years, was established by Shark Gesture and George Brennan in the 2010 Dan Patch Invitational. For the second consecutive year, the winner of the 2015 Dan Patch Invitational will get an automatic nomination to the 2015 edition of the Hoosier Park Pacing Derby slated for Friday, October 30, 2015 at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino. All nomination fees will be waived but in the event the winner of the Dan Patch Invitational has already been nominated to the Hoosier Park Pacing Derby, a refund of all fees will be given upon declaration. In addition to the changes to the Dan Patch, Hoosier Park will once again host the Jenna’s Beach Boy Pace for three-year-old colt pacers but feature an increased purse of an estimated $100,000 for the 2015 edition. Slated for Saturday, September 26, the field will be comprised of the top ten lifetime money earners. A $20,000 consolation will also be contested on Saturday, September 26. For more information on the 2015 stakes schedule and a complete list of upcoming events at Hoosier Park, please Emily Gaskin Racing Commentator, Publicist and Marketing Specialist

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